New to EZLynx Marketplace: EZLynx eSignature by AssureSign

EZLynx is excited to announce the release of EZLynx eSignature by AssureSign to EZLynx Marketplace. With help from AssureSign, one of the leading providers of electronic signature software, EZLynx has developed a safe and secure way to send electronic documents for signature directly from the EZLynx Rating System.

This Marketplace application was designed to provide a user-friendly interface, which is demonstrated with an “easy to use” four step eSignature Envelope Wizard.
Once an eSignature Envelope is created and sent to the consumer, they receive an email with a link to the document.

The consumer can easily read the document and sign, right from their computer or mobile device.
After the consumer signs the document, the agent can view the signed document in EZLynx.

  • Save time and money by sending and receiving documents in minutes
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Downloadable documents
  • Supports PDF documents

If you’re ready to get started with EZLynx eSignature, let us know

eSignature Screenshot
eSignature Screenshot

Get to Know the Heart of EZLynx: The EZLynx Rating Engine

When we started EZLynx a decade ago, one tool was at the core of it all:

  • The EZLynx Rating Engine made EZLynx the first company to come out with a comparative rater that delivered instant, accurate rates for dozens of different insurance carriers, all from the same set of information.

Our vision was to develop a cutting-edge, comprehensive online program that acts as a liaison between an insurance agency and the carriers it works with.

Rather than your having to input the information separately to get a quote from each carrier, the EZLynx Rating Engine does all the work for you. Once the customer information is in, it fetches real-time accurate rate quotes from all the carriers you selected.

Since then, other companies have tried to duplicate our success, but we still believe that the EZLynx Rating Engine is the best comparative rater available.

If you don’t know much about the EZLynx Rating Engine yet, take a look at a few of the features that have helped it maintain its position as an industry leader:

  • Gather instant quotes from more than 150 carriers
  • Export reports to Excel to better analyze your search trends
  • Return quotes on up to three additional combinations of coverage amounts or deductibles without any extra work

In the years since we introduced our comparative rater, we have worked to make it even easier to use. Now, not only can you fetch the rates, you can also integrate the EZLynx Rating Engine into your website so individuals can get rate quotes from their computers and mobile devices.

Because people are becoming increasingly inclined to search for information online before they contact an insurance agent, this helps you capture customers without having to do any work. Once they see the rates through your consumer quoting portal, they will be ready to call you to set up the policy they have already chosen. How much easier could it get?

We haven’t stopped developing the EZLynx Rating Engine, either. In the last decade, we have introduced a suite of agency workflow solutions that save you time and provide your customers with the best possible service.

Our comparative rater is still at the heart of our service, but we also added:

  • a client center for your current customers;
  • tools for streamlined marketing campaigns to follow up with customers and individuals who received quotes; and
  • a powerful management system to keep track of your workflow

In the coming years, we will continue to improve our comparative rater to help you do your job well. We plan to maintain the EZLynx Rating Engine as the simplest way to gather accurate insurance rates.

Software as a Service: Affordable Solutions for Total Independent Insurance Management

Cloud computing allows an independent insurance agent to obtain the same computer services that a large insurance company enjoys by obtaining them through a service agreement with a Software as a Service (SaaS) vendor.

For more than a decade, EZLynx has been helping insurance agencies run more efficiently. Now we offer four levels of agency management and digital marketing suites to suppliment the EZLynx Rating Engine. EXLynx Agency Suites, ranging from basic to a full enterprise system, includes a number of features to help streamline your workflow, generate new business, and retain exising customers.

Whether you choose EZLynx’s Basic Package, Standard Package, Advanced Package, or our Enterprise Package you will get access to innovative solutions that rival the proprietary systems of the largest insurance companies. Since the software resides on our secure server, you avoid the major investment in hardware and software.

Changes are easily and reliably added by EZLynx without interruption of your daily operations and involvement of expensive IT services.

EZLynx Rating Engine

At the center of our product, EZLynx is powered by the EZLynx Rating Engine. This core componenet is required for all of our Agency Suites.

