EZLynx Unveils EZLynx Map, The Agency Management System For Market Access Providers

LEWISVILLE, Texas. (October 21, 2019) – EZLynx, one of the leading providers of software solutions for independent insurance agencies and the #1 Comparative Rater on the market, showcased EZLynx MAP during the Keynote Address of the 2019 AgentLynx User Conference, held in Fort Worth, Texas. EZLynx MAP is the first network management system tailored specifically to Market Access Providers (MAPs).

As MAPs grow and expand the scope of their services, the task of management can become daunting. Every aspect of the business and its relationships—both with member agencies and carriers—must be able to scale. EZLynx MAP is a complete, cloud-based network management solution to help MAPs and their members reach their full growth and profit potential. It establishes the framework for unprecedented interconnectivity between the MAP and its member agencies.

EZLynx MAP focuses on five key areas for growing alliance networks:

  • Member Management
  • Carrier Management
  • Commission Management
  • Performance Management
  • Network Visibility

For the fastest-growing MAPs, success presents its own set of challenges and EZLynx MAP brings newfound efficiency and productivity to their processes and operations.

“Scaling to growth is a key challenge facing MAPs today,” said EZLynx Product Manager Vijay Rengarajan. “Successful organizations will be the ones who can most quickly adapt to meet the changing needs of their members. MAPs must effectively engage, administrate and grow their members, as well as build and maintain profitable carrier relationships. MAPs also need a constant flow of actionable data, so that important decisions can be made about the directions of their businesses. EZLynx MAP is the platform they’ve been looking for.”

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