Feeling trapped? Find out how one agent found freedom with EZLynx Management System

Brian Burns, owner of Compass Insurance Group in Denver Colorado, recently sat down with us to talk about his experience migrating to EZLynx Management System.  We have heard from our customers for many years now that there is a growing feeling in our industry of being permanently chained to your existing management system.  The sad truth is, it’s intentional that you find yourself in this situation.  The AMS companies that have long dominated the industry have as part of their business strategy made it very difficult for an agency to move to another system for one simple reason: If you must continue using them as your management system, then they can charge you anything they want.  If you have any doubt, just check your bill.

“I felt trapped,” says Burns. And he’s not alone. A big part of that feeling comes from the fear that many management systems have worked to instill in their customers. “I get the fear because I felt it too,” he goes on. “They make it very difficult to get your data. That’s where they try to trap you. They say you can have your data, but they also say it’s encrypted and you have to pay us for it, and we wont give you a drop of support, and you know, good luck.”

These companies have realized that with this data, your business is on the line, and they are often quick to play that card.  It was no different for Burns. “Even though it’s your data, they make you feel like it’s not.”

When EZLynx released our Management System, we knew that our rating customers were going to have a hard time moving to our new system.  With our features, customer service, and price point, many agents wanted to, but they felt that, like Burns, they couldn’t. “I felt trapped by my management system, and it frustrated me,” says Burn. “You’re either going to give in to the fear and frustration that is associated with your old system, or you’re going to turn around and refuse to be frustrated anymore.”

For Burns, his confidence in EZLynx paid off. “I can’t believe there was any resistance at first, because it has been an overwhelming success for us,” says Burns.

However, as a company, helping agents break free from the chains of their old management system is only the first challenge. More importantly, we have worked hard to make sure EZLynx Management System is worth it for our customers, and if we don’t think it is, we won’t sell it. “They took their time to evaluate my data and make a true recommendation,” Burns continues. “If they felt like it wasn’t a good fit, they were willing to tell me that, and I know they’ve told people that before.”

We also realize that independent agents have to be agile and streamlined.  EZLynx is more than a comparative rater, and it’s more than a management system.  EZLynx is a full customer lifecycle suite that can help bring all your various tools together into one cost effective, seamless platform. “They actually developed our website, and we have quarterly meetings with them to make sure that it’s performing the way we want it to,” says Burns.

Part of being streamlined is also controlling your costs. “Every time I added a new employee, I would have to buy a new license and there would be a big upfront cost, and then that monthly cost would be tacked on,” he says. “With EZLynx, I don’t feel like they penalize you for growing. They want me to grow, just like I want them to grow.”

We have also put a lot of focus on making EZLynx Management System as user-friendly as possible.  If you already use EZLynx Rating Engine, then you already have a head start.  “There wasn’t a lot of training needed, and that’s a compliment to EZLynx because it’s very user friendly,” Burns remarks. “If there are certain things that you just don’t get, they have classes for them. I also love the live chat support where I can have someone answer my questions with just a few clicks.”

There’s a reason that EZLynx was the first comparative rater for independent insurance agents to the market over 10 years ago – Our goal from the beginning has always been to make an agents life easier through innovation. “If it doesn’t have a feature that is critical to your agency, I can tell you through experience that it will be there within a few months,” says Burns.

“Hands down, EZLynx is the best management system out there, and I guess it’s as simple as that.”

Watch the full video of Brian Burns here

Brian Burns is owner of Compass Insurance Group in Denver, Colorado.  Compass has been an EZLynx customer since 2004 and uses EZLynx to rate and manage their book of business of over $10M and over 5,000 customers.


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