Agency Profile: Phil Klein Insurance Group

Phil Klein Insurance GroupPhil Klein Insurance Group opened in Bloomfield Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, during the 2008 recession. Even in an area hardest hit by the economic downturn and unemployment, Phil Klein has managed to grow his book of business to $3.5 million in six years. He accomplished this feat through hard work, dedication, and utilizing EZLynx technology to improve the customer service and productivity of his agency.

Klein learned the business as a captive agent, but three years later he decided to open Phil Klein Insurance Group as an independent insurance agency. Through a digital strategy, streamlined agency processes, and extensive use of EZLynx, Klein built his agency during a challenging economic time.

“I was using two different systems; EZLynx for rating and another vendor for management, but I was only using 30% of the features available in my management system,” explains Klein. Klein realized he was paying for a costly management system with features his agency never used, and his staff was tied-up in expensive, time-consuming training, which took resources away from new business and customer service.

In 2013, Klein made the switch to EZLynx Management System. “I found that it gave me not only a better management system but also a better value for my agency’s dollar,” he explains. “EZLynx gives us the ability to use one system that is easy to use, performs all functions, and is a true Internet-based system.”

This gave Klein the freedom to focus on growing his business rather than just running the system. “What sets it apart from other management systems is its ability to incorporate cutting edge technology in a management system with an understanding of the direction in which technology is taking the 21st century agency,” Klein adds.

He uses the integrated bulk messaging tool to promote new products and for cross-sell campaigns. His staff can quickly run the day-to-day activities and be proactive in helping current customers, especially during renewals.

The integrated management system frees Klein to focus more of his time on growing and retaining business. Knowing that social media is a popular method of communication, Klein utilizes a digital marketing strategy focused on Facebook to target leads in his area. “We have seen a dramatic rise in the amount of quotes being submitted through the Consumer Quoting Facebook App and it has led to numerous sales,” says Klein.

To increase customer service and retention, Klein uses the consumer facing EZLynx Client Center. “Many of my clients have already been using it and the response has been overwhelmingly positive,” says Klein. “Clients love the fact that they have 24/7 access to their insurance information.” He had used a similar product through his previous management system, but found that it was challenging for the customers to use.

For Klein, the move to a digital focus did not just apply to communicating with his consumers, but pertained to his staff, too. “Since it is a truly Internet-based system, you can be anywhere in the world and on any type of device and have complete access to your virtual agency. All you need is an Internet connection,” Klein explained.

With about 70 percent of his business in personal lines, Klein and his staff interact with many customers in the local community. Having access to the agency’s full information in the cloud from anywhere with an Internet connection is just another way Klein offers his customers that personal touch that only an independent agent can provide.

At a challenging time, Klein laid a solid foundation for his agency, streamlined his processes, and provides online customer service for the modern insurance consumer. “EZLynx gives my agency the ability to interact with my clients through multiple lines of communication; phone, email, text message, or social media. It gives me the ability to stay in contact with my clients and promote new products and features through bulk campaigns. It also serves as an invaluable tool for my agents; it makes their job easier and allows them to be more organized which in turn increases productivity and gives me a great recruiting tool. EZLynx is the most highly-advanced management system on the market.” – Phil Klein (Personal Interview, 2014)

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