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Veteran Insurance Executive Sold on EZLynx's Quote Scenarios

December 09, 2008

Flower Mound, TX - December 9, 2008 – Marla Folsom, of Horizon Insurance Group in Arizona, is passionate about finding the best insurance plans and rates for her clients. As an insurance executive, Marla serves on advocacy panels for MetLife Auto & Home®, Electric and Encompass and has been in the insurance industry for 26 years. As a member of beta test groups, she often evaluates the value and efficiency of new programs and services before they’re introduced to the insurance world at large. In 2004, Marla was part of the initial pilot of the EZLynx® quote system so she was naturally intrigued when she heard about Quote Scenarios. After Quote Scenarios was released, she decided to investigate the new feature and see if it would be a good tool for Horizon Insurance. In doing so, she had no idea she would become an advocate for it. “I was excited about Quote Scenarios from the first day it rolled out in Arizona,” she said. “It is a phenomenal sales tool and allows agents to get multiple rates back from the same carrier for one applicant.” Quote Scenarios works by submitting different agent defined coverage/deductible options along with the coverages/deductibles agents have selected for the applicant. The premium results are shown in a matrix on the screen allowing the agent to up-sell or just compare different coverage/deductible/premium breakdowns. In minutes, EZLynx® loops through and returns a rate for the coverages/deductibles selected along with several more options.

“Agents who prefer the old quoting model of retrieving a single quote back from each carrier still have that option, but I prefer using the Quote Scenarios system,” Marla said. “EZLynx Quote Scenarios recently showed me how to help one client get 10 times more coverage for only $10 more,” said Folsom. “Another client got $1 million in coverage for about $100 more a year.” Horizon Insurance Group, a fullline insurance agency, uses Quote Scenarios in all quotes and has discovered the feature helps them “close more business because clients value seeing the facts and options on the screen or on paper.”

Price-only clients and up-sell business sales have also increased. In the insurance industry, Folsom has noticed more E&O lawsuits among agencies that do not offer higher insurance quotes. “Quote Scenarios can be a good preventive method because quotes are documented and can be proven, therefore, there are less errors and omissions.” Folsom said Quote Scenarios provides information in about five minutes as compared to the 30-to-60 extra minutes she spent earlier selling to clients. “We’re able to sell more business since we have more time,” she said. “You can’t beat that!”


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