EZLynx releases Agency Analytics Report with EZLynx Agency Pulse

Agency Pulse monthly report delivers enhanced business performance insights to insurance agencies

EZLynx today announced the recent release of EZLynx Agency Pulse. This first of its kind automated agency report aggregates data from EZLynx Rating Engine and EZLynx Management System into actionable business intelligence that enables agency owners and administrators to more profitably manage their business.

EZLynx Agency Pulse provides agencies key metrics of their monthly insurance agency performance, derived directly from their EZLynx data to make targeted, educated business and marketing decisions.  EZLynx, as the only industry leader in comparative rating that also has a full-featured agency management system, is uniquely positioned to provide rich, multidimensional agency reports that are unavailable in any other system.

“This first step in putting powerful agency information into the hands of agency owners uses all of the robust quoting and policy data found in EZLynx Rating Engine and EZLynx Management System to deliver eye-opening performance metrics about your business that can’t be found in any other system,” said Jaideep Jayaram, Vice President of Sales, EZLynx. “With so much customer data locked away in outdated agency management systems, agency owners have been desperate for the kind of actionable agency analytics that can be provided through EZLynx Agency Pulse. The feedback from many of the agents who have been receiving this data for the past few months has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Automatically generated each month with both an Agency Snapshot and Detailed Information sections, EZLynx Agency Pulse delivers performance data in an easy-to-view report that has been designed to show key performance information based on collaboration between EZLynx and a team of agency owners.  Actionable metrics that help reveal opportunities for growth and increased profitability include statistics on close ratios, retention, clients, carriers, and premium.  More importantly, agency owners can see the changes in metrics from the previous month, making it much easier to track strategic objectives and priorities.

“EZLynx Agency Pulse has illuminated the business performance of my agency in ways that would have never been possible on our legacy management system,” said Brian Burns, Owner, Compass Insurance Group LLC. “Because EZLynx is a tightly integrated comparative rater and agency management system in one platform, they were able to build amazing reports that can’t be found in any other system.  That, combined with the quarterly website performance meeting that is part of EZLynx Agency Websites, we have been able to make strategic marketing decisions based on actual data and then track the results.”

EZLynx Agency Pulse is available today on EZLynx at no additional cost.  EZLynx automatically sends out Agency Pulse each month to all agency owners with an EZLynx account.  To learn more, visit http://info.ezlynx.com/agency-pulse.

EZLynx Marketplace Releases Fully Integrated eSignature Solution

EZLynx, an industry innovator in cloud-based, agency-in-a-box insurance software solutions, announced that EZLynx eSignature by AssureSign has been released through their EZLynx Marketplace platform.

Working with AssureSign, a leading provider of electronic signature software, EZLynx has developed a safe and secure way to send electronic documents for signature directly from within EZLynx Rating and Management System.

A longtime leader in comparative rating, EZLynx has been expanding their flagship software to allow for powerful and seamless integration with EZLynx by third-party developers through their EZLynx Marketplace program.

“We are very excited about EZLynx Marketplace and the powerful enhancements that we have coming soon, including fully integrated EZLynx Accounting and integration with Leads360,” said David Taylor, VP of Product Integration at EZLynx.  “EZLynx eSignature by AssureSign is an essential component to EZLynx Management System, allowing our customers to save time and money by sending and receiving signature documents in minutes.  It’s also compatible with mobile devices, which was an absolute requirement for us, as we are very much aware of the shift by consumers to mobile devices.  Our customers sign up for the product through EZLynx, and they only pay when they use it.”

This Marketplace application was designed to provide a user-friendly interface, which is demonstrated with an “easy to use” four step eSignature Envelope Wizard. Once an eSignature Envelope is created and sent to the consumer, they receive an email with a link to the document. The consumer can easily read the document and sign, right from their computer or mobile device. After the consumer signs the document, the agent can view the signed document in EZLynx.

“The true benefit of AssureSign electronic signature software is recognized when it is deeply integrated with existing business applications, and our DocumentNOW® API toolkit provides a comprehensive and flexible way for EZLynx to develop this cohesive solution,” said David W. Brinkman, President & CEO of AssureSign LLC. “EZLynx eSignature by AssureSign enables users to automatically obtain electronic signatures, so the entire process saves the organization both time and money, as well as creating a streamlined and simple user experience.”

For more information about EZLynx eSignature, call EZLynx at 877-932-2392 or sign up to learn more.

About EZLynx EZLynx is an industry leader in property and casualty insurance solutions, with cloud-based agency management, comparative rating, client servicing, and digital marketing tools for the insurance agency marketplace. EZLynx pioneered the concept of real-time quoting and remains today the leading provider for independent agents. EZLynx processes more than four million auto, home and package transactions every month, offering a choice of rates from 160 top insurance companies in 48 states.

