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EZLynx releases Agency Analytics Report with EZLynx Agency Pulse

October 15, 2013

Agency Pulse monthly report delivers enhanced business performance insights to insurance agencies

EZLynx today announced the recent release of EZLynx Agency Pulse. This first of its kind automated agency report aggregates data from EZLynx Rating Engine and EZLynx Management System into actionable business intelligence that enables agency owners and administrators to more profitably manage their business.

EZLynx Agency Pulse provides agencies key metrics of their monthly insurance agency performance, derived directly from their EZLynx data to make targeted, educated business and marketing decisions.  EZLynx, as the only industry leader in comparative rating that also has a full-featured agency management system, is uniquely positioned to provide rich, multidimensional agency reports that are unavailable in any other system.

“This first step in putting powerful agency information into the hands of agency owners uses all of the robust quoting and policy data found in EZLynx Rating Engine and EZLynx Management System to deliver eye-opening performance metrics about your business that can’t be found in any other system,” said Jaideep Jayaram, Vice President of Sales, EZLynx. “With so much customer data locked away in outdated agency management systems, agency owners have been desperate for the kind of actionable agency analytics that can be provided through EZLynx Agency Pulse. The feedback from many of the agents who have been receiving this data for the past few months has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Automatically generated each month with both an Agency Snapshot and Detailed Information sections, EZLynx Agency Pulse delivers performance data in an easy-to-view report that has been designed to show key performance information based on collaboration between EZLynx and a team of agency owners.  Actionable metrics that help reveal opportunities for growth and increased profitability include statistics on close ratios, retention, clients, carriers, and premium.  More importantly, agency owners can see the changes in metrics from the previous month, making it much easier to track strategic objectives and priorities.

“EZLynx Agency Pulse has illuminated the business performance of my agency in ways that would have never been possible on our legacy management system,” said Brian Burns, Owner, Compass Insurance Group LLC. “Because EZLynx is a tightly integrated comparative rater and agency management system in one platform, they were able to build amazing reports that can’t be found in any other system.  That, combined with the quarterly website performance meeting that is part of EZLynx Agency Websites, we have been able to make strategic marketing decisions based on actual data and then track the results.”

EZLynx Agency Pulse is available today on EZLynx at no additional cost.  EZLynx automatically sends out Agency Pulse each month to all agency owners with an EZLynx account.


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