EZLynx Management System Announces Powerful Productivity Enhancement called Agency Workspace

EZLynx, long known for its speed to market with innovative independent insurance agency solutions, announces a powerful productivity enhancement called EZLynx Agency Workspace.

For EZLynx Management System customers, EZLynx brings seamless multitasking and collaboration tools with the new Agency Workspace. Agency Workspace is an agent’s hub for keeping track of tasks, creating new notes, and viewing recent notifications, such as reminders and incoming text messages – all from one easy-to-access location.

From any page in EZLynx, quickly create a note for any applicant without having to navigate to a new page. Just click the Note icon in the top-right area, search for the applicant, and add in the details.

In addition to easy note creation, EZLynx adds powerful organizational features to your notes and tasks. Add labels to keep related notes and tasks grouped together. When viewing your activity log, you can click on a label to see only the notes and tasks that were assigned to that group, such as everything related to your upcoming renewals.

“When you log a note, it often leads to an action item,” said John McKay, Sales Director at EZLynx. “That’s why we made it possible to add a task from within a note. For example, when a customer calls to ask about making a change to their policy, it is important for E&O purposes that you log that request in EZLynx. However, you also need to assign the task of making the requested policy change to either yourself or someone else in your agency. Agency Workspace makes that possible.”

“Agency Workspace also makes it possible to add several reminder options for your tasks, all of which can be assigned separate dates and times,” McKay continues. “If you have EZLynx Text Messaging, you can also have EZLynx text you a reminder. All of this, and more, is possible in EZLynx.”

About EZLynx

EZLynx develops industry-leading cloud-based software for the insurance industry. Their software has helped independent agents operate their businesses more effectively for over ten years.

EZLynx is proud to be the innovator of several products available on its ONE PLATFORM™ solution, including real-time Rating Engine, Retention Center™, Agency Pulse™, Policy Sync, eSignature, and Agency Management System.

Powerful Business Performance Insights

EZLynx Agency PulseEZLynx® Agency Pulse™ is a one-of-a-kind monthly report that delivers enhanced business performance insights to insurance agencies.

This monthly agency report aggregates data from EZLynx Rating Engine and EZLynx Management System into actionable business intelligence that helps agency owners and administrators manage their businesses more profitably and efficiently.

The EZLynx Agency Pulse report provides agencies key metrics and trend analysis of your insurance agency’s monthly performance, derived directly from your EZLynx data to make targeted, educated business and marketing decisions.  EZLynx, with an all-in-one platform that has both a comparative rater and a full-featured agency management system, is uniquely positioned to provide rich, multi-dimensional agency reports that are unavailable in any other system.

This powerful agency trend report uses all of the robust quoting and policy data found in EZLynx Rating Engine and EZLynx Management System to deliver eye-opening performance metrics. With so much customer data locked away in outdated agency management systems, agency owners have been desperate for the kind of actionable agency analytics that is provided in the EZLynx Agency Pulse report.

Agency Pulse - SnapshotAutomatically generated each month with both Agency Snapshot and Detailed Information sections, the EZLynx Agency Pulse report delivers performance data in an easy-to-view report that has been designed to provide key performance information based on a collaboration between EZLynx and a team of agency owners. Actionable metrics that help reveal opportunities for growth and increased profitability include statistics and trends on close ratios, retention, clients, carriers, and premium.  More importantly, agency owners can see their month-over-month trends at a glance, making it much easier to track strategic objectives and priorities.

We checked in with one of our users to find out what their experience has been. “EZLynx Agency Pulse has illuminated the business performance of my agency in ways that would have never been possible on our legacy management system,” said Brian Burns, Owner at Compass Insurance Group LLC in Colorado. “Because EZLynx is a tightly integrated comparative rater and agency management system on One Platform™, they are able to build amazing reports that can’t be found in any other system.  That, combined with the quarterly website performance meeting that is part of EZLynx Agency Websites, we have been able to make strategic marketing decisions based these reports from EZLynx and then actually track the results each month to gauge the successes or failures of our efforts.”

EZLynx Agency Pulse is available today for customers of EZLynx Management System at no additional cost.  EZLynx automatically sends out Agency Pulse each month to all agency owners with an EZLynx Management System account.

EZLynx Named Finalist in the 2015 ACORD Insurance Innovation Challenge

As part of their 2015 ACORD Insurance Innovation Challenge later this year, ACORD® will crown the company that has best used technology to transform the way we think about insurance.

Selected from more than 100 overall submissions, 48 entrants made the first cut and garnered the opportunity to compete for the finalist positions during a live-pitch day at the ACORD office in Pearl River, New York. During the pitch day, Brenna Johnson, Business Analyst at EZLynx, discussed EZLynx Retention Center and how it is transforming the way agents think about customer retention.

