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Nag Rao


Nag is the CEO and Founder of EZLynx, also known as Webcetera. He has a Masters in Engineering and started his career as a computer programmer.

Nag worked on various software programming jobs for over a decade before going on his own with his first product, a programming tool called Kawa that was aimed at Java programmers in the mid-90's. Nag worked on Kawa for about 4 years, ultimately selling the company to Allaire, maker of ColdFusion, which eventually was acquired by Macromedia.

Beginning around 2003, Nag was approached by a few of his personal contacts from the insurance industry for help to solve the duplicate data entry problem that plagued independent agents. Nag, with the help of Brian Shepler, was quickly able to build a working prototype that eventually became EZLynx. Today, Nag continues to work closely with the product team in driving innovation.

Nag is passionate about solving the data standardization issues that have hindered the insurance industry for the last 3 decades. He is a strong believer in all vendors cooperating for data standards and competing for additional features built on top of those data standards.

Nag is a passionate believer in educating people with and promoting renewable energy. As part of this belief Nag has founded BlueRoof Foundation, a non-profit public foundation, to promote solar energy.

Brian Shepler


Brian is an entrepreneur, business owner, and management executive with over 25 years of experience in software development. He began his career as a software developer for several large corporations, evolved into self-employed developer/consultant, and finally matured as a seasoned business owner and executive.

Throughout his tenure at EZLynx, Brian has developed leadership and analytical skills in business strategy, team building, and recruitment. He is a firm believer in building sustainable companies and putting people in positions where they can succeed.

Brian holds a Bachelor in Science in Computer Engineering from The University of Texas, Arlington.

Jaideep Jayaram


Jaideep is the COO at EZLynx, positioning the company with the leadership team to set directions to execute and sustain double digit growth.

In his past life, he has been at Engineering leadership positions at various product companies to deliver fast-moving consumer goods to large customers.

He has driven many product innovations that have been patented and that took significant market share from competitors. He has been part of large M&A's and has extensive experience in driving manufacturing and product development teams in China, Europe and India.

When presented with an opportunity to work on industry changing products for the Insurance Industry, he moved from Massachusetts to Dallas to join the EZLynx Team. He is most at ease in driving program management and mentoring the younger generations to grow into future leaders.

Jaideep holds a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from India, Masters in Manufacturing from University of Texas El Paso, and an Executive Certificate in Management and Leadership from MIT Sloan.

Raj Guttal

CEO, EZLynx India

Raj is the CEO at EZLynx (India), managing our team of developers and testers there. Raj has been with EZLynx since its inception and started EZLynx (India) Operations in 2005. He is instrumental in scaling up EZLynx software development activities and rolling out the EZLynx suite of solutions across the country.

Raj has expertise in building and managing large software development operations. He has passion for exploring varied technologies and developing automation tools to automate the development and testing activities.

Raj has a Masters in Science as well as an Executive Certificate in International Management from Stanford-NUS. He started his career as a Software Programmer in the 80's and worked on various software development jobs across multiple technologies and domains for customers spanning across Asia, Europe and the USA.

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