What’s New in EZLynx 4.18.03


  • New! EZLynx Rating (Beta)
    • Actions Menu to Manage Risk Information Controls
    • Convert Risk Information into Manual Policies
    • Quote with Carriers who Use an Assumed Score
    • Ability to Set User Preferences
  • New! Edit Policy Downloads (Beta)
    • Supplement Information in the Policy Download
    • Automatically Sync User Edits with the Download
    • Maintain Version History
    • Option to Restore Original Carrier Download at Any Point in Time
    • Use Policy Compare to Review Both Versions of Each Transaction
    • Automatic or Manual Confirmation of Change Requests
  • Policy History (Beta)
    • Update Policy Download Transaction Order
    • View Sub LOB Column
  • New! Package Policy Forms (Beta)
    • Forms Grouped by Category: Policy Service, Proof of Insurance, and Applications
    • Certificates Workflow Now Supports Package Policies
    • Claims Forms Available
  • Commercial Policy Entry
    • Enhancements for Small Farm & Ranch Commercial Policy Entry
  • Import Commission Statements Enhancement (Beta)
    • Step by Step Wizard Makes the Import Easier than Ever
    • Commission Statement Enhancements
      • Commissions Menu
      • Commission Statements page
      • Export
      • Edit Columns
      • Bulk Finalize Commission Statements
  • eSignature
    • EZLynx Updates the Organization & User Information and Status in AssureSign
    • Resend Expired and Cancelled Envelopes
    • Activity is Now Stored for eSignature Email Bodies
  • Sales Center
    • Now available to agencies with branches

The Risk Info for Quoting grid gets rid of clutter with a new actions menu. Further, we have streamlined the process to create manual policies using information from the Risk Info for Quoting data already in the EZLynx Rater.

Actions Menu to Manage Risk Information Controls

To organize the Risk Info controls, we have added an Actions menu. In addition to reducing clutter, it provides an intuitive way to view and interact with every available option for your risk information.

Convert Risk Information into Manual Policies

Using the EZLynx Rater, you have already entered most of the information needed to create a policy. Now you can simply go to the Line of Business in the Risk Info section and convert the information directly into a manual policy; there’s no need for double entry.

Select Convert To Policy, and enter the policy information.


Click Add & Edit Policy, and you will be directed to that policy’s manual entry screens.

From here you will find the policy is pre-populated with the data from the risk application you converted.

Quote with Carriers who Use an Assumed Score

EZLynx now highlights the carriers who use an assumed score in our rating platform. There are no changes to the quoting process. Users will simply see a new tab called Results with Assumed Score on the quote results page.

In the Primary Results section, our system will display the quote results from carriers who use a true credit score. Switch from the Primary Results to the Results with Assumed Score tabs to see quote results from carriers who don’t use a true credit score.

Ability to Set User Preferences

By default, our system categorizes the results as Primary Results and Results with Assumed Score. However, each user can set their preferences on how the quote results are displayed.

To Update Display Preferences:

  • Hover over the Settings icon, and select EZLynx Preferences.
  • At Show All Quotes in One Section, select Yes or No.
  • Select Yes to display the quotes from all carriers in one section.
  • Select No to separate the quotes based on the respective carrier category.

Supplement Information in the Policy Download

Users are now able to supplement information in policy downloads from carrier. Users are not able to change the information the carrier downloads, but can supplement them. EZLynx automatically syncs the additional information with all future downloaded transactions. Initially, this feature is available for only Auto Commercial policies. Stay tuned as we plan to extend this feature for all other lines.

For Commercial Auto policies, users can fill in missing information for vehicles, drivers, coverages, additional interest, and generic information for insureds.


Automatically Sync User Edits with the Download

When a new transaction downloads for a manually entered policy, our system automatically compares the two transactions (existing manual transaction vs. new download transaction) and carries forward your supplemented data to the new download.

You can view a system generated version for the new download.

This enables you to preserve all the underwriting information you added in your manual policy.

Workflow to Manage Synced Transactions:

  • First, a user enters a manual new business transaction.
  • The new business download arrives.
  • EZLynx automatically syncs all the policy information between the manual and download transactions.
  • A new version is created with the automatically merged data.
  • At this point, EZLynx deletes the manual new business transaction since there is an auto-merged version. You can still access the new business manual transaction by checking Show Deleted Transactions at the top right of the History page.


