New Certificate Master Enhancements

Certificate management can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of servicing commercial policies. Now, EZLynx has redefined how certificate masters are created and managed, streamlining the workflow and changing the way you think about getting them done.

If you are a commercial agent regularly servicing accounts and distributing certificates, this update is for you! The new Certificate Master Workflow (now in BETA) gives the CSR and Producer more time for higher priority tasks, while also reducing E&O exposure and improving the service and retention of commercial accounts.

Certificate Master Home Screen

The new Certificate Master Home Screen, available from the new Certificates tab on the account, provides direct access to an insured’s certificate masters. From the panel to the left of the screen, agents have a summary view of information, including type of certificate, expiration date and associated lines of business. Certificates are conveniently grouped by policy status to help users find information for the current policies first.

Certificate Master Home Screen

After selecting a Certificate Master, agents see a table with all the Certificate Holders. This searchable list allows agents to quickly find a specific holder and select an action to complete from a drop-down list. Similarly, agents can view Certificate Master options, including the option to add a certificate holder, create a distribution report, edit, export a holder report into a CSV, or preview the Certificate Master. These options allow agents to complete one-off tasks for holders quickly.

Certificate Master Workflow Enhancements

Several updates to the Certificate Master workflow increase agency productivity. All policies pre-fill into the selected Certificate Master type, and the new addition to add and save Master Level Remarks truly helps expedite this process. The remarks intelligently respond to the specific ACORD form, seamlessly notifying agents when remarks will automatically flow onto the ACORD 101 for convenience. In addition to the master level remarks, you now have the option to attach master level documents to all holders with a single click!

Certificate Master Workflow Example 1

Additional interest and assets (like vehicles) flow cleanly from the associated policies to populate the holder list on the new master. When reviewing and editing details of the certificate holders, agents may either manually create a new Certificate Holder or select the edit option from the actions drop down on an existing Certificate Holder. Agents are then able to review the Certificate Master level details and select a default distribution method.

Certificate Master Workflow Example 2

EZLynx knows technology can help agencies work more efficiently, granting them back the time they need to provide customers with truly extraordinary experiences. And 2019 is a big year for EZLynx and Commercial lines. If you are an agency aiming to grow your commercial book, EZLynx can help with significant gains in the areas of submission management, certificate distribution, and ongoing servicing.

The new Certificate Master Workflow is just another example of how EZLynx helps agents ACCOMPLISH MORE, FASTER.

If you are a commercial agent regularly servicing accounts and distributing certificates, this update is for you. To be among the first agencies to make use of this new, time-saving workflow → CLICK HERE.

What’s New In EZLynx 4.19.07

Release Highlights

Text Messaging Preference Management

We’ve enhanced our opt-out support in EZLynx Text Messaging.

When a recipient replies STOP to a text message, our system has always automatically opted them out from future messages. In this update, we have added a Suppression List area so that users can easily see when a recipient has opted out.

This enhancement also provides a way for an agency to manually opt-out a recipient’s phone number from future text messages.

Client Center Now Supports ID Cards for Manual Policies

With Client Center, customers were already able to access their ID cards for downloaded policies within your agency. With this update, customers are now able to access their ID cards for manual policies as well.

Just another way EZLynx is making it easier for your agency to grow and service its commercial book of business!

New LOB – Cyber and Privacy Coverage

Cyber and Privacy Coverage has now been added as a line of business for manual policy entry. Agents can enter full application details for coverages, scheduled items and more.

Certificate Master Workflow (BETA)

We’ve made big improvements to the commercial certificates workflow!

Certificate management can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of servicing commercial policies. Now, EZLynx has redefined how certificate masters are created and managed, streamlining the workflow and changing the way you think about getting them done.

Here are a few highlights of this game-changer for commercial policies:

  • Certificates now have their own, dedicated work area
  • Completely revamped Certificate Master workflow
  • Remarks made at the Master level carry through to all holders at once
  • True asset association means vehicles/locations automatically flow over with each holder
  • Associate attachments at the holder level
  • Easily add and manage certificate holders
  • Certificate Distribution Reports provide a history of what you’ve generated

If you are a commercial agent regularly servicing accounts and distributing certificates, this update is for you. To be among the first agencies to make use of this new, time-saving workflow → CLICK HERE.

Rating Engine Updates

EZLynx Rating Engine is receiving various updates with this release.