EZLynx Management System

Each package includes our robust management system. Agents can obtain any data they need from wherever they can access the Internet. The entire client lifecycle is managed and stored in the cloud.

EZLynx Consumer Quoting

The EZLynx Internet quote system allows your customers to easily fill forms out a single time and generate a quote they can review online. If the quote is incomplete, the system will automatically email the client and request they complete the information needed. Advanced features include automatic vehicle pre-fill and other things to make the process as consumer friendly as possible.

EZLynx Marketing Campaigns

Integrating your EZLynx data with email drip campaigns allows independent insurance agents to stay in contact with clients on a regular basis rather just at renewal time. It is easy to design digital marketing campaigns that are informative and relevant – communications is one of the most important parts of successful ongoing marketing. This feature is also standard for all packages.

EZLynx Client Center

Here your clients can easily get their ID Cards, policy documents, and request changes 24/7. Enhanced customer service helps to retain clients and saves your agency time and money.

EZLynx Agency Websites

EZLynx offers powerful agency websites that come fully integrated with our Consumer Quoting and Client Center products. Generate new business with a website built using SEO best practices, offer live comparative quoting, and then service those consumers after they become customers.

When you choose EZLynx as your SaaS provider, no matter what suite you select, you get an easy to implement full-service suite of services so that your agency runs smoothly. With no software needed to download, there is no reason not to try our free 10-day trial. Click here to sign up or call us at 877-932-2382, option 2.

How EZLynx Consumer Quoting Benefits Your Business

Online shopping has become exponentially more popular in recent years. Even when people purchase products in person or over the phone, they usually start by doing research online to find out what’s available and what it costs. Then, once they have decided what to buy, they will go ahead and make the purchase. Because of this trend, our EZLynx Consumer Quoting portal is more helpful than ever for growing your business.

Most people know that they can get different rates from different insurance carriers, so they want to gather as many quotes as possible before making their decision. They may even compare the cost of purchasing insurance directly through the carrier to purchasing through an independent agent like you. Therefore, you need to make it easy for people to find the information they want to convince them that you can get them the best rates.

Our EZLynx Consumer Quoting portal is designed to integrate easily into your website, especially if you’re already using our EZLynx Agency Website service. When potential customers visit your website, they’ll be able to enter information about their vehicles directly into the consumer portal and obtain quotes from all the carriers you use without ever leaving your site. Having quotes available on your site means people will be much more likely to stick around to make a purchase.

We designed our consumer portal to be streamlined and simple to use by incorporating several features that consumers love. For example, we have optimized forms that allow people to fill in their information very quickly. Our vehicle pre-fill feature even uses the information entered early on to look up the specifics of the vehicles consumers may be interested in insuring. These features increase the likelihood that consumers will go all the way through the process of getting a quote.

Once people have obtained a quote, we make it easy for you to follow up. The information consumers enter goes into the EZLynx Management System to help you manage your work flow. We’ll also help you send automated marketing emails to encourage consumers to get a new quote if they do not make a purchase on their initial visit. If they don’t finish the process of requesting a quote through the consumer portal, we can also send automatic emails to remind them to come back and finish up. In addition, our analytics tools make it easy for you to see at a glance what types of people are requesting quotes and where they’re coming from, so you can better target your advertising.

When you’re looking to provide a valuable service to people shopping for car insurance, EZLynx Consumer Quoting is the way to go. We the first to create a powerful consumer quoting portal for insurance, and we are continually improving it to keep you on the cutting edge.

Bringing In New Clients With EZLynx Agency Websites

In an age of digital marketing and search engine optimization, insurance agencies need cutting-edge features, websites and informative solutions to reach a wide audience and bring in new customers. Although professionals working in agencies understand that SEO is an important part of improving the ability to reach new clients, it is not a simple process to create a website that appeals to a wide audience and is optimized for the web. That’s where EZLynx Agency Websites comes in.

How EZLynx Agency Websites Works

EZLynx Agency Websites are used in conjunction with a full agency suite of services that help a company manage customer data, keep track of options and provide quotes. The websites are designed around the needs of an insurance agency to bring in more web traffic and make the site easier to find.

