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Key Benefits

Reporting & Analytics

KPIs at a Glance

Summary Reports allow stakeholders to see key agency metrics clearly at any time.

Easy Access to Info

Detail Reports provide data with intuitive filters so you can create reports, like marketing lists for sales, in mere minutes.

Increase Productivity

Save your filter settings and automatically have the data ready and waiting for you the next time that you need it.

In-Depth Analytics

Master Reports allow you to dive deep into all accessible data to make your agency a success through data-driven decisions.

Personalized Reporting

With your ability to save filters, create custom charts and summary tables, and add those to your dashboard, you have the power to create the reports your agency needs.

Agency Pulse Reporting

Agency Pulse Report

Reporting & Analytics

Product Features

Summary Reports

Summary Reports

We do the work for you with our out-of-the-box Summary Reports. With these dashboard style reports, you can view commonly requested information at a glance. These reports allow you to see KPIs automatically updated daily so you can easily stay on top of agency performance.

Detail Reports

Detail Reports

You need information at your fingertips in order to efficiently and effectively run an agency. Our "Detail Reports"were developed to meet those needs. With common filters on the left, details on the right, and quick links to create notes, tasks, and view the applicant's page, these reports aim to be a one stop shop for your day to day reporting needs.

Master Reports

Master Reports

Every agency is unique so we understand that our standard reports will not meet every agencies needs. To fill those gaps, our "Master Reports" allow you to sort and filter by any column available in the report. These filters can be as simple or complex as you need them in order to ensure that every agency can get the information that they need out of our system.

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