  • New field addition “Telematics” at Vehicle level
  • New field addition “Transportation Network Coverage” at Vehicle level
  • Adding support for vehicle year 2020
  • Property Damage Limits update for Missouri (State Regulation)
  • New Violation addition “Texting while driving” for Pennsylvania (State Regulation)


  • Display label change for “Replacement Cost Dwelling” endorsement and option values

Auto, Home, and Dwelling Fire:

  • Prior Carrier List is updated
  • Display label for existing Credit check authorization field on Policy Info tab is changed to read “Credit Check and Other Underwriting Reports Authorized”


For more information on any of these exciting new features, please visit the EZLynx Solution Center

Find Solutions with the Redesigned EZLynx Solution Center

EZLynx Support CenterIn the digital world, having the ability to find information is often more critical than actually knowing information. We created the Solution Center to serve as a digital library to provide agents with answers, allow agents to help other agents, and create a space for conversation between the agents and EZLynx.

The fastest way to find information 24/7/365 is by searching from the Solution Center homepage.

The Solution Center search bar searches through the Knowledge Base as well as the EZLynx Community Forums from the “home” page. Simply type in a keyword and select the best option from the drop down. Options are broken down into Knowledge Base articles and forum posts.

The Knowledge Base is a conveniently parceled out instruction manual. When you have a question about a product, you will find answers in the form of videos, step by step instructions and more, all provided by EZLynx.

Search the Solution CenterThe Knowledge Base articles are broken down by product and specific features of a product. This allows agents to find the right solutions, faster.

In the EZLynx Forums, agents can discuss products, find solutions to general insurance business operations, and provide feedback all within EZLynx. The EZLynx Community Forums are broken into four different forum sections: New Product Information, Wish List, Tips and Tricks, and Agency Operations Station.

Within the New Product Information forum, agents will find release schedule information and details about upcoming product releases under the Release Schedule and New Updates topics. We recommend that agents follow these two topics for updates.

Our Wish List provides agents with a place to ask for additional features or products and to find information about the status of the development of the product. By liking or commenting on a post, agents show EZLynx the needs that are the most pressing. As features or products move into development, their status is updated until it is implemented.

Solution Center Wish List

The Tips and Tricks forum and Agency Operations Station forum provide agents with a place to help each other. EZLynx is built for agencies to have the flexibility to fit EZLynx to their business needs. As daily users of EZLynx, agents often have unique ways of running reports or using workflows. The Tips and Tricks forum is a place to ask other agents for best practices, share tips with other agents, and review agent conversations about EZLynx products. For general business requests not related to EZLynx, agents can look no further than the Agency Operations Station.

When an agent needs help in our digital library, our support staff are highly resourceful EZLynx experts. Open a ticket to ask a specific question and communicate directly with an EZLynx support staff member.

The EZLynx Solution Center allows agents to have all the support they need, when they need it, in one convenient location. Whether finding instructions and information 24/7/365 with the Knowledge Base, helping another agent in the EZLynx Forums, or communicating with support staff—the newly redesigned Solution Center is here to provide agents with support on three levels. Visit the Solution Center to join the conversation and find solutions today.

What’s New In EZLynx 4.19.06

EZLynx 4.19.06 is now available!  Here are some highlights of the release:

Commercial Import and Export

When it comes to managing the large schedules associated with commercial submissions, the speed and accuracy of data entry are crucial.  EZLynx has simplified the import workflow for drivers, vehicles, locations and buildings, and more.  A new user interface provides several intuitive options for importing data, including a simple “drag & drop” from an existing file.

We’ve also added a comprehensive export workflow.  No more need to re-create your schedules every time a policy comes up for renewal.  Agencies can also expedite the renewal process by exporting policy data to share with clients.

The new export workflow can be used for:

  • Sharing an exported schedule through Client Center
  • Saving to the Applicant’s Document Library
  • Downloading .CSV files
  • LOB-specific reports

Numerous LOBs have been updated for this new and improved import workflow.  As you travel through your policies, you’ll find the new option displayed above the applicable tables.

eSignature ACORD Template Pre-Fill

EZLynx has made eSignature even easier.  Users can now select to automatically pre-fill ACORD forms with the signature, date and initials jotblocks.  In addition to being a big time-saver, the automated placement of all the required jotblocks also makes the entire process more accurate.

This brand new feature is available for all ACORD forms.

