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How to Uncover and Engage Prospects Automatically with EZLynx

Check out the latest and greatest enhancements to automated prospecting!

Agency Insights™ for EZLynx® Sales Center automatically generates potential prospects from your quote data and book of business, giving you the information needed to recapture, win, and cross-sell opportunities before the X-Date.

With our latest software release, as Agency Insights identifies leads, you can now leverage EZLynx Automation Center to contact the prospect and kick off the sales process, eliminating manual steps to jump on opportunities even faster.

With Agency Insights for EZLynx Sales Center, you were already waking up to automated leads. Now you’re waking up to automated opportunities in progress.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to:
  • Mine your quote and book of business data to generate new, timely leads.
  • Automate kicking off the sales process.
  • Increase your cross-sell and upsell opportunities' number, velocity, and success.
  • Manage your sales pipeline with EZLynx Sales Center.