I Need Assistance Locating My Quote on the Carrier Site. Can You Help?

The most common reason for not being able to locate a quote on the carrier site, is that the quote is being run in EZLynx with an incorrect agent/producer code.

To correct this problem, go back into the application(s), click on the Carriers tab and check the agent code for the carrier in question.  Correct the code directly on this page.  You will need to fix the agent/producer code on both the Auto and Home applications if you are submitting them together in EZLynx.  Next go to the Finish tab, and click “Submit to Carriers”.  At the page that lists all your carriers just before the quote starts to run, be sure to UNcheck the box that says “Reuse Prior Prompt Answers”.  Once a premium is returned, you will then be able to locate the quote on the carrier site.

Also you will want to be sure to update the agent code in your Carrier Defaults.  Your agent code will automatically transfer from your Carrier Defaults to NEW applications/submissions.

When resubmitting a quote, you will need to fix the agent/producer code by following the steps above.

If you still need assistance, please contact [email protected].

Are MVR and/or CLUE Reports Ordered by EZLynx?

No, EZLynx does not run the MVR or CLUE reports, nor do we authorize the carriers to do so.  Normally, there is a small fee associated with reports, so it would become costly to run reports on every carrier site on each EZLynx quote.  Carriers may require running the report(s) on their site before binding, so it will be done at that time.   If additional information is identified at that time, go back to the EZLynx application, enter the report information and resubmit the quote.

I Just Signed up with a Lead Generator. How Do the Leads Get into My EZLynx Account?

If you have just signed up with a lead generator, follow these quick steps to get the ball rolling:

First, make sure the lead company has set up your EZLynx username in their system. Once you’re set up on their side, they will contact EZLynx and ask us to set up integration on our end. Then, the lead generator will send you notifications when leads are sent to your EZLynx account. Simply log into your EZLynx account, search the applicant name, and you are ready to start quoting.

Can I Access EZLynx from an iPad?

You can access client information and quotes in EZLynx on an iPad by going to www.ezlynx.com on the Safari browser on the iPad.

To use EZLynx from an iPad, the iPad browser settings need to be set to accept cookies:

  • Go to the iPad’s Settings
  • Choose Safari
  • Then Privacy settings
  • and allow cookies

You can also download the Google Chrome app for your iPad as well.  This will allow you the same access and features as the Safari browser.

Where are Quote Scenarios?

To find the Quote Scenarios page, go to the Finish tab on any EZLynx application, then click the Submit to Carriers button.  The next page is the Quote Scenarios page.

Quote Scenarios allow you to obtain up to three additional quotes for coverages different than the coverages you chose in the application.  Simply check the Option 1, Option 2 and/or Option 3 boxes at the top of those columns, and select the coverage values from the drop-down boxes below each option.

Quote Scenarios are optional. If you’d like to receive a quote for only the coverage values you selected within the application, simply leave the Option 1, 2 and/or 3 boxes unchecked. Click Continue at the bottom of the page to proceed. For help submitting one of these coverage options to the carrier site, click HERE.

To remove the Quote Scenarios page from your quoting, go to the Settings tab, and choose EZLynx Preferences.  Set “Skip Quote Scenarios Page” to YES and click the Save button at the bottom of the page. Review the EZLynx Quote Scenarios FAQs guide for more info!

How Do I Change My Password?

Simply hover over the Settings Icon on the left, then click “Change Password” to change your EZLynx password.  Please note:  The password is case sensitive.

If you need to change your password but do not know your current password simply log out and use the “Forgot your password?” link on the login screen to request a link that is sent via email, this allows you to set a new password without entering in the current password.

Why Does My Username and Password Work on the Carrier Site, but Not in EZLynx?

First, go directly to the carrier site, and log in there. Be sure to enter the password, and not allow it to pre-fill for you. If the login does not work at the carrier site, it will not work in EZLynx.  If the carrier site displays a message that your password is about to expire, you will need to go ahead and update the password, then set the new information in EZLynx.

Once you are able to log directly into the carrier site, go to the Settings tab in EZLynx, then Carrier Logins. Simply click the Clear button, then Add/Set and enter your carrier username and password. Once you have a successful login set, which is indicated by a green checkmark, you can submit quotes to the carrier.