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EZLynx: A Place for Values, Initiative, and Making a Difference

EZLynx is a company that goes beyond insurance technology and marketing. Underneath the guise of a blooming tech company is the initiative, commitment, and dedication to empower the Dallas and Fort Worth communities with programs designed to feed the needy, help children have a life they never thought possible, provide ecologically sound alternatives, and provide sponsors to help homeless throughout the Metroplex. In 2019, our Community Outreach looks to expand our reach in the DFW area and continue pursuing our commitment to helping others and the environment.

Our Charitable Beginnings

Since 2007, EZLynx has partnered with various charities and programs around the Dallas-Fort Worth community to provide support and assistance. EZLynx supported Lewisville ISD and Khan Academy to help local students with education and their overall well-being. Our early efforts aided after-school math programs for children with difficult home lives.

"It is important that we take responsibility as a company with the issues that we care about," said Nag Rao, CEO of EZLynx. "I personally believe education and healthcare are two basic human rights that everyone deserves."

EZLynx has also partnered with various organizations such as Americares, PediPlace, North Texas Food Bank, Toys for Tots, Dallas Life, Café Momentum, and many other programs that have helped raised thousands of dollars in donations and supplies to support those in need. The EZLynx Community Outreach Group continues to help set up toy and clothing drives, emergency response services, and charity fund raisers with the intention of continuing to expand these efforts.

Dallas life
Pedi life

Our 2018/2019 Partners

Dallas Life – An organization that provides emergency and long-term shelter for homeless men, women, children, and families as well as employment training and other programs designed to move homeless people back into society.

PediPlace – This organization makes healthcare a reality for many children by providing a medical home for children that tend to come from low income families who otherwise would go without healthcare.

AmeriCares – An organization that provides humanitarian aid to 164 countries, including disaster relief kits. More than 97% of all donations directly improve the health of people in need.

EZLynx is proud to encourage and support the communities in which our employees live and work. Our company's Community Outreach Program includes in-kind and corporate sponsored activities.

"After the last recession," Rao continued, "there was such an increase in homelessness and joblessness that I felt compelled to do something about it."

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