  • EZLynx will build the website for the agency with professional search engine optimization so that the company is easy to find.
  • After the website is built and prepared, it is then hosted by EZLynx and will work seamlessly with the customer quoting and client center provided by EZLynx.

Improving Client Experiences through Online Optimization

The success of insurance agencies hinges on maintaining consistent customer satisfaction and providing the tools a client might want when looking for coverage, adding to a plan or keeping track of current insurance. With EZLynx Agency Websites, the full suite of services will work in conjunction with the basic website design to help the insurance agency manage client information more efficiently.

The services will allow insurance agencies to access the rating system, management system and marketing services. By keeping the services in one place, an insurance agency is able to provide superior support to clients.

Keeping Up with Growth

Marketing requires several different tactics and strategies. Inbound marketing, or making a website that is easy to find when potential clients are looking for specific information, is a simple way to improve the growth of the company. The professional SEO services provided when a website is designed by EZLynx will increase the ability to reach out to the target audience. When used with the maintenance tools provided by EZLynx that are available in the suite, an insurance agency can keep track of growth, make changes to the company when it is necessary and ensure that every customer is getting the best services available.

Improving the customer experience with online tools is the best way to encourage growth and professionalism in an insurance agency. As more customers look for information over the Internet, incorporating inbound marketing strategies will provide opportunities for growth. A business is able to exceed the expectations of customers with a well-planned website design.

With New Legislation, EZLynx Client Center is poised to bring your Insurance Agency into the Digital Age

If state lawmakers have their way, Missouri may soon join six other states currently bringing insurance companies into the digital age. SB317 is a state bill that allows motorists in Missouri to present digital insurance cards on smartphone devices as proof of insurance during a traffic stop. Up until now, motorists were instead required to produce paper copies of valid insurance cards, which have long been a source of frustration for drivers who are insured, but have not replaced expired cards with new ones.

So far, the bill received support in the Senate and now moves on for approval in the House. If it’s signed into law, Missouri will join Alabama, Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana and Minnesota in allowing use of digital insurance cards during traffic stops. But a year from now, that list could triple or quadruple in size. The New York Times reports that at least 21 more states are eyeing digital insurance bills, with many of them having already made great strides toward legislative approval.

Though the prospect of using digital insurance cards is exciting, for insurance agencies and consumers the legislation is long overdue. For far too long, consumers have been demanding a more streamlined insurance experience that eliminates a complicated paper trail. But because digital insurance cards have not been legally recognized in the past, insurance agencies have remained in the dark ages.

Until now…

Now that state governments are catching up to consumer demand, insurance companies are forced to step into the digital age to remain relevant to consumers and competitive in their market. One company – EZLynx – has been ahead of the curve, anticipating the demand for digital insurance cards and making it possible for insurance agencies to provide them to policy-holders at the drop of a hat.

EZLynx has revolutionized the way agents interact with their clients. In addition to a state-of-the-art website, real-time consumer quoting and comprehensive office management tools, EZLynx Management System works in tandem with EZLynx Client Center, allowing policyholders to access digital insurance cards and other policy documents. This web-based customer service portal easily integrates into an insurance agent’s website, where it will always be handy to consumers during a traffic stop or collision, or when providing proof of insurance for vehicle registration.

If your agency has yet to implement digital insurance cards into your business structure, you can’t afford to wait any longer to embrace the insurance technology that will revolutionize your business. If your state hasn’t yet adopted digital insurance cards, it’s only a matter of time before it will. If your state is already on board, your agency may already be falling behind. Let EZLynx simplify your office and make your agency more relevant to the demands of your market.

EZLynx Marketing Campaigns – Assurance for Insurance

The competition in today’s insurance market is tougher than ever. Potential customers know that they have a lot of choices. While getting rate quotes from competing insurance companies was once a luxury, it’s now expected. An individual insurer needs to market their existing products, serve current customers and attract new business. Doing it all can be a tall order, but with EZLynx Marketing Campaigns agents can focus on developing their relationships with customers, and ultimately grow their business.