As the first insurance-specific innovation competition, the ACORD Insurance Innovation Challenge brought together a panel of judges comprised of insurance industry analysts, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to see presentations, provide feedback, and ultimately grade the pitches based on impact, ingenuity, feasibility and applicability to the insurance industry.

EZLynx is honored to be selected as a finalist and to present to a panel of judges before a live audience at the ACORD2015 event later this year.

EZLynx Announces Availability of New Productivity Features

EZLynx, known for their innovative solutions in the insurance industry, announces the availability of two powerful tools to help agents increase their productivity.

EZLynx Policy Compare and Policy Sync are two tools that other management systems simply do not have,” says Jonathan Kolbo, Product Manager at EZLynx. “These features further separate EZLynx from the rest of our competitors. We wanted to help agents with the huge amount of time it takes to service customers at renewal time, and free up the independent agent’s time to focus on selling new business.”

Policy Compare makes it possible to quickly view two policies side-by-side to instantly identify the differences. This makes explaining premium changes to your customers much easier. “When a customer calls to ask ‘Why did my premium go up?’ Policy Compare lets the agent quickly compare the expired version of a policy with the renewal policy side by side,” Kolbo continues. “You can see which coverages have gone up, exactly how much, and why. This eliminates time wasted by crunching numbers, leaving agents more time to sell new business and retain existing business. When agents see how much time they will be saving with these tools versus the old way, they will be amazed.”

When an agent wants to re-quote, it is very important to use up-to-date information in the application. Policy Sync allows agents to compare and sync current policy information with EZLynx Rating Engine. Policy Sync makes the re-quote process more efficient for agents and customers.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer Policy Compare and Policy Sync at no additional cost to our customers. EZLynx Management System customers can take advantage of these powerful tools today. ”

About EZLynx

EZLynx develops industry-leading cloud-based software for the insurance industry. Their software has helped independent agents operate their businesses more effectively for over ten years.

EZLynx is proud to be the innovator of several products available on it’s ONE PLATFORM™ solution, including real-time Rating Engine, Retention Center™, Agency Pulse™, Policy Sync, eSignature and Management System.

A Look at EZLynx Policy Sync & Policy Compare

EZLynx Policy Sync and CompareEvery once in a while an innovation comes along that makes what was once an arduous, time-consuming task so absurdly simple that it’s hard to believe someone didn’t think of it sooner. EZLynx Policy Compare and EZLynx Policy Sync are two such innovations, and if you use EZLynx Management System, you’ve already got them!

EZLynx Policy Compare

Our Policy Compare feature makes it easy to respond to your customers when they call with that all too familiar question, “Why did my premium go up?”

Now you can quickly compare two versions of a policy – the expired policy and the renewal – side-by-side and see which coverages went up, exactly how much, and why.

No more searching for explanations and possibly losing the confidence of your customers. Policy Sync works seamlessly for both Personal and Commercial lines, and it’s a great example of how a seemingly small feature can make a big impact on your agency’s retention numbers.

EZLynx Policy Sync

Customers often want a new quote at renewal time to see if they can get a better premium. At this point, it’s very important that your rating application is up-to-date before you attempt to remarket.

EZLynx Policy Sync makes this as easy as one-two-three. Simply locate the policy in EZLynx, which is the most current risk information, then select Sync. The system will automatically identify the differences so you can quickly update and re-quote.

Saving time with servicing tasks like these gives you more time to sell new business, which ultimately increases your agency’s success.

Auto Insurance Specialists (AIS) moves all California Comparative Quoting to EZLynx

AIS announced this week that they have changed their backend comparative quoting provider in California to EZLynx. This move completes their transition to the EZLynx® Platform for quoting in all 50 states.

Mark Casas, Senior VP at AIS, was excited about the change. “It was a huge strategic move on our part to work with a company like EZLynx. They have provided superior technology and customer support for us over the years,” he explains. “We had experience with EZLynx powering the quoting for our PoliSeek brand outside of California. When we consolidated our California and national agencies, it was clearly advantageous to go with EZLynx in all 50 states.”

EZLynx has garnered attention in the insurance industry recently, gaining recognition last year as the most popular comparative rater and fastest growing agency management system according to an IIABA and Future One joint study.

“We are proud to have one of the biggest players in the auto and home quoting market in California,” said Jaideep Jayaram, VP of Sales and Marketing at EZLynx. “Many carriers have moved from manufactured rates to real-time rating simply so they could be on our platform, and we are expecting more carriers to join our platform in California. We consider it our responsibility to bring value and technology for agents in the California market and beyond.”

About Auto Insurance Specialists LLC

AIS was founded in 1968, selling auto insurance in sunny California. In order to meet their customers’ growing demand, they have expanded their offering to include many lines of insurance, including motorcycle, classic car, boat and watercraft, motor home, recreational vehicle, homeowners, renters, condo owners, earthquake, mobile home, flood, umbrella, life, business, and more.

