Save Time Processing Endorsements with Automatic Change Request Confirmation


The EZLynx philosophy is simple: Find places where agencies are spending too much time accomplishing a task, and then develop a way for software to give that time back.

Automatic Change Request Confirmation is the latest feature to deliver on this promise. EZLynx believes that agencies spend too much time processing endorsement requests. Yes, endorsement requests are important, but the larger your agency grows, the more time-consuming and costly this activity becomes. Between gathering information from your customers about the request, documenting and sending them to the carrier, receiving the policy change download and communicating back to customers, agencies are spending a tremendous amount of time and money.

On the front end, EZLynx Client Center already provides insureds with an easy, online way to submit policy change requests any time of day or night. Now, Automatic Change Request Confirmation focuses on reducing the time and effort spent on the final steps in the process.



How does it work?

Automatic Change Request Confirmation automatically compares downloaded policy changes against the change requests, as entered, to confirm their accuracy. If everything matches, it automatically confirms the change request for you and closes it out.

If the system detects discrepancies between the policy change processed by the carrier and the changes originally requested, the feature automatically generates a task in EZLynx, alerting you that the policy needs a closer review.



Either way, your staff spends less time reviewing and completing endorsement requests!

Automatic Change Request Confirmation is priceless when it comes to change management with commercial policies, where even the tiniest mistake can be costly.

A feature like this one also holds particular value for agencies experiencing growth and looking to scale their operation accordingly. When software automates repetitive, resource-consuming tasks, the entire staff is freed up to accomplish more. One agency who participated in the beta phase for this feature was able to cut down its endorsement processing time by 45%! With such a substantial portion of their change requests now being confirmed automatically, agents were able to refocus their time on revenue-generating activities.

Because Automatic Change Request Confirmation further streamlines the overall endorsement process, clients also reap the benefit of a smoother, more timely experience with your agency.

The four key pillars of improving agency Productivity, Serviceability, Scalability, and Profitability are at the core of EZLynx. These pillars shape the way we innovate and drive us to improve the businesses and lives of our customers. When we simplify the complex change request process—one area of focus at a time—we help agencies like yours accomplish more, faster.


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