Informed Customers

With so many people doing their insurance research online, it’s important to effectively incorporate digital marketing into your strategy. People throw away direct-mail advertising before they even look at it, and they leave the room during a commercial break while watching television. But the still turn to their computers, smartphones and tablets for information, and by providing it you engage your prospects and keep them focused on your products for that much longer. But keeping up with online digital marketing and drip campaigns takes a lot of effort, and honestly, do you really have time for that?

EZLynx Marketing Campaigns gives you the opportunity to use your skills in the way that you do best, while we take care of the marketing and provide clear reporting clearly identifies which of your policies and products are working, and which might need tweaking.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is part of our strategy that helps directly engage customers. With email templates, we reinforce your brand and give your clients and prospects an opportunity to get a steady flow of information that will ultimately lead them back to your website where they can compare rate quotes, get even more information, and even manage many aspects of their own policy or research possible upgrades.

Instead of simply doing an email blast. we structure strategic drip campaigns, which send a series of emails to your clients and prospects over a period of time. The philosophy behind drip marketing is that the average person needs to be presented with promotional materials 29 times before they become a customer or upgrade their service. While these campaigns can be done with printed postcards and newsletters, it is far less expensive to present these promotional materials digitally.

Leads and Tracking

Ultimately, the best way to know whether your digital marketing plan is working is by looking at the number of leads you are getting. EZLynx Marketing Campaigns makes it easy. Our program uses an MS Outlook add-in to flag the emails that ultimately generate leads. With this knowledge, you can tell what is working, fine-tune your drip campaigns and put more of your resources into the strategies that are most effective with your customers.

More Information

While digital marketing is increasingly popular among all businesses, EZLynx focuses on the needs of insurance agencies to fully grasp the unique needs and concerns of the industry. Our Agency Suites products range from basic services, which include EZLynx Marketing Campaigns, to the EZLynx Management integrated with MS Outlook. More advanced packages include customer quoting, a client center and informative agency websites.

To find out more about which of EZLynx products would be a good fit for your agency, visit us at

Organization Meets Efficiency with the EZLynx Management System

Many software programs are designed to help insurance agencies manage their offices and daily administrative needs. But with the EZLynx Management System, insurance agents can do even more – including focus more of their efforts on expanding profits and acquiring new customers.

What is EZLynx Management System?

EZLynx Management System is an integrative agency management tool that redefines the industry norm for office managment systems, supporting agents and delivering components that were only dreamed of just a few years ago. The advanced system seamlessly transitions into any insurance agency, even integrating with Microsoft Outlook to match incoming emails with existing clients. System administrators and agents can log on from the office or from a remote location, and access policy comparisons and information with the click of a button.

As an added benefit, agents can accurately document the process of communication with each prospective and existing client, allowing for greater organization and better consistency between calls and visits. With EZLynx Management System, agents can make custom notes, document client activity and view client center log-ins and quote requests for each customer. When agents understand what their clients are looking for, they are better equipped to deliver.

When a client purchases a policy, EZLynx Management System goes to work helping reconcile new and renewing agent commissions. The office management platform also serves as a powerful remarketing tool from which agents can upsell or cross-sell new policies to existing clients as their needs change over time.

The added power of EZLynx Agency Suites
The most dynamic improvements are seen when an agency implements EZLynx Agency Suites into the office. Agency Suites is a complete solution to the day-to-day demands of maintaining a functioning workplace, processing policy renewals, converting new customers and handling field operations.

Agencies that integrate Agency Suites enjoy a streamlined, collaborative workflow that capitalizes on each of the innovative services available through EZLynx. By using EZLynx Management System alongside Agency Suites, an agency can:

  • Maintain a professional website
  • Acquire new leads
  • Remarket or re-quote new leads
  • Provide instant, online consumer quotes
  • Display real-time rates
  • Streamline policy management
  • Maintain regular contact with customers via automatic emails
  • Free up time by allowing clients to access their policies and insurance cards online

EZLynx Management System and the other products available through EZLynx have transformed the way insurance agencies do business. The program facilitates maximum client acquisition and servicing from an easy-to-use software platform accessible from anywhere in the world.