Maintain Version History


With this feature, our system will maintain versions at every transaction level. Once user edits a manual or downloaded transaction, system will save a version with the information of who edited it and when was it edited.

For downloaded transactions, the original downloaded transaction from the carrier will be left untouched and any subsequent changes made by the user will saved as a version and that version becomes the latest image of the transaction.

Option to Restore Original Carrier Download at Any Point in Time

At any time a user can restore any previous version as the current version for a transaction. Once you restore the original version, our system applies all the original version’s details to the policy transaction.


Use Policy Compare to Review Both Versions of Each Transaction

To easily understand the differences between two policy versions, EZLynx offers Policy Compare.

To use Policy Compare:

  •  Locate the applicant’s Policies grid from the Overview screen.
  • Click policy Actions link on right, and select Compare.
  • At Version 1, choose a transaction.
  • At Version 2, select a different transaction for the same policy.

Automatic or Manual Confirmation of Change Requests

We are also introducing the ability to automatically confirm change requests leveraging this new auto-sync process.

Process to Auto-sync Change Requests:

  • First, a user creates a change request for a downloaded policy.
  • Next, the carrier sends a policy change download.
  • EZLynx automatically compares the change request with the new policy change download.
    • If there are no differences between the two, we automatically confirm the change request.
      • The confirmed change request is attached as a version for the policy change download.
    • If we could not automatically confirm due to few minor differences, then the user has the option to manually confirm the change request.

Manual Confirmation of Change Requests:

  • A user must review the differences via Policy Compare.
  • Simply click Confirm for a change request.
    • EZLynx attaches that change request as a version for the policy change download.

Update Policy Download Transaction Order

This new feature gives a user the ability to re-sort the policy transaction history when a transaction is in the wrong order.

An Overview of Policy Download Transaction Order:

  • Several policy download transactions arrive at once.
  • Some transactions may be filed in the incorrect order.
    • For instance, a cancellation transaction and reinstatement transaction download on the same day. If placed out of order, the cancellation make the policy inactive when it should be active.
    • This release now allows a user to readjust the transaction order.

To Reprocess a Policy’s Download History:

  • The Applied Date must be the same for multiple policy download transactions.
  •  Then you will see a new button, Reorder History.
  • Important! Manual policies are excluded at this time.
  • When you click Reorder History, rows with the same Applied Date display a hamburger icon on the left.
  • To move a transaction:
  • Locate where it appears on the grid, then click and drag it to the correct position.
  • After placing all transactions in the correct order, click Save History.
    • A pop-up question appears when you replace an inactive, in-force transaction.
      • Select Yes, and the policy will become active.
      • Choose No, and the policy will become inactive.
      • Refresh the screen to see the new Policy History view.
    • Otherwise, EZLynx automatically maintains the policy status.
  • Please note: After saving your change, the policy is reprocessed, and the update should take a few seconds. Occasionally, however, depending on the size of the policy download transaction, it could take up to 24 hours to complete reprocessing.


View Sub LOB Column

EZLynx is now focused on more specific line of business mapping. For instance, a homeowner policy download can consist of a condo, renters, home or dwelling fire coverage. Another example is when a motorcycle policy downloads as a personal auto policy. In an effort to clarify the specific type of coverage, we added a SubLOB column to the Policies grid on the applicant Overview page. Update display preferences by clicking Edit Columns.

Additionally, a user can also view the SubLOB column from the Policy or Claims Transactions page and the Policy History or Policy Claims screens.


Forms Grouped by Category: Policy Service, Proof of Insurance, and Applications

EZLynx has updated the Forms link to include a shortened list of forms displayed by category to make it easier to locate a specific form quickly.

These categories are:

  • Policy Service
    • These forms are used to service the policy. The Policy Change Request form displays for commercial policies.
  • Proof of Insurance
    • Certificates according to the policy LOB, including personal and commercial ID Cards.
  • (Policies Grid) Applications
    • Instead of a long list of ACORD forms, now a user can access all ACORD forms associated with the policy under Applications.
  • (Applications Grid) Applications
    • This shortened forms list gives you access to Agency Forms, Agent/Broker Record of Change and Statement of No Loss.
  • View all forms redirects you to our ACORD library.

New Form Selection window

Simply click ACORD Applications, Agency Forms, or View All Forms to land on our new Form Selection screen.

