How EZLynx Consumer Quoting Benefits Your Business

Online shopping has become exponentially more popular in recent years. Even when people purchase products in person or over the phone, they usually start by doing research online to find out what’s available and what it costs. Then, once they have decided what to buy, they will go ahead and make the purchase. Because of this trend, our EZLynx Consumer Quoting portal is more helpful than ever for growing your business.

Most people know that they can get different rates from different insurance carriers, so they want to gather as many quotes as possible before making their decision. They may even compare the cost of purchasing insurance directly through the carrier to purchasing through an independent agent like you. Therefore, you need to make it easy for people to find the information they want to convince them that you can get them the best rates.

Our EZLynx Consumer Quoting portal is designed to integrate easily into your website, especially if you’re already using our EZLynx Agency Website service. When potential customers visit your website, they’ll be able to enter information about their vehicles directly into the consumer portal and obtain quotes from all the carriers you use without ever leaving your site. Having quotes available on your site means people will be much more likely to stick around to make a purchase.

We designed our consumer portal to be streamlined and simple to use by incorporating several features that consumers love. For example, we have optimized forms that allow people to fill in their information very quickly. Our vehicle pre-fill feature even uses the information entered early on to look up the specifics of the vehicles consumers may be interested in insuring. These features increase the likelihood that consumers will go all the way through the process of getting a quote.

Once people have obtained a quote, we make it easy for you to follow up. The information consumers enter goes into the EZLynx Management System to help you manage your work flow. We’ll also help you send automated marketing emails to encourage consumers to get a new quote if they do not make a purchase on their initial visit. If they don’t finish the process of requesting a quote through the consumer portal, we can also send automatic emails to remind them to come back and finish up. In addition, our analytics tools make it easy for you to see at a glance what types of people are requesting quotes and where they’re coming from, so you can better target your advertising.

When you’re looking to provide a valuable service to people shopping for car insurance, EZLynx Consumer Quoting is the way to go. We the first to create a powerful consumer quoting portal for insurance, and we are continually improving it to keep you on the cutting edge.

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