EZLynx Named Finalist in the 2015 ACORD Insurance Innovation Challenge

As part of their 2015 ACORD Insurance Innovation Challenge later this year, ACORD® will crown the company that has best used technology to transform the way we think about insurance.

Selected from more than 100 overall submissions, 48 entrants made the first cut and garnered the opportunity to compete for the finalist positions during a live-pitch day at the ACORD office in Pearl River, New York. During the pitch day, Brenna Johnson, Business Analyst at EZLynx, discussed EZLynx Retention Center and how it is transforming the way agents think about customer retention.

As the first insurance-specific innovation competition, the ACORD Insurance Innovation Challenge brought together a panel of judges comprised of insurance industry analysts, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to see presentations, provide feedback, and ultimately grade the pitches based on impact, ingenuity, feasibility and applicability to the insurance industry.

EZLynx is honored to be selected as a finalist and to present to a panel of judges before a live audience at the ACORD2015 event later this year.

Auto Insurance Specialists (AIS) moves all California Comparative Quoting to EZLynx

AIS announced this week that they have changed their backend comparative quoting provider in California to EZLynx. This move completes their transition to the EZLynx® Platform for quoting in all 50 states.

Mark Casas, Senior VP at AIS, was excited about the change. “It was a huge strategic move on our part to work with a company like EZLynx. They have provided superior technology and customer support for us over the years,” he explains. “We had experience with EZLynx powering the quoting for our PoliSeek brand outside of California. When we consolidated our California and national agencies, it was clearly advantageous to go with EZLynx in all 50 states.”

EZLynx has garnered attention in the insurance industry recently, gaining recognition last year as the most popular comparative rater and fastest growing agency management system according to an IIABA and Future One joint study.

“We are proud to have one of the biggest players in the auto and home quoting market in California,” said Jaideep Jayaram, VP of Sales and Marketing at EZLynx. “Many carriers have moved from manufactured rates to real-time rating simply so they could be on our platform, and we are expecting more carriers to join our platform in California. We consider it our responsibility to bring value and technology for agents in the California market and beyond.”

About Auto Insurance Specialists LLC

AIS was founded in 1968, selling auto insurance in sunny California. In order to meet their customers’ growing demand, they have expanded their offering to include many lines of insurance, including motorcycle, classic car, boat and watercraft, motor home, recreational vehicle, homeowners, renters, condo owners, earthquake, mobile home, flood, umbrella, life, business, and more.

In 2014, they expanded their special way of shopping for insurance by combining the 50 state experience of their sister company, PoliSeek, with the legacy of AIS.

About EZLynx

EZLynx develops industry-leading cloud-based software for the insurance industry. Their software has helped independent agents operate their businesses more effectively for over ten years.

EZLynx is proud to be the innovator of several solutions available on One Platform, including Real-time Rating, Retention Center™, Agency Pulse™, Policy Sync, eSignature integration, comparative rating, and agency management system.

Reach More Consumers Online with Spanish Language version of EZLynx Consumer Quoting

EZLynx Consumer Quoting SpanishIn an effort to help agents that service the Latino community, we are piloting a new Spanish version of EZLynx Consumer Quoting.

Your Spanish-speaking visitors will be able to quickly get a Home or Auto quote from your agency in their native language, helping to increase the chance of them completing the quote form and ultimately of you winning their business. You’ll receive the complete quote in EZLynx like normal, with all quote data in English.

EZLynx Consumer Quoting Spanish

Llegar a más consumidores online con la versión en Español de EZLynx Consumer Quoting

EZLynx Consumer Quoting SpanishEn un esfuerzo para ayudar a nuestros agentes que dan servicio a la comunidad Latina, estamos probando una nueva versión española de EZLynx Consumer Quoting.

Sus visitantes de habla hispana será capaces rápidamente obtenga una cotización de Casa o Auto para su agencia en su lengua nativa, ayudando a aumentar la posibilidad de que ellos rellenando el formulario de cotización. Usted recibirá la cita completa en EZLynx como normal, con todos los datos de cotización en inglés.

EZLynx Consumer Quoting Spanish

Introducing EZLynx Retention Center

A New Era in Policy Renewal Management

In the EZLynx Roadmap for 2015, I dropped a hint about a big new product announcement coming later this year. Well, here it is…

I would like to announce the release of a ground breaking product called EZLynx Retention Center for personal lines renewal management, available as an add-on to EZLynx Management System customers only. We are extremely proud of this product because it has taken nearly 24 months of hard work to get from conception to release, and it’s as revolutionary as our original real-time rating tool!

EZLynx strongly believes that personal lines is under direct attack from other industries. One way for small agencies to combat this challenge is to be smart about how you service policies and manage renewals. EZLynx Retention Center addresses the daunting task of renewal management. With Retention Center, you no longer wait for your customer to call and complain about rate hikes at renewal. Instead, our system will identify on a daily basis those customers that you are most at risk of losing so that you can focus your efforts in the right place. As part of our twelve month beta program, several agencies used EZLynx Retention Center and, not surprisingly, noticed a huge increase in retention!

I want to spend some time impressing upon you the importance of retention. I have always been surprised during any one-on-one conversation with agents on the question of what their agency retention rate is. Agents are never sure of what their exact agency retention numbers are, but they always think it’s good. We have identified a solid and obtainable agency retention rate as being in the 90-95% range. However, you may be surprised to hear that the average retention rate across all EZLynx agencies was only around 75%.

