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Applied Pay: Ask the Experts

Give your clients a superior payment experience with Applied Pay™, the insurance industry’s most versatile digital payments platform.

Applied Pay lets you supercharge your collection process by:

  • Standardizing all payments data into one place: Gain greater insight into all your organization’s agency bill data by viewing all digital payment transactions in one place in real time.
  • Reducing E&O and increasing security and compliance: Improve efficiency and data integrity with secure processing and avoid errors and fraud with state-of-the-art security measures.
  • Enhancing branding and upsell opportunities: Offer branded checkout pages hosted online and create marketing opportunities to upsell related items and interact with clients to enforce your role as a trusted advisor.
  • Repurposing accounting tasks: With automated workflows, agents can focus on more profitable tasks instead of notifying customers of payment due dates and reconciling transactions.

And more...

As the most convenient and logical choice for Applied Epic® and EZLynx® users, Applied Pay provides a safe, convenient way for insureds to pay their premiums online from any device and integrates seamlessly with Applied Epic and EZLynx. Watch now to see what Applied Pay can do for your agency.