About AssureSign LLC AssureSign LLC is a Silver Depth Managed Microsoft Partner and a leading provider of web-based and on-premise electronic signature software, enabling users to obtain written authorizations on any document, anywhere, at any time.  AssureSign is a highly secure and flexible “cloud computing” application, and the only e-signature provider with a five year track record of providing customers with 99.99%. Using the standards-based DocumentNOW® and DocumentTRAK™ integration tools, AssureSign can easily integrate with existing business processes within any enterprise, regardless of size. AssureSign’s experience extends over 11 years and comprises more than 180 million unique signature events. AssureSign customers consistently experience dramatic cost savings, as well as significant reduction in the time to execute documents. For more information visit http://www.assuresign.com or follow AssureSign on Twitter at twitter.com/assuresign.

EZLynx Releases Mobile Version of Consumer Quoting Portal

EZLynx Consumer Quoting already gives independent insurance agents the ability to provide real-time, consumer-facing insurance quotes from their agency website or within their Facebook page.  Now with the release of EZLynx Consumer Quoting Mobile, agents can provide their consumers a mobile-optimized quoting experience from their website or through a direct link.

“With more than 129 million Americans carrying smartphone devices, mobile searches for insurance quotes using smartphones and tablet devices are at an all-time high and are only expected to grow higher,” says Jaideep Jayaram, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at EZLynx. “We’ve built EZLynx Consumer Quoting mobile to automatically detect when your consumers are accessing your quote form from a mobile device so that they can have a streamlined, mobile-optimized quoting experience, without sacrificing the powerful features of our desktop version of EZLynx Consumer Quoting.  Along with EZLynx Agency Websites, you’ll be able to give your consumers a full mobile website experience.”

About EZLynx: EZLynx is an industry leader in property and casualty insurance solutions, with cloud-based agency management, comparative rating, client servicing, and digital marketing tools for the insurance agency marketplace. EZLynx pioneered the concept of real-time quoting and remains today the leading provider for independent agents. EZLynx processes more than four million auto, home and package transactions every month, offering a choice of rates from 160 top insurance companies in 48 states.

EZLynx Announces Release of Carrier Consumer Quoting for MAPFRE

EZLynx, the leading provider of insurance industry real-time solutions, today announced that MAPFRE has launched their Carrier Consumer Quoting and lead-generation tool, powered by the EZLynx Rating Engine.

EZLynx Consumer Quoting enables a carrier to provide real-time, consumer-facing insurance quotes from its public website.

“EZLynx Carrier Consumer Quoting leverages and enhances the industry-leading consumer quoting technology developed by EZLynx for agency website quoting,” said Gerry Keeley, Carrier Sales & Development at EZLynx. “Our goal with EZLynx Carrier Consumer Quoting is to enable carriers to present consumers with accurate product pricing and turn these consumers into customers. White-labeled to the carrier’s specifications, the carrier transforms its website into a sales tool, generating prospects for the carrier’s sales channel.”

About EZLynx: EZLynx is the leading client lifecycle management solutions vendor for the agency marketplace. EZLynx pioneered the concept of real-time quoting and remains today the leading provider for independent agents. EZLynx processes more than four million auto, home and package transactions every month, offering a choice of rates from 160 top insurance companies in 48 states.

TrustedChoice.com Consumer Website Targets Multicarrier Quoting with EZLynx Rating Engine

Project CAP has selected EZLynx to be the key real-time rating technology partner for Project CAP’s new TrustedChoice.com website, which is set to launch nationwide in 2013. EZLynx Rating Engine will be used to power the website’s ‘get a quote’ function and allow consumers shopping online to get accurate, real-time quotes for home and auto insurance from multiple insurance companies.

From the day it launches in mid-2013, the new TrustedChoice.com website will give consumers in all 50 states the ability to research insurance topics, and find information on insurance companies and local independent agents. As the ‘get a quote’ functionality is introduced on a state by state basis throughout 2013, the website will also provide accurate real-time quoting from multiple insurance companies.

“Our past experience with our own AgentInsure.com lead generation service told us very clearly that consumers ultimately prefer to consult with an independent agent when they are ready to buy. However, consistent with other online business models, they prefer to research and quote online independently,” said Nag Rao, President of Webcetera. “Direct writers and captive agent companies simply cannot offer consumers the kind of choices our independent agents bring to bear. We are very excited to be part of this industry-changing initiative.”

“The new TrustedChoice.com is meant to complement the strengths of the independent agents and give consumers a way to readily access agents, insurance information and pricing on the web,” explained Charles Bacciocco, CEO of Project CAP. “Independent agents have always offered a highly attractive combination of local service, advocacy, and choice of carriers that distinguishes independent agents from the limited offerings of direct and captive agent channels.”

