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Freehold, New Jersey


13 Years

As an EZLynx Customer

Company Facts

Personal lines: 50%
Commercial lines: 50%


The support you need to keep growing

StreetSmart is an agency looking to grow. They were searching for a tech partner that could offer the support and innovative tools their business needed. They chose to team up with a true innovation leader, EZLynx®. For StreetSmart, one of the best things about EZLynx was the ongoing support at every stage of the agency’s growth. During onboarding, educational materials and sessions gave StreetSmart agents the knowledge base to succeed. As StreetSmart grew, EZLynx grew with the agency, giving them the tech they needed every step of the way. This tech included Applied Pay® – an online payment portal that integrates with EZLynx for an easy payments processing experience. Applied Pay was up and running within a couple of days so that StreetSmart agents and agency customers could tap into its time-saving benefits right away.

“...the number one thing that I love about EZLynx is their support and the fact that [EZLynx] invests a lot into agents when it comes to your resources...We grow, you grow, and it just works.”

Carlo Ferrara

Chief Operating Officer at StreetSmart Insurance

Automation to drive the customer relationship

Before using EZLynx, StreetSmart Insurance agents could never be sure if they were communicating enough with customers. With EZLynx, they don’t have to wonder anymore. StreetSmart agents now use EZLynx Automation Center™ to send out texts and emails in a regular stream that doesn’t overwhelm clients. Automation also helps StreetSmart Insurance get more done so that they can scale up operations without losing the personal touch points that make customers feel cared for.


“Prior to using EZLynx, we would often question ourselves – how often are we really talking to our customers? Using EZLynx and adopting some of their communication modules has enabled us to always be in some sort of contact with our continue to strengthen our relationship with our customers.”

Jake Ferrara

Principal at StreetSmart Insurance

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