EZLynx Announces Industry-First Innovation Across Product Portfolio

EZLynx unveils Quote By Text, Generative AI and other innovations across the platform at Applied Net 2023

LEWISVILLE, TX– October 25, 2023 – EZLynx, an Applied company, today announced increased investment and innovation across its EZLynx product portfolio at Applied Net 2023. The latest advancements in the EZLynx portfolio help agencies accelerate growth by providing an efficient and personalized customer experience that will foster greater client acquisition and retention.

Advancements to the EZLynx portfolio include:

  • Quote By Text: This first-of-its-kind industry solution provides the opportunity for agencies to reach consumers through a new touchpoint by sending text messages that initiate the selling process. From there, Quote By Text engages in conversation with the consumer until enough information is gathered to provide a quote. It will attract insurance shoppers who prefer the ease, convenience, and simplicity of text-based interactions, bringing a brand-new channel of quality leads for agencies.
  • AI-Powered Content Assist Tool: In EZLynx Communication Center, the integrated, generative AI tool purpose-built for insurance agents assists the email creation process, ensuring clear, concise, and engaging communication.
  • Automated Renewal Quoting: Within EZLynx Retention Center, the feature automatically retrieves remarketed rates for at-risk renewals in a matter of seconds, rather than the 7 – 15 minutes’ worth of manual effort previously required for each renewal.
  • Sales Center Modernization: The new interface in EZLynx Sales Center promotes more focused, intuitive card-based workflows, including “drag and drop” functionality, allowing agents to advance opportunities through the pipeline with ease and build a stronger sales pipeline.

“Technology decisions are not for the short-term, so the team here at EZLynx is committed to offering sustainable, cutting-edge innovation that serves our customers today and in the future,” said Michael Streit, general manager, EZLynx. “Our industry-first and state-of-the-art technologies ensure that EZLynx becomes the agency’s most productive employee, equipping agents with the tools they need to create distinctive customer experiences and elevate their competitive edge.”

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