“EZLynx pioneered the concept of real-time quoting from multiple insurance companies and is the leading agency solution vendor for independent agents. We are really happy that their technology will power the new TrustedChoice.com,” Bacciocco said. “The portal will launch in 2013 and transform the way consumers shop for and buy insurance.”

About EZLynx: EZLynx is the leading client lifecycle management solutions vendor for the agency market place. EZLynx pioneered the concept of real-time quoting and remains today the leading provider for independent agents. EZLynx processes more than four million auto, home and package transactions every month, offering a choice of rates from over 150 top insurance companies in 48 states. For more information please visit www.EZLynx.com

EZLynx Donates Insurance Rating Tool to InVEST

Financial literacy program offers interactive tool to teach underwriting criteria for personal lines policies.

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Feb. 14, 2013 – InVEST, the insurance industry’s premier classroom to career education program, is pleased to announce that EZLynx has provided its online rating tool free of charge to the hundreds of InVEST teachers, agent liaisons and students across the country.

EZLynx enables students to enter information once into a single interface and receive simulated rates directly from participating carriers for automobile and homeowner policies.

“InVEST is grateful to EZLynx for the generous contribution of this incredibly helpful resource to help InVEST students understand the various rating factors in automobile and homeowner risks,” says Heather Minkler, chair of the National InVEST board of directors and CEO of Clark-Mortenson Agency, an independent insurance agency in Keene, N.H. “In-kind contributors, such as EZLynx, are critical to InVEST’s ability to simulate working in the insurance industry.”

EZLynx was established in 2003 with the primary goal of addressing some of the challenges facing the independent agents in the property-casualty industry at that time. EZLynx’s flagship product, EZLynx Rating Engine, enables insurance agents to generate accurate real-time rate quotes from multiple insurance companies’ sites with a single data entry point. EZLynx processes more than three million auto, home and package transactions every month covering more than 150 insurance companies in 48 states.

“We are excited to be involved in the effort to further the cause of independent agents,” says Jaideep Jayaram, EZLynx vice president of sales and marketing. “Our goal aligns with that of InVEST, which is to ensure that the next generation of insurance professionals are exposed to the latest technologies and are prepared to join an increasingly competitive industry. EZLynx Rating Engine will provide InVEST students exposure to the foundation of our management system and digital marketing ecosystem.”

Today, InVEST works with almost 400 educators in 44 states. More than 13,000 students will participate in InVEST programs this school year, 2012-2013, learning basics of insurance and exploring careers within the industry. The program continues to grow in popularity among teachers and school systems. In the last year alone, InVEST has grown by 47% and now includes 380 high schools and colleges across the country.

As a 501(c)(3) educational trust, InVEST benefits from the support of numerous insurance organizations, hundreds of agencies, brokers and volunteers. The program provides the insurance industry with motivated, talented and intelligent professionals through a support structure of state associations, board members, national staff, teachers and the many industry professionals who work in the field as classroom liaisons.

Founded in 1970 and based in Alexandria, Va., InVEST promotes insurance education in order to attract individuals to pursue a career in the insurance industry. Each year, the program prepares thousands of students for insurance-related careers with a hands-on curriculum taught in high schools, adult education centers and colleges. The high school curriculum is a business-education program that utilizes a hands-on approach which simulates an insurance agency and company operations to prepare students for various business careers and create more knowledgeable insurance consumers. At the college level, InVEST is an information-intensive curriculum of risk management and financial services. These courses provide students with a working knowledge of the basics needed to pursue careers in the insurance industry. For more information, go to www.investprogram.org.

Insurance Industry Veteran Brady Polansky joins the EZLynx Family

EZLynx, the leading provider of insurance industry workflow solutions, is excited to announce that Brady Polansky, CPCU, has joined the EZLynx family as VP, Agency Solutions. Polansky’s resume boasts an impressive career spanning over 23 years of service in the insurance industry.

Previously, Polansky was president and chief executive officer of NetVU, the largest technology trade association for the insurance industry, representing more than 150,000 independent agency owners and professionals who produced over $115 billion in annual premiums.

With more than 23 years in the business—including 15 successful years as an independent agent—Polansky is recognized as an expert in the independent agency distribution industry. He is an active speaker and panelist for national insurance forums, including IIABA, ACORD, and IVANS.

“Brady will be a tremendous asset to our organization,” said Nag Rao, President of EZLynx. “We are excited to have him work with us to increase the value of our agency solutions and help push the independent insurance industry forward. His unique perspective, experience, and integrity will be incredible assets to us and, more importantly, our customers.”

