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EZLynx partners with several premier lead generating companies.

Prospect information provided by the lead generators is delivered directly into your EZLynx account. Seamless integration eliminates having to manually enter generated leads as new applicants, and notifications when you have a new lead means you’ll never miss an opportunity to sell. Combine your favorite lead generator with EZLynx and receive your leads faster and easier than ever before.


How to Sync Lead Generators with EZLynx

Setting up your Lead Generator with EZLynx is simple. Contact the lead company and set up your EZLynx username in their system, we will handle the rest. After you’re set up on their side, they will contact us, and we will sync your lead generator with our system.

Your lead generator will send you notifications when your leads have been sent to EZLynx. Once you log into your EZLynx account, search for the applicant name and start quoting.