Client Center and Manual Policies

Client Center now enables insureds to submit change requests for manual policies.  A task is then created and assigned to the agent for follow up.

New LOB for Manual Policy Entry

Employment Practices Liability Insurance has now been added to the list of lines of business for manual policy entry.

The new line of business is available for use within the applicant and policy creation screens.


For more information on any of these exciting new features, please visit the EZLynx Solution Center.

Clearing a Path Toward Productivity with Commercial Schedule Imports & Exports


Accomplishing more, in a reduced amount of time, is crucial for commercial agents. It is not a simple task to quantify how changes to an agency’s workflow will improve overall productivity. To effectively make these changes requires a delicate understanding of a commercial agent’s needs. That’s why EZLynx is making extensive updates to the EZLynx import/export process, which will clear the way for agencies to accomplish more, faster.

Speed and accuracy are key in clearing a path to an agency’s ability to manage commercial accounts. Without one or the other, an agency is left with errors or stands unable to meet client needs in a timely manner. Importing information will aid agents in gathering and entering data into EZLynx quickly, with fewer entry mistakes. The next update will allow agents to import schedules for commercial line applications and policies, including vehicles, drivers, locations/buildings, named insureds, additional interests, and equipment.

Import Vehicles

This workflow allows agents to ‘Add New’ or ‘Replace All’ when remarketing or during any other major update. This feature will save agents time when working on applications or servicing a policy.

Append on Import

The ability for commercial clients to self-service their accounts is critical to an agency’s ability to exceed customer expectations. With the new update, agents will have the ability to export one or more schedules from applications and policies and automatically share those exports with an insured or a prospect. Then, the insured or the prospect will have the ability to make updates through EZLynx Client Center. This will help agents sell more by allowing the prospect to see the seamless and secure communication between Client Center and the agent. Existing clients will have additional options for communicating with their agents.

Share in Client Center

As laid out in the 2019 Roadmap, increasing innovation and productivity for commercial agencies is a major focus for EZLynx. Import capabilities are only the first step toward streamlining the workflow for commercial agents. Over the proceeding months, new product updates will continue to pave the way for commercial agencies to improve their overall productivity. Just another way EZLynx helps agents ACCOMPLISH MORE, FASTER.

To learn more about EZLynx or to find out how your agency can use EZLynx Management System with your Commercial Lines business, contact us below.

EZLynx Integration Brings Real-Time Messaging to Travelers Agents

EZLynx is excited to announce its new Real-Time Messaging expansion with Travelers. This integration with EZLynx Management System notifies agents with real-time updates whenever a customer initiates an Auto policy change request in the Travelers self-service portal.
When these automated notifications arrive, EZLynx Workspace generates a notification to the agency, associates the new information with the policy, and facilitates a reminder to reach out to the customer.

Prior to this integration, independent agents would not be informed of policy changes initiated in the carrier’s self-service portal until after the change had been fully processed and the policy had downloaded into the agency management system. In the meantime, agents could find themselves in conversation with their clients, unaware of their most recent policy changes or what prompted them.

“In the increasingly competitive world of personal lines insurance, agents are expected to provide unique value propositions both to clients and the carriers that insure them,” said EZLynx Product Manager Vijay Rengarajan. “Insurance shoppers demand a deeper, more tailored experience, and agencies are turning to technology to drive these more meaningful human interactions.”

This latest integration between Travelers and EZLynx empowers agents and strengthens their role as trusted advisor to clients with Travelers policies.
“Agents are supportive of self-service technology, but they also want the ability to stay involved with and connected to their customers to offer guidance when a policy change is made,” said Ron Berg, Executive Director – Agents Council for Technology / Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America. “The real-time notifications now available to agents through EZLynx and Travelers are examples of tools that will help to build a more efficient partnership between carriers and agents to better support their mutual customers.”

Key Benefits of Real-Time Messaging
• Better and faster integration/communication between agents and Travelers
• Promote transparency between the carrier, agents and insureds
• Proactive agency-level policy servicing
• Empower agents to be trusted advisors via real time updates

Improved Productivity with Agency Workspace

You may have noticed that we often talk about productivity. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself what productivity truly means for your agency? EZLynx knows how increased productivity can improve your bottom line, and we provide agents with the tools they need to be efficient.