In 2014, they expanded their special way of shopping for insurance by combining the 50 state experience of their sister company, PoliSeek, with the legacy of AIS.

About EZLynx

EZLynx develops industry-leading cloud-based software for the insurance industry. Their software has helped independent agents operate their businesses more effectively for over ten years.

EZLynx is proud to be the innovator of several solutions available on One Platform, including Real-time Rating, Retention Center™, Agency Pulse™, Policy Sync, eSignature integration, comparative rating, and agency management system.

Summer Guide for Insurance Agencies

Summer Opportunities for Independent AgentsHow many times throughout the year are you asked to secure coverage for an insured for a specific reason? Well, once you obtain coverage for that insured, how many times do you actually revisit that account and review their coverage? What other missed opportunities are available for you to provide additional coverage that will not only affect your bottom line in a positive fashion, but also assist in protecting your agency against a potential errors and omissions claim?

These are the questions that an agency must ask itself, in order to secure its perpetuation, and increase its rate of retention. In most agencies out there, the emphasis has long been on obtaining new business, and not as focused on protecting what is already in house.

I am not at all saying that you should not continue to obtain new business, but it makes perfect sense for an agency to find new and innovative ways to retain business as well. This is something that many agencies don’t take advantage of, but it has just as much potential to put money in your pocket as new business does. It also makes sense if an agency uses what already has in house to cross sell to its existing customers, which will not only increase the agency’s rate of retention, but also drive additional revenue into the business. In many instances, cross selling also helps to lower the agency’s loss ratios over its carrier inventory. It has been proven that insured with multiple policies within the same agency, are less likely to file a nuisance claim than those who have only one policy with that particular agent.

So what are some of the best ways to cross sell and protect yourself and your agency against an E&O claim? Well, for starters, think of what opportunities are made available just by the time of year. As an example, summer time is now upon us, so what happens differently in the summer than in the other seasons? Let’s look at vacations for example: are your insured traveling to Mexico? Most private passenger policies in the United States do not extend coverage to that country. Therefore, by using EZLynx® Management System you can implement an email campaign, advising your customers to make certain that they contact your agency if they are traveling to Mexico, or any foreign country where they may be under the impression that they are covered by their existing auto policy. It may be as little as providing a Canadian insurance card for an insured visiting that area, or you may be looking to write a policy for someone driving across our southern border. Even if your auto policy does cover you in another country, is the coverage as robust as if you were in the states?

Speaking of traveling abroad, another question to pose your vacationing customers is whether or not their existing health insurance extends coverage while traveling to another country. Most people are so excited about their trip that they fail to look ahead and plan for an emergency while they are overseas somewhere by purchasing vacation insurance. Same goes for your insured that may be hosting graduation parties, or religious celebrations in a rented hall such as a firehouse or VFW hall. Does their homeowner’s policy include host liquor liability if they are having the party offsite? Are they better off purchasing an event liability policy for that celebration?

These sorts of opportunities are not only limited to the summer season, but to all seasons. Come the fall when kids are back to school, especially college, are they covered for their personal belongings while away at their dorm? To drill down even further, even if there is off premises theft coverage while away at school, is there coverage limited and filled with exclusions for certain items, such as electronic equipment, jewelry, or even cash?

Although we have just skimmed along the top of this subject, I am certain that you get the idea that we are trying to impress upon you. Not only is it incumbent upon you as an insurance agent to make certain that your insured have the coverage that their needs require, but cross selling is also a tremendous way to protect your agency against claims by your insured and also to add to your bottom line.

Reach More Consumers Online with Spanish Language version of EZLynx Consumer Quoting

EZLynx Consumer Quoting SpanishIn an effort to help agents that service the Latino community, we are piloting a new Spanish version of EZLynx Consumer Quoting.

Your Spanish-speaking visitors will be able to quickly get a Home or Auto quote from your agency in their native language, helping to increase the chance of them completing the quote form and ultimately of you winning their business. You’ll receive the complete quote in EZLynx like normal, with all quote data in English.

EZLynx Consumer Quoting Spanish

Llegar a más consumidores online con la versión en Español de EZLynx Consumer Quoting

EZLynx Consumer Quoting SpanishEn un esfuerzo para ayudar a nuestros agentes que dan servicio a la comunidad Latina, estamos probando una nueva versión española de EZLynx Consumer Quoting.

Sus visitantes de habla hispana será capaces rápidamente obtenga una cotización de Casa o Auto para su agencia en su lengua nativa, ayudando a aumentar la posibilidad de que ellos rellenando el formulario de cotización. Usted recibirá la cita completa en EZLynx como normal, con todos los datos de cotización en inglés.

EZLynx Consumer Quoting Spanish