New to EZLynx Marketplace: Velocify LeadManager Integration

Velocify joins EZLynx Marketplace to help agents supercharge conversion rates

EZLynx Marketplace and Velocify

Velocify and EZLynx are excited to announce an integration of their industry leading solutions to power effective and productive consumer response strategies. By combining the sales automation  effectiveness of Velocify with EZLynx, insurance agencies can gain a significant competitive advantage.Today’s Insurance buyers are far more educated and demanding, obtaining quotes from multiple insurance carriers and making decisions quickly. In this high velocity, highly competitive buying environment, speed of response by insurance agents has become a major driver of success.

Velocify and EZLynx on their own drastically improve speed and productivity, but together provide even greater conversion horsepower. With Velocify, insurance agents can rapidly respond to, nurture and convert more leads into sales. EZLynx generates accurate, real-time rate quotes across multiple carriers within seconds. Combined, the two solutions enable agents to rapidly respond and instantly quote inquiring buyers for a consistently better buying experience.

Take LeadManager even further with Velocify DialIQ™, which brings speed and efficiency to your agents, significantly improving time-to-contact, call volume, and productivity. Dial-IQ provides teams with a host of outbound dialing and inbound handling features to drive improved productivity, effectiveness, and sales conversion:

  • Phone-Based Lead Routing
  • Outbound Cloud Dialing
  • Inbound Call Handling
  • Call Insights

To learn more about Velocify, visit If you already use Velocify LeadManager, find out how you can take advantage of this powerful integration with EZLynx by calling 877-932-2382.

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