Productivity is the completion of a high volume of tasks, while efficiency refers to how well you use your resources to complete this high volume of tasks in a reasonable amount of time. The two concepts work as two sides of the same coin— to be truly productive, businesses need to maintain a high level of efficiency. Businesses have long recognized two foundational ways to increase productivity: streamline the process and leverage technology. In recent years, researchers identified collaboration as one of the driving forces behind productivity.

Simply working toward common goals with greater transparency helps motivate people to overcome challenges. Today, agencies are recognizing this function and working to improve productivity by changing their company culture, optimizing the work process, and adding technology as an aid.


Building a new culture in the workplace begins by improving the collaborative abilities of each employee. When the proper culture is implemented in an organization, productivity naturally increases as everyone works efficiently to accomplish goals with teams and individuals alike receiving rewards as they are accomplished. Creating this culture does not happen overnight, but through a long-term commitment to a company mission.

Though teamwork is key, a team cannot work together without having a designated space and process through which to accomplish each goal, such as Agency Workspace.


Setting up the proper workflows is the catalyst to increasing your agency’s productivity. Without a defined process, collaboration efforts suffer, but identifying the proper method to accomplish each task as a team can be tricky. Employees need to know what work is completed, what needs to be completed, and who is assigned to each task. This is simple with Agency Workspace. For insurance agents, having a defined process can be crucial to avoiding potential E&O exposure.

We have seen tremendous success for agencies that standardize titles on discussion groupings, label actions, add policy associations, and check accomplished items off of a pre-defined list to ensure that nothing is missed. In addition to these needs, the process needs to be simple enough for group collaboration, while also being thorough enough to protect against mistakes.


While researchers and business experts often provide recommendations related to improving your workflow and adding additional technology in your office, how these solutions will maximize productivity is often a missing link in this equation. Technology should work as a vessel to improve your agency’s productivity. For an insurance agent, this means having a space designed for agents that helps protect agencies against E&O exposure while also allowing the agents to have access to immediate answers when an insured calls.

Recognizing the interwoven role technology, process, and collaboration play in increasing productivity, EZLynx built the Agency Workspace with the unique needs of an agency in mind. Features like the ability to take a note or work a task are available from anywhere in the system, helping agents handle frequent interruptions without losing their place. Notes and tasks are grouped into logical discussions so anyone in the agency can quickly get up to speed on a specific topic for an insured. Creating agency specific labels help track and quickly identify common activities across the organization. For agencies following standardized procedures, creating checklists is a great way to ensure everyone is following the same steps every time.

EZLynx recognizes that technology is not a magic bullet to improve the productivity of your company. Agency Workspace, which is part of EZLynx Management System, provides agents with the tools and framework necessary to create a process that works to allow agencies to maximize efficiency. Utilizing Agency Workspace can substantially improve the collaborative capabilities of your agency, helping you ACCOMPLISH MORE, Faster.

Is Your Commissions Process Wasting Money?

EZLynx believes that agencies spend too much time and money trying to manage commissions. Defining commission rules and producer payouts is an important part of any well running shop; however, it is a cost center for the business. Between setting up complex rules, reviewing and importing statements each month, correcting data, and verifying payouts, agencies are spending a tremendous amount of employee time and money on non-revenue generating activities. We decided to reduce the complexity and remove the guess work from the commission process.

The Future of Commissions

Keeping with our product roadmap to focus on four key pillars of improving productivity, serviceability, scalability, and profitability in agencies, EZLynx Commissions simplifies a complex process so that any agency can accurately track and pay commissions. We are currently under way on the complete overhaul of this workflow to help agencies increase productivity and reduce their efforts on this tedious process.

Commissions are the lifeline of an insurance agency. Each step of recording, reconciling, reporting, and managing commissions directly ties to someone’s paycheck. We are implementing our enhancements to this process in steps as we push toward our goal of a smarter, simpler commissions system. At each stage, members of our beta program will provide month-over-month feedback to ensure the tool meets the unique needs of independent agents.

Statement Import

Every new month creates a costly and time-consuming challenge for your agency. Each carrier sends their statements in slightly different formats. Remembering the variations and updating these large data sets prior to bringing them into the system is a costly learning curve each month. This adds to the frustration and costs the agency valuable time and resources. We simplified the number of steps needed when importing in order to improve your workflow and increase your agency’s efficiency.

