Conquered: The Data Migration Challenge

A common concern we encounter from our customers is the risk of losing their data when moving to a new management system. As you amass more information, maintaining your data becomes increasingly important. EZLynx has developed a proven process to help our customers migrate their data to EZLynx Management System – a process in which our customers have been happy to talk about. Nothing is left behind due to EZLynx’s effective conversion process.


When you’ve opted for data transfer, EZLynx maintains constant contact with your team. Your data is customized into a conversion plan suited to your unique needs. EZLynx’s success is based on our customer’s happiness, and all of our actions are directed towards protecting your data.

The Data Back-up

Once you have contacted your previous vendor, we streamline your files for conversion. Many formats are covered.

Using Old System Downloads

Additionally, all of your previous downloads will remain in your old system. In the event of a backup emergency, you’ll already have access to historical files. Once EZLynx has begun its process, your attachments, notes, reminders and tasks will be similarly logged. After this, information forwarded to EZLynx will be recorded.

The Conversion Process

EZLynx Data Conversion ProcessWithin eight weeks, your files are tested, cleaned up, reviewed and successfully converted to our system. As your data is analyzed, everything is accounted for, and you’ll be kept informed throughout the entire process.

Sample batch conversions are used to maintain accuracy, and any missing information is generated within a list by referencing current data.

With such a process, full visibility provides an enhanced approach to data migration. Any areas needing attention are discussed before total conversion, reducing any chance of “faulty” conversions. Quality verification is signed off on, and the process is never deemed “finished” until your word grants it.

Vanquishing Fear with Knowledge

Our time-tested-and-true processes guard your data throughout the conversion process, removing inconsistencies while safeguarding it from loss. This is just one of many reasons why we consistently achieve customer satisfaction scores over 95% year in and year out!

“My biggest concern was ‘Will my data convert?’, and I’ve got to tell you, EZLynx was there every step of the way. We had a pre-conference call with how the whole conversion process would work and they made me feel very comfortable. Throughout the entire process my EZLynx representative was always there to guide me through… Everything that EZLynx promised that I would get, I got it and better.”

-Phil Klein, Phil Klein Insurance Group

It may be time to make the change. After all, once a fear has been realized and logically countered, there isn’t much room left for fear itself, is there? Leave a comment below, or take a look at our Data Conversion overview for more information.

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