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20,000+ agencies rely on EZLynx every day

Let us introduce ourselves…

After opening our doors in 2003, we set out to address the challenges that face the independent agent in the P&C industry. How? By listening to agents on a regular basis. We learned, at this time the insurance industry was still grappling with the inaccuracies of manufactured rates. To solve this problem we created our flagship product, EZLynx Rating Engine, and in doing so pioneered the concept of real-time rating.

Rating Engine enables insurance agents to generate accurate, real-time rate quotes from multiple insurance companies’ sites with a single data entry point.

EZLynx Rating Engine still remains the leading real-time solution vendor for independent agents, with more than 20,000 agencies relying on us to provide more than 4 million home, auto, and package transactions every month in 48 states with 330+ insurance companies.

The good news is that we didn't stop there, but yearned to create more solutions that tested the boundaries of technology.

With our mission to address industry issues in mind, we set out to fully automate the exchange of information between the insurance carrier, independent agent, and end consumer.

Today, EZLynx is much more than just a rating company. It has expanded to include solutions that reach every aspect of agency life, including consumer-facing quoting & self-service, customer life-cycle management, automated email marketing, and website solutions.

Company Core Values

Commit - We deliver on our promises, and we hold ourselves accountable for the results of our actions. We believe that with hard work and a strong commitment to our customers, results will follow. We are committed to being a driving force for positive change in our industry.

Think - We strive to look beyond the status quo to see the bigger picture and create new, innovative solutions. We encourage our employees to think creatively. We take risks, speak up, and let our passion and creativity bring value to our customers and our company.

Care - We care about the well-being of our employees and the impact our business has on society. We help make our community a better place. We demonstrate healthy choices, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability as we do our part to reduce the carbon footprint we leave behind.


EZLynx® develops industry-leading cloud-based software for the insurance industry. Our software has helped independent agents operate their businesses more effectively for over ten years.

EZLynx is proud to be the innovators of several products that, previously, the insurance industry had never seen, including: Real-time rating, Agency Pulse™, Policy Sync, eSignature integration, and a unified rating and management system.

Solutions for agencies

We offer a variety of software solutions for independent insurance agents. Our all-in-one solution insures that every agency has the tools they need to succeed.

Collaborate with carriers

We work with major carriers to integrate our products, cultivate marketing partnerships, place consumer-facing quoting tools on carrier sites, and generate analytics.

Integrate with vendors

Through EZLynx Connect, we work side-by-side with outside vendors to develop and integrate new technology into the EZLynx software platform.

Interview with Nag Rao - CEO

"We want to change the industry. We want to make our agents successful. We want to build products that help them become successful business people."

How did EZLynx begin?

It was truly one of those instances where a solution met a problem. I was working on an idea that involved understanding the internals of a web application and at about the same time a current EZLynx carrier sales representative came up with this idea of building a new system to help agents input quote data once and get multiple rates. Something about the idea really appealed to me.

The idea came about in early 2003, we delivered a full working prototype late that year, and our first customer signed on in early 2004. Like they say, the rest is history.

What do you think sets EZLynx apart in the industry?

Foremost, I hope it is the quality of our product and service that makes them come to us. We work hard to put out quality products and back them up with great support and service.

We also have a desire and drive to do what is right for the agents and the industry. I don't want EZLynx to be another "fly by night" company that is out to make a buck when the sun is shining. I have always encouraged everyone on our team to think long-term with every single customer. I know this is working because for 7 years in a row our product satisfaction rate has been over 95%!

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