  • Pre-Fill Info From
    • When chosen from a policy’s Forms link, the policy number will automatically display in the Pre-Fill Info From box.
    • To change, click the applicable drop-down to select another policy or an application.
  • ACORD Forms
    • Access the most current versions of ACORD forms.
    • Need a form with a different Version date? Then check the box Show Historical Versions.
    • Search by ACORD form number, name or version.
    • Filter by State, LOB, or Category.

  • Agency Forms
    • Access all Agency Forms templates.
    • Search for any form by name or document type.
    • Filter by the user who created the form.

  • Documents Library
    • Select from any documents already stored in the applicant’s Documents tab in EZLynx.
    • Search by document name or policy #.
    • Filter by document type or user who created the form.

  • Upload
    • Upload documents from your PC.
    • Drag-and-drop to upload for these form types: PDF, JPG, PNG or DOC.

  • Selected Documents
    • Click ACORD Applications to land on the Selected Documents tab.
    • Displays a list of documents matching the policy or application LOB.
    • Reorder the documents list two ways:
      • Use the hamburger icon to drag-and-drop.
      • Use the up or down arrows.
    • Click the trash can icon to remove a document from the list.
    • Click on any other tabs (ACORD Forms, Agency Forms, Document Library and Upload) at any time to add more documents to the Selected Documents tab.

Enhanced Forms Editor

Click Preview to open our new and improved Forms Editor.

  • Actions Menu
    • Find the Actions drop-down in the upper-right corner with more options.
  • eSignature
    • No need to save and leave the document and return to the Documents Library to distribute it! We added more ways to distribute the document, like eSignature, within the Forms Editor.
  • Add More Documents
    • Return to the Forms Selector to add a missed document(s) and/or reorder the documents.
  • Table of Contents
    • Notice a Table of Contents on the left.
    • Click any form name to review the form and make any changes.
    • The document appears with the applicant’s information in the middle window.
    • As a reminder, when one form is selected that is considered a subset of another, then EZLynx automatically adds that corresponding form (see image).

Certificates Workflow Now Supports Package Policies

When you create a master certificate, you can now select an applicable package policy from the Merge Policy list.

Claims Forms Available

From the Claims grid on the applicant Overview screen and the policy’s Claims tab, there is a new Forms link. The claims Forms link is available for downloaded claims or when you complete the manual entry screens, similar to manual and downloaded policies’ Forms link.

When generating a claims form, EZLynx automatically pre-fills the policy information.

Enhancements for Small Farm & Ranch Commercial Policy Entry

Small Farm & Ranch policies are intended for customers owning several acres of land with tax exemption benefits. EZLynx’s manual policy entry for Small Farm & Ranch provides most of what a user needs until Commercial Agriculture becomes a supported line of business.

EZLynx used these ACORD forms to develop the Small Farm & Ranch manual policy entry screens.

  1. ACORD 410 – Small Farm/Ranch Application
  2. ACORD 402 – Agriculture Property Section
  3. ACORD 403 – Agriculture Property Section – Scheduled and Unscheduled Farm Personal Property
  4. ACORD 404 – Agriculture Liability Section
  5. ACORD 408 – Equine Liability Supplement

Any carrier who writes Farm & Ranch accepts the ACORD applications, along with their mandatory supplemental applications.

  • Insured Information tab
    • When adding an insured, No. of Members and Managers now remains on the screen for any selected Business Entity (corporation, LLC, etc…).

    • Users can now add more than four (4) Locations and Buildings.
      • The ACORD 410 allows up to four (4) locations and buildings. The remaining items will overflow to ACORD 402.
  • Premises Information tab
    • When adding a new premises, there is a new open text box field: Roof Type.
    • Note: This field does not exist for any Small Farm/Ranch and Agriculture ACORD forms. EZLynx added this for users’ convenience to document this information for claims purposes.
  • Coverage tab
    • We added descriptions around text boxes for clarification.

  • Policy Summary screen
    • On the Small Farm & Ranch Policy Summary, all locations listed on the policy now display under the Locations category.

    • We added a Coverage button under Categories Liability and Property Policy Level. Click to expand and review the entered coverage information.

General Bug Fixes

Finally, with the release we have also issued a bug fix to improve the data mappings for Small Farm & Ranch to ACORD Forms.

Step by Step Wizard Makes the Import Easier than Ever

We have streamlined the steps involved to import commission statements to make it easier for the users to complete the process and pay producers.

