How to Win the Game of Digital Marketing

Grow Your Insurance Agency with Digital Marketing

“Winning” in today’s always-online culture means insurance agents need to leverage every facet of digital marketing to reach their agency’s full growth potential. Expanding your marketing campaigns to digital channels can be a real game-changer in the insurance industry. And you don’t have to hire a digital marketing agency to execute your strategy. There are many things you can do on your own.

To tap into the power of online marketing, though, you’ll need to understand what it is. Digital marketing is any aspect of your agency’s marketing efforts that takes place online. The goal of digital marketing is driving traffic to your website to generate new sales leads, increase sales with current customers, and build brand awareness and loyalty.

How can you do this effectively? By knowing where to focus your digital marketing game plan. Some online channels you should pay special attention to are:

  • Website

    Having a modern, user-friendly website is central to your digital marketing strategy. A simple-to-use website with fresh content optimized for different browsers and mobile devices helps build trust in your services to attract new clients and keep current customers coming back.

  • Content Marketing

    Having an appealing and user-friendly website is a great start. But you’ll still need to build on it. Content marketing delivers information (content) to a targeted audience that is helpful, useful, or even entertaining. It’s a great way to strengthen relationships with prospects and clients. Content marketing isn’t about selling but a way to build loyalty and bring prospects closer to a purchase.

  • Customer Reviews

    Most customers start by checking your online reviews, which can have an outsize impact on whether a prospect goes with your agency or another. Reviews can even affect your search results ranking, so It’s critical to have a way to generate five-star ratings from satisfied clients.

  • Email Marketing

    Email helps you bring in new customers and maintain relationships with current clients to keep them using your services. To take full advantage of email marketing, you’ll need software that lets you save time and stay organized with automation and pre-loaded email templates your agency can use out of the box.

  • Digital Advertising & Search Engine Optimization

    Digital advertising, also know as pay-per-click or PPC, via paid ads on Google and social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook lets you use demographic, location, and profile information to market to the audience most likely to be interested in your agency. This pinpointed advertising method can give you an excellent return for every dollar you spend on your marketing plan.

    Another excellent way to up your insurance marketing game is to optimize your website for search engines so that potential clients can easily find your brand. This is referred to as search engine optimization or SEO. Putting content on your website that includes keywords and terms that people search for on sites like Google and Bing is one of the first steps. Just be sure you don’t overuse SEO keyword terms since that can result in a poor showing in the search engine results. Additionally, you can optimize your website metadata page titles and descriptions. There are search engine optimization tools and applications you can use to help you optimize your website.

  • Social Media

    Social media campaigns are another effective way to get the word out about your brand. To fully capitalize on social media marketing, you’ll need to set up an agency business page on each social media platform.

There’s always more to learn about how to win with digital marketing. For more information on insurance agency marketing and a list of 9 questions to ensure you’re taking advantage of every online marketing channel’s potential, read our Digital Marketing EZGuide.