Polansky lives in Southlake, Texas, with his wife and their children. In his spare time, he works as an audio engineer for the major professional sports leagues. Sports fans who have watched a broadcast of the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup Finals, World Series, or NBA Finals in the last several years have likely seen him near the bench and heard his work over the television.


WEBCETERA, creator of EZLynx and AgentInsure, is a leading technology vendor in the insurance industry. Founded in Texas in 2003, WEBCETERA specializes in real-time software solutions for the insurance industry and insurance consumers. The company’s technology is used by leading insurance carriers, financial institutions, and thousands of independent agencies across the country.

WEBCETERA Integrates ACORD Form Creator into EZLynx

WEBCETERA® is pleased to announce the integration of fully editable ACORD® forms into the EZLynx® product. This new functionality will be made available at no additional cost to current Policy Management users.

The Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development (ACORD) is the insurance industry’s nonprofit standards developer. WEBCETERA already makes extensive use of the ACORD data standards in EZLynx and with this advanced integration, independent agents are able to create, edit, and instantly save a wide variety of digital insurance forms without leaving EZLynx.

“ACORD has done an incredible job of facilitating the data and form standards for the insurance industry,” says Gerry Keeley, Atlanta Regional Director at WEBCETERA. “EZLynx has a close integration of those standards, and this new functionality provides agents an ease of use that is not available in similar products.”

The integration of editable and savable ACORD forms in EZLynx streamlines daily workflows, lowers operating costs, and brings independent agents one step closer to the goal of a paperless and sustainable workplace environment.

“WEBCETERA’s focus has always been on helping independent agents work more intelligently with less. Agent’s don’t want, or need, to purchase and use a dozen different systems when our agency-in-a-box approach gives them more for less,” says Keeley. “Our integration of editable ACORD forms is just one more example of how WEBCETERA is providing agents with the tools to succeed in the digital marketplace and break away from the old model of doing business.”

For more information about WEBCETERA contact:  [email protected]

Webcetera® Announces the Release of internetSUITE- a Suite of Products that Provides a Comprehensive Customer Lifecycle Solution.

Webcetera, the leading provider of insurance industry software solutions and creator of EZLynx®, today announced a complete customer lifecycle solution specialized for insurance industry-related businesses, termed internetSUITE. InternetSUITE is a way for insurance agents to capture the growing online market through strong digital marketing initiatives.

Recent industry studies point towards a clear trend in increasing profitability for carriers, agencies, and independent agents who are set up to engage the online market. The goal of internetSUITE is to combine the powerful tools of EZLynx rating with a Policy Management system, along with a set of online marketing tools proven to give businesses the ability to quickly respond to the online market.

InternetSUITE will address the insurance industry’s business goals with practical digital marketing solutions like search engine optimized websites, social media integration, clear market and product analysis, content creation that promotes site traffic, and the same award-winning Webcetera support team that is committed to helping an agent’s online presence become a major contributing factor to their financial success.

“Because of the growing consumer trends in online insurance shopping, internetSUITE will be a major contribution to Webcetera’s offerings. Agents will become more agile and capable of responding to the growing online insurance market with digital marketing solutions” said Jaideep Jayaram, Webcetera’s Vice President of Consumer Products. He added, “InternetSUITE embraces Webcetera’s vision of automation and innovation for insurance industry businesses and will provide a comprehensive solution for the transition of insurance companies to fully capitalize on the expansive online marketplace.”

For more information about internetSUITE contact: [email protected]

Insurance Software Industry Veteran Mele Lynn Fuller joins the Webcetera Team

We are excited to announce that Mele Lynn Fuller has joined the WEBCETERA® family as an industry consultant to provide her extensive experience and knowledge with standards organization. Mele’s résumé boasts an impressive career spanning 47 years of service in the insurance industry.

Mele has served as a representative of Safeco and Liberty Mutual Agency Corporation in multiple industry organizations including, ACORD®, ACT®, IVANS®, and IIABA’s Agency Council for Technology. In the past decade she has navigated some of the most important technology transitions in a lead role, pioneering and overcoming some of the most crucial technical challenges that our industry has faced in that time. With Webcetera she will provide an excellent point of view for upcoming business initiatives with Policy management. We look forward to her insightful contributions allowing Webcetera to further develop and strengthen our industry standards and relations.

“Mele Fuller will be a tremendous asset to our organization. We are proud to have such a seasoned expert with a remarkable background and list of accomplishments join our team,” says Nag Rao, President of Webcetera. “As Webcetera helps Independent Agents prepare for the challenges of the 21st century, Mele will help us to coordinate our plans with industry standard organizations and thus help move the whole industry forward.”