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Key Benefits

Rating Engine

Carrier Access

Instantly link to your carriers. We offer support with 330 carriers across the continental US.

Simple Setup

Integrates with over 20 agency management systems and compatible lead-generators.

Quick & Easy Quoting

Generate pricing for up to 4 sets of coverages from each carrier including home & auto packages.

Protects Customers

Quickly deliver premium & coverage options via email with a secure connection for customer safety.

Streamline Renewals

Customers can update risk information securely online prior to re-quoting to streamline renewals.

Increased Productivity

Pre-fill & save quote templates with common answers, producer codes, and underwriting information.

Effortless Data Entry

Save time during quoting by pulling driver and vehicle data from LexisNexis® Data Pre-fill.

Protects Agents

Cloud-based system records all user activities for custom reports and to avoid E&O claims.

Rating Engine

Product Features

EZLynx Mobile

EZLynx Mobile

Cloud-based system means that there is never any software to install or update. The system is also mobile-optimized to give users access to their EZLynx account from any Internet enabled device. Agents can access risk data, historical quotes, and carrier systems from anywhere.

Real-Time Quoting Platform

Real-Time Quoting Platform

Single data entry for multi-carrier submissions modernizes the quoting process in an agency. Producers can rate, bind, issue policies from carrier websites, and store ACORD forms. EZLynx Rating Engine creates the real-time quoting foundation upon which all EZLynx solutions stand.

Carrier Defaults & Pre-fill

Carrier Defaults & Pre-fill

Pre-filling and automation provides flexibility to save time and improve accuracy. The LexisNexis Data Pre-fill increases agency efficiency by pulling vehicle and driver data for the quoting process. Producers can save and share templates with pre-set coverage scenarios and carrier defaults.

Tracking & Reporting

Tracking & Reporting

Reports are easily accessible to enabled EZLynx users. They can be generated and analyzed using a variety of criteria such as agent, carrier, agency, activity, date, etc. Easily export detailed reports directly to Microsoft Excel® for use with other applications. User activities are all stored securely online for E&O.


MSB Residential Pre-Fill and Reconstruction Cost Valuations

EZLynx will feature integration with CoreLogic® to bring you residential pre-fill and reconstruction cost valuation powered by Marshall & Swift™. Residential pre-fill will drastically improve your home quote process by allowing you to use MSB lookup within EZLynx to automatically pull information about a home prospect. You can further improve your process with the MSB reconstruction cost valuation tool to predict the cost of replacing the entire home. Both services will be available at a competitive, cost-efficient rate per transaction.

Carrier Availability

With over 330 carriers and growing, chances are we have the carriers your agency needs. We have also recently added a large number of new carriers in Florida and California. Request a quote or give us a call to find out more.

Lead Generators

To meet the business needs of our customers, EZLynx supports integration with many lead generating companies. Save time by having these leads delivered directly to your EZLynx account.

(877) 932-2382
[email protected]

Velocify (Leads360)
(888) 843-1777
[email protected]

(866) 892-4080
[email protected]

(800) 795-2886
[email protected]

(844) 707-8800
[email protected]

Underground Elephant
(800) 466-4178
[email protected]

(888) 765-4970
[email protected]

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