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Key Benefits

EZLynx for Outlook

Increase Productivity

Quickly and easily update information in your EZLynx account through our Microsoft® Outlook integration. Use it to auto-match emails with EZLynx account records and update email addresses right from Outlook. Agents can mark actionable items and add reminders for important tasks for later.

Reliable Records

Create a virtual paper trail in your agency by associating attached documents to specific applicants and even specific policies. Use the integration to auto-log communication in a matched consumer record and add notes in the system based on emails received to keep a clear record of communication.

Improved Customer Service

Automatically identify emails in your Outlook that are from customers or leads by matching the applicant's email address. Agents can store email threads and attachments in the applicant's account to help the agency have complete records for each customers' communication—no matter who they contact!

Complete Accessibility

All our products are fully integrated, so you can manage EZLynx Drip Campaigns for customers directly from your existing Outlook account. The plugin allows you to manage marketing communication from your email. Agents can see an applicant's Drip Campaign status and manage it without having to switch accounts.

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