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Quoting Automation Service (QAS)

QAS lets you design the UI, and EZLynx will take care of the quoting. This single interface with multiline support can reduce manual entry by as much as 80%, so you can quote faster.

QAS is channel/platform independent – it can power various interfaces, from websites to mobile apps.

QAS requires very little in the way of IT resources, and no major IT investment is required to onboard carriers. Templates target risk profiles to desired carriers, and state-specific templates tailor coverage requirements by state and carrier.

EZLynx reduces the overall QAS development effort by allowing agencies/vendors to create templates. These templates allow 80+% of all EZLynx fields to be defaulted, based on business requirements. The templates also permit selection of the desired carriers, based on the risk profile and default answers for them.

This reduction in programming is a huge cost savings, because enabling carriers is reduced to a straightforward UI selection.

QAS can be used to create consumer-facing or agent-facing interfaces, with the same results and degree of configuration control.

Highlights of QAS:
  • Single Interface for quoting with multiple carriers
  • Rates certified by carriers
  • Ability to get multiple quotes at the same time
  • Set templates for each state, or one template for all states
  • Set up state-specific carrier answers within the template
  • Make changes to quoting on the fly, simply by changing the template values.
  • Default 80+% of the fields in EZLynx
  • Speed to market – Go live with multiple carriers and states, simply by setting up the appropriate templates
  • Cost effective

QAS is a high usage, stable product which drives over 2M quotes per month!

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