Three years ago we made it one of our goals to attack this problem head-on for our customers. As a first step, we started delivering a monthly email report called EZLynx Agency Pulse for all EZLynx Management System customers. In addition to agency retention numbers, Agency Pulse has several key agency performance metrics that we believe every agency owner should be using as a guide to manage their business. As our second step, EZLynx Retention Center removes the drudgery of trying to manually manage your renewals.

During our beta testing, we worked with 5 large agencies to gauge just what kind of results we could see with this tool. To our delight, and to that of our beta agencies, we found that with very little effort agents were able to hit our 90-95% retention target within 3 months! Think about that…

For a book size of $10M, that’s at least $100,000 in additional annual revenue!

We believe that EZLynx Retention Center is a powerful tool that can help your business become more profitable. We have several exciting tools in development that continue our trend of finding innovative ways to help independent agents manage their top and bottom line.

Please remember that in order to enjoy the benefits of our complete customer lifecycle solution, the first step is to switch to EZLynx Management System!

Supercharge Your Digital Marketing With New Designs and Sample Content in EZLynx Marketing Campaigns

This year will see several major enhancements to our bulk and drip email marketing campaign tools as we address some of the feedback we have received on how to make these tools more useful for your agency.  We are excited to announce that the first of these enhancements is now available, making the creating of new bulk email templates easier than ever!

One of the concerns we frequently heard from agents is that they don’t have the time or expertise to design professional email campaigns, as well as come up with engaging content that their customers and prospects would want to read.

We have started to solve this challenge by building a design and content library that can be inserted into any bulk email campaign template. To get started, navigate to the Campaigns tab in EZLynx, then make your way to your template library. This is the list of all the templates you have created at your agency. From here you can create a new template for use in future bulk campaigns.

Template List

Now that you are in the Bulk Campaigns template editor, you can insert your own content (or HTML, for you advanced users out there) like always, but there are now two new buttons at the top – Select Design and Select Content.

Template Editor

Choosing either of these options will bring up the new Design and Content library, which you’ll find populated with over 40 new designs and over 80 content samples.

Design List

Browse the list of options by category to find an option that works for your needs, select it, then choose Insert. Magically, your selection is inserted into the template editor, ready for your customizations!

Design Selected

Best of all, you can insert pre-written content samples completely independent from your design selection. This makes it easy to mix and match designs and content.  Simply place your cursor in the spot where you want to insert the content, then choose ‘Select Content’ from the top.

Content List

Once you have inserted sample content into your template, you can easily edit the content to meet your specific needs.  For example, you may want to add a link to your website, or you may want to include some additional content that is specific to your local community.

Complete Email

Once you are happy with your template, give it a name and click Save. The new template will be added to your Template List and available to use on any future Bulk Email Campaign.

While this first enhancement is limited to our Bulk Email Campaign Tool, rest assured that we will make these features available to the Drip Campaign tool in the coming months.

Communication is essential to running a successful business, which is why we have more exciting enhancements to our suite of communication tools planned for this year, so stay tuned!

Get to know EZLynx 3.9

EZLynx 3.9 is coming out next week, and we’ve added powerful new features to EZLynx. We have completely revamped the Policy Sync feature, the certificates creation process and the Documents tab to make them more streamlined for a very user-friendly, quick and easy experience. We’re excited to introduce you to these rich system enhancements.

Policy Sync & Remarket

At policy renewal time, it’s also time to provide your customer with new quotes.  The Policy Sync feature simplifies re-marketing by allowing agents to quickly update their customer’s EZLynx application from current policy data.

With Policy Sync & Remarket, you will accomplish this task quickly with side-by-side comparisons of the current application and policy information; simply pick and choose the data to sync and you’re ready to re-quote in EZLynx.

Policy Sync can be accessed from EZLynx Management System downloaded policies or during the import process from other compatible management systems.

EZLynx Policy Sync

For those of you that do not have EZLynx Management System, we’ve also enhanced our Import feature to also take advantage of the new Policy Sync.


The ability to create one or multiple certificates, track certificate holders and renew certificates is an important task for many independent insurance agents, and can be quite daunting without the proper tool.

With our completely revamped certificates process, you can complete these duties in no time.  Master certificates are saved to the applicant’s file, then pulled up to add one or multiple additional holders, and print with one click.

Certificates in EZLynx

Every certificate holder is saved with the master for quick annual renewals; simply renew the master certificate, import the previous year’s interests, select which to print and you’re done.


The Documents Tab is easier to use with consolidated grids, drag and drop upload functionality, policy association and the ability to organize documents into folders.  Emails, certificates, uploaded documents and ACORD forms are all located in one Documents grid with a search capability to locate documents in no time.

Documents Tab in EZLynx

Uploading documents is easier with the drag and drop function.  Document names can be created and edited for easier identification and searching.

Keep your eye out for these amazing new enhancements – the 3.9 release is on its way!

Michael Loguercio named NY-YIP Honorary Lifetime Member

We are pleased to announce that Michael Loguercio, regional sales manager at WEBCETERA®, was recognized with an honorary lifetime membership to the New York Young Insurance Professionals.

The award was presented at the Professional Insurance Agents of New York and New Jersey Inc.’s joint annual business conference, held at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort in Atlantic City. This is only the fourth time in the association’s history that an individual has received this honor.

You can read the full announcement here.