New Email Campaign Enhancements Coming Soon

New Communication Center TabAfter the holidays, as you start to prepare your marketing efforts for the new year, those of you that have our EZLynx Marketing Campaigns product will see a few changes. To begin with, you will soon find a new icon in EZLynx. This updated menu will be your hub for everything related to your email campaign settings, templates, and campaign status.

Enhanced Design & Content Library

One of the concerns we frequently heard from agents is that they don’t have the time or expertise to design professional email campaigns, as well as come up with engaging content that their customers and prospects would want to read.

We have started to solve this challenge by building a design and content library that can be inserted into any email campaign. Choose from a library of categorized designs and simply click to insert the layout into your new campaign or template. With over 200 articles, it’s easy to build a newsletter, sales email, weather alert, or safety tip from scratch. The editor has also been enhanced to include common customization options such as font type, font size, background color, image upload, and more.

Design LibraryBest of all, you can insert these pre-written content samples completely independent from your design selection. The content is inserted wherever you place your cursor, making it easy to mix and match design and content.

Once you have inserted sample content into your template, you can easily edit the content to meet your specific needs. For example, you may want to add a link to your website, or you may want to include some additional content that is specific to your local community.

Shared Template Library

Another concern that many of our users have today is that we have two completely separate campaign tools – one for sending out bulk email blasts, and another one for sending out campaigns to individual applicants.

New Campaign WorkflowWhile the ability to put an individual recipient on an email campaign has not changed, starting in late December all campaigns will being using one common template library. Not only will this clear up some confusion about the two functions, but it will also open up new features, such as the ability to send a multi-step (“Drip”) campaign to a single applicant or a bulk list of recipients.

The new campaign workflow makes it possible to build these single or multi-step campaigns on the fly, and you can quickly toggle between each step in the series.

Greater Visibility

With a unified email campaign platform, you will be able to see exactly what communications are being sent out by your agency. See which emails are coming up, what has recently gone out, and get an estimate on how effective each campaign was by tracking open rates.

Campaign Overview

What’s Next

Communication is essential to running a successful business.  This first update will lay the foundation for where we want to take our email campaign tool next year.  From list building to powerful automation, we know that the more effectively you can communicate with your clients, the more productive you will be.

We will send out a notification to our current Marketing Campaign customers once we begin the migration process to this new tool to ensure that all of your existing templates are moved over.

Need help getting your templates set up or planning your email marketing strategy for 2016? We may be able to help with that too…

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