Responsive Websites get a Better Response

EZLynx Agency WebsitesIt’s no secret that digital marketing plays a huge role for both consumers and agencies. In 2014, IIABA conducted a marketing study with shocking results – a staggering 50% of all insurance shoppers start their search through a mobile device. Clearly, it’s important to not only have a web presence, but a web presence that is optimized with a responsive, mobile-ready design.

For starters, if you don’t have a website at all, your customers and potential customers are simply not going to be able to find you.  Furthermore, with the latest mobile emphasis that Google is placing in their search results, if you don’t have a responsive website, you’ll potentially be missing out on 50% of insurance shoppers online! This is a common mistake agencies make, but luckily it’s one of the easiest to fix.

From the same IIABA study, over half of the consumers that visited an agent’s website from their mobile device immediately left if the site was not mobile friendly. If your website is not mobile responsive, consumers will quickly find a website that is.  Imagine if your local grocery store put all of their products on shelves that were out of reach.  Would you keep going there?

It’s no different online. At the end of the day, the agent that makes the insurance shopping experience as painless as possible will win the most new business. Simply making your website responsive could help retain this extra traffic your site is trying so hard to generate for you.

How many phone numbers and addresses has your agency had over the past 5 or 10 years? Over time agencies end up in multiple locations, with multiple ways to get in contact with them. The more ways someone can get in touch with you, the better, right? Not according to Google.  The search engine places a lot of value on providing accurate and official information on the first page of their search results. Thus, having your contact information consistent on multiple directories across the web helps search engines confirm where and how to locate your agency. This simple adjustment could mean the difference from just a few leads a month to multiple leads on a daily basis.

So, who knows your customers better than you? The best way to understand where your agency’s web presence stands, is to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Get on a mobile device and see how easy it is to find yourself. How easy is it to get a quote or get in contact with your agency? Does it take seconds or minutes?  Is your website even mobile friendly?

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