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EZLynx develops leading insurance software solutions such as comparative raters & agency management systems.

EZLynx® pioneered the concept of real-time comparative rating and has evolved into a powerhouse of continuous technological innovation. Cloud-based EZLynx agency management system has received instant acclaim for its easy-to-use interface, real-world application, and agency efficiency.

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EZLynx Rating Engine

EZLynx is the industry leader in comparative rating

It all starts with EZLynx Rating Engine. Get accurate, live rates in real-time, everywhere you go. Think of it as a personal liaison between your agency and all your appointed carriers.

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Customers can get accurate quotes, instantly, right on your website

Consumer Quoting is your direct connection to the online insurance shopper by allowing consumers to get a quote directly on your website.

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The addition of consumer analytics brings additional features to the quoting experience such as shortened forms, incomplete data, analytics, vehicle pre-fill, and Facebook quoting.

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Agency Management Systems

Run your agency from anywhere, with this cloud based, easy-to-use interface

EZLynx Management System allows agents to maximize client acquisition and client servicing - the full client life cycle demanded by today’s fully involved insurance agent. Find each of your EZLynx customer’s quotes, policies, and documents in one place and easily manage them from anywhere with our web-based software.

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Customers find what they need on your website and no longer call for small requests

Give your clients access to print policy documents, request policy changes, and share confidential documents easily and securely online 24/7.

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EZLynx Client Center

EZLynx Marketing Campaigns

Set up email campaigns directly from EZLynx or Microsoft® Outlook

Email campaigns help you stay connected and communicate to customers and prospects. Manage or edit your campaigns and set touch-points directly from EZLynx.

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Get noticed online, with an agency website that responds to the size of any device

Enjoy seamless integration for your website with products like EZLynx Consumer Quoting and EZLynx Client Center, enhancing the overall consumer experience.

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EZLynx Marketplace

Shop for add-ons to enhance EZLynx solutions

EZLynx Marketplace was created to integrate with additional software that can enhance the already powerful EZLynx line of products. Start shopping today and plug in apps that aid with accounting, bulk email marketing, and more.

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