Minor differences from the carrier can be time consuming to fix every week, so our new statement import feature remembers this information for your agency – so you don’t have to. As imports arrive and you make changes to the information, EZLynx will remember your import mapping and data corrections. For example, if the carrier sends the full state name instead of state abbreviation, after you correct it one time, EZLynx will remember it for every subsequent upload.

Rule Creation

Most people don’t think about commissions until there is a problem. When producers don’t get paid out at the correct rate or the agency over pays, it is obvious that there is a problem. Commission rules power the payout system and align to the agencies payout structure. Any issue in setting up the rules or ordering is apparent once the statements come in.

EZLynx Commissions empowers agencies with a streamlined creation workflow and an intuitive rule engine to simplify payouts. The step-by-step workflow guides you through the creation of each rule, adding criteria, and defining payouts in a simple, easy to understand format. Based on feedback, we have included several additional options such as department and policy effective dates.

Join our Beta Team

Commission management is a vital component of every agency. With our latest updates, EZLynx wants to bring efficiencies to save agencies time and increase productivity in their back-office processes with a streamlined commission system that is simple and accurate.

The new rule creation workflow is currently in beta, and we are looking for agencies to provide month-over-month feedback on the new features. Agencies get a side-by-side comparison of the new rules and their existing rules to review and ensure complete accuracy before the full release of this feature. If you are interested in participating, you can apply to join the Beta Team by clicking HERE.

MSB Residential Pre-Fill and Reconstruction Cost Valuations

EZLynx has a new integration to bring you residential pre-fill and reconstruction cost valuation in the EZLynx Rating Engine through the RCT® Express estimating platform from CoreLogic®.

Residential pre-fill will drastically improve your home quote process by allowing you to use MSB lookup within EZLynx to automatically pull information about a home prospect.

This will help streamline an agent’s homeowner policy quote process and improve the consumer experience by allowing agents to simply validate the property characteristics instead of attempting to fill in data fields themselves with homeowner-supplied information.

You can further improve your process with the MSB reconstruction cost valuation tool to predict the cost of replacing the entire home.

“Homeowners count on their local property insurance agent to protect their interests and make sure they are adequately covered under their homeowner policy”, said Mikhail Palatnik, executive of product management with CoreLogic Insurance Solutions. “RCT Express and Interchange®, our robust property prefill, can also help agents protect their most valuable assets — their reputation and relationship with clients who are most often neighbors and friends.”

Both services will be available at a competitive, cost-efficient rate per transaction.

“Our integration with CoreLogic is another step in our commitment to listening to agents and providing them with everything they need to run their businesses on ONE PLATFORM,” said Anoop Bargur, product manager for EZLynx Rating Engine. “Using residential prefill and reconstruction cost valuations, agents will be able to increase their productivity even more during home rating.”

For pricing information and to get started, please fill out the form below.

How to Implement Proactive Customer Service

How to Implement Proactive Customer Service

We have all seen a “Get rich quick” scheme, or the magazine article with “The secret to improving your business.” Most of these articles do not provide new information or even a solution that is easy to implement. The idea that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is, still resonates.

It’s not a secret that retaining business is less expensive than gaining new clients. In fact, experts estimate that it is four to six times more expensive to gain new business than it is to retain existing customers, and an estimated 65% of new business comes from existing clients. Still, if retaining business were simple, every agent would have a successful agency. As the process of retaining existing customers for a larger book of business becomes more cumbersome, it is understandable that, on average, agencies only hold a retention rate of 78 percent.

Agencies with EZLynx Retention Center, however, take a proactive approach to customer retention with “too good to be true” results — with an average retention rate of 86 percent.

With the EZLynx Retention Center, the client retention process is put on autopilot. Agents are provided with recommendations for accounts that are up for renewal to help agents prioritize their customer service activities.

Retention Center - Overview

An Expiration List is generated to provide agents with a list of upcoming renewals. Policy management is streamlined by customer risk, allowing agents to focus their attention where it is needed most.

Retention Center - Expiration List

For commercial clients, the Expiration List automatically displays the upcoming commercial renewals, with each agency having the ability to customize the specific expiration timeline for personal and commercial lines separately. Patented automation allows agents to prioritize and analyze renewal offers on commercial policies.

Even an agency with a perfect retention rate can stand to improve its retention process. EZLynx Retention Center brings policy renewals into focus, prioritizing retention and standardizing efforts around repeatable best practices.

Listen to one of our existing agents and find out how EZLynx Retention Center can improve your workflow.