If your agency could use a tune-up, it’s time to find out how EZLynx can help you. Experience all our software has to offer and step into a revolutionized way of managing your office with the EZLynx Management System today.

EZLynx – All-in-One Software for Insurance Agencies

If you are an insurance agent or office manager, you know how much information there is to work with on a day-to-day basis—this includes insurance rates, policy info and data about your clients. Because of this, it is important that you have a system to help keep you organized, provide you with the up-to-date information that you need to work with your clients and a simple way to find the best possible insurance rates.

EZLynx is an all-in-one solution to help you keep your insurance agency running as smoothly as possible. While there are other products on the market for insurance, EZLynx offers everything you need in one intuitive package. Since 2003, the EZLynx product suite has provided agencies with all the tools they need for the entire consumer insurance cycle. Some of the processes that the program can help with include:

  • Rating Engine – Get accurate, live, real time rates as you need them. Compare rates between carriers and find your customers the best possible insurance solution.
  • Management System – Our management system supports both personal and commercial clients and guides you through your daily tasks. Additionally, it is a fully functioning program to help you with your form filling processes.
  • Consumer Quote Engine – Offer your customers access to insurance quotes directly from your website, putting the power of the rating engine in the hands of your clients.
  • Client Center – Your customers will have access to all policy documents, can request changes to the policy and see all account information securely and with ease from the integrated client center.
  • Website Integration – EZLynx helps with integrating all these tools into your current website, giving you a professional edge.
  • Marketing – As part of the software package, EZLynx can create email campaigns to put you in contact with your clients and communicate with them as needed.

There are several levels of the EZLynx software program available. Each package is customized to provide you with the tools you need at a price point that works for your agency. All of our programs include technical support from our “genius” tech members via email, phone or live chat. Additionally, we offer live webinars so you can learn more about the various features included within the EZLynx software suite.

If you are trying to run your insurance agency without the help of EZLynx , you are working too hard. Check out the features with our free 10-day trial—we feel confident that you will find that once you try out our product, you will not be able to imagine running your office without it. With front-end and back-end support, EZLynx is the solution you have always desired for your agency.

Not Sure Yet? Try a Free Trial of Our EZLynx Rating Engine

Finding just the right software solutions for your insurance agency is a big decision, and we understand it’s not one you want to jump into. Once you’ve taken a look at what the EZLynx Agency Suites have to offer, we hope you see the value we bring to the table. At the same time, though, we don’t want you to feel pressured to make a decision right away. That’s why we offer a free 10-day trial of our EZLynx Rating Engine so you can see how it works and understand more thoroughly how it will improve your business.

During this 10-day free trial, you’ll have access to our powerful comparative rater that is at the heart of everything we do. It’s what launched our business over a decade ago, and it’s the product that ties everything together for our customers. The EZLynx Rating Engine gathers real time quotes from the insurance carriers of your choice, making it easy to see at a glance what the best insurance solution is.

Some of the features that make the EZLynx Rating Engine stand out from others include:

  • Accurate quotes from the carriers of your choice, provided they’re one of the 150 carriers integrated into our system.
  • Additional quotes automatically generated with different deductible and coverage options to help customers find the best coverage for their needs without having to go back and re-enter information.
  • Ability to generate detailed reports on all of your quotes so you can analyze which carriers are offering the best rates to your customers and who they’re ultimately choosing.
  • Mobile access to the comparative rater so you can look up rates from wherever you are.

During your free trial, we strongly encourage you to take a look at how the comparative rater works with EZLynx Agency Suites. You can integrate the rater right in with your agency website for consumer quoting, which puts information at the fingertips of online shoppers and reduces your workload because you don’t have to enter customer data. The whole thing is also integrated with our EZLynx Management System, which tracks your work flow so you can keep up with all of your customers, regardless of which stage of the purchasing process they’re in. We are sure our whole suite of products, and especially the EZLynx Management System, will make your job easier and increase the amount of business you’re able to do.

Did we mention that all of this is free to try? Don’t wait another day, but sign up for your free trial of the EZLynx Rating Engine now. As you start to use it, we’re sure you’ll understand why this product is the leading comparative rater for insurance agents across the country.