EZLynx Showcases EZLynx 5, The Latest Advancement in Comparative Insurance Quoting

In 2003, EZLynx pioneered comparative rating. The industry leader in insurance software is now ushering in the next evolution in real-time quoting.

LEWISVILLE, Texas. (October 21, 2019) – EZLynx, one of the leading providers of software solutions for independent insurance agencies and the #1 Comparative Rater on the market, showcased EZLynx 5, the newest innovation in real-time insurance quoting. EZLynx 5 enables users to generate complete and accurate auto and home insurance quotes from multiple carriers quickly, intuitively, and efficiently. The new product was demonstrated live during the Keynote Address at the third EZLynx AgentLynx User Conference in Fort Worth, Texas.

Key product features of EZLynx 5 include:

  • Rate Estimator
    • The feature enables users to see estimated premiums in real-time throughout the rating process, giving agents an indication of where the premium might fall before formally submitting the application to carriers.
  • Graph views for quote results
    • EZLynx 5 quote results are presented in a dynamic, easy-to-interpret graph view with color cues to differentiate Auto and Home results. The graph views combine the results into a single bar and annualizes premium for quicker evaluation.
  • Mobile friendly
    • Available from a desktop, tablet, or phone, EZLynx 5 Rating enables agents to generate real-time home and auto insurance quotes on-the-go, entirely from a mobile device.
  • Carrier management
    • A new, singular workflow for managing carrier-related information enables users to set defaults for Carrier Questions, further streamlining the quoting process.
  • Quote templates
    • Pre-filled information enhances efficiency and ensures consistency and accuracy across every application.
  • Applicant import
    • The applicant import feature enables users to quickly import customer information and compare existing and new data to derive the final applicant file.
  • Google Maps integration
    • The Google Maps feature estimates address information and enables agents to obtain a high-level overview of an applicant’s location while zeroing in on relevant property details, such as whether the applicant has a pool on the property, that may be important for generating an accurate quote.
  • Intelligent prefills
    • Defaults for EZLynx- and Carrier-specific fields simplify the quoting process by prefiling the fields that agents need and hiding those that are less imperative.

The newest innovation from EZLynx enables agents to complete the application process more quickly, seamlessly, and intuitively and generate real-time quotes that are both accurate and comprehensive. EZLynx 5 is the latest innovation in the EZLynx suite of products that provides agents with the tools they need to better serve their clients and remain ahead of the curve in today’s evolving marketplace.

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