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Key Benefits


Build Profitability

With Accounting being fully integrated with EZLynx Management System. You'll have a 360° view into your agency's profitability. Advanced reporting capabilities help you stay on top of financial trends, so you can quickly address any deviations and changes in your business to plan for the future.

Accurate Records

Break free from having to spend time constantly updating multiple inaccurate spreadsheets. Opt for an accurate systematically updated option that automates many of the unique aspects of insurance trust accounting. It accurately tracks commissions, open balances, payables and much more.

Save Time

Reduce the time your staff spends tracking and recording basic accounting. Its simple user interface blends efficiency with powerful accounting features making learning and operation easy. Use it to automate your receivables as well as reducing the time-consuming process of commission reconciliation.

Access & Integration

Manage accounting records through EZLynx with secure, cloud-based access 24/7. With Intuit® QuickBooks General Ledger integration, the Windows version of QuickBooks can pull information directly from EZLynx to stay in compliance with an accurate record of premium trust account transactions.

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