  • Step 1: Statement Summary
    • Select carrier name
    • Enter statement number, total premium, & commission amount
  • Step 2: Upload File
    • Upload the commission statement received from Carrier.
    • You can also download the approved CSV template.
  • Step 3: Map Column Headers
    • If using the approved CSV template, you’ll skip to final step.
    • If using a carrier specific template, update the mappings.
    • EZLynx automatically saves the mapping and remembers it for the next import.
  • Step 4: Review Imported Statement
    • Preview the entire file.
    •  Now make corrections and changes here on the screen!
  • Auto Update Corrections – EZLynx offers suggestions to correct transaction types and LOBs. For example, if New is set as the transaction type instead of New Business, our system flags it and a user can pick NBS – New Business from the list of transaction types. Now EZLynx locates all similar entries and makes corrections automatically.

EZTip: Choose Always Auto Update, so EZLynx remembers these corrections for future imports.

  • Similarly, when EZLynx doesn’t recognize a LOB code, a user can select from the list of recommended LOB codes.
  • Hit Finish to complete the import process.
  • EZLynx now searches to find the matching policies.

EZTip: Provide the line of business (LOB) information to help us find an accurate match.

Commission Statement Enhancements

  • Commissions Menu
    • All commissions-related features are now grouped under Commissions for the Policy Mgmt icon.
  • Commission Statements page

  • Export
    •  There is a new Export feature that enables a user to export a list of all commission statements. The export includes the statements header information, such as Statement #, Carrier name, Statement date, Premium, and Commission for every commission statement.
  • Edit Columns
    • Choose which columns to display on the commission statements page. Additionally, change the order of the columns as desired.
  • Ready to Finalize Statements
    • Our system flags Ready to Finalize statements for convenience. This occurs when the statement has $0 for both unmatched commission and unapplied cash.
  • Bulk Finalize Commission Statements
    • Select one or multiple statements to finalize and hit Finalize at top right.
    • EZLynx attempts to verify the statements have $0 for both unmatched commission and unapplied cash. If there is, then EZLynx highlights those statements.
    • From here, a user can choose to continue to finalize or open each statement to resolve the line items that have unmatched/unapplied cash.

EZLynx Updates the Organization & User Information and Status in AssureSign

Now, if an agency updates the name a branch or changes the status for a branch (i.e. marking them active or inactive) this information is correctly passed to AssureSign.

Updates to the User Information and Status in AssureSign

Similarly, this same information is now updated for users with respect to their names and email addresses.

Resend Expired and Cancelled Envelopes

In the February release we gave you the ability to resend pending envelopes with the envelope’s history intact. We have extended the same functionality to eSignature envelopes with either an expired or cancelled status.

When resending an expired or cancelled envelope, the system restarts the signing process and sends the envelope to the first recipient. Once the first signer submits their signatures, the envelope is sent to the next recipient, and so on.

We are also adding an entry in the envelope’s history to indicate who the envelope was resent to.

Please note: For agencies that Pay Per Use for eSignature, when you choose to resend an expired or cancelled eSignature envelope, a new charge is incurred.

Activity is Now Stored for eSignature Email Bodies

In an effort to maintain better records for E&O purposes, the email body you compose for an eSignature envelope appears as an activity in the applicant’s Activity page.

In the image above, we display the sender and recipient. The Envelope Name is also listed.

Updates to Producers Functionality in Workspace and Sales Center

As an enhancement to Sales Center branch support, when a user edits an opportunity in the workspace, the producer field is now dynamic.

If an admin at the main office creates an opportunity for an applicant at a branch, then the producer field populates the available producers at the respective branch. The same holds true when editing the producer on an opportunity within Sales Center.

This provides users with an easy way to manage producer assignments on opportunities in their organization.

This also includes a permission update to expand who can change producers on an opportunity. If an admin requests this feature, then basic Sales Center users can update producers. Please note: This permission allows the basic user to change the producer field for any opportunity.

Updates to Lead Source and Opportunity Source in Workspace

We have extended the lead source branch functionality to opportunities in the workspace and Sales Center. From EZLynx Settings, an admin has the option to Manage Lead Sources. Lead sources can be created for only a single branch or can be shared with other branches in your organization.

The Opportunity Source comes from the Lead Sources page. Sharing the same lead sources throughout the entire organization, makes it easy to report on opportunities and keeps the agency’s data consistent.

To Share any Lead Source:


  • Hover over EZLynx Settings.
  • Click Manage Lead Sources.
  • Check the box under Share with Agencies.
  • Now other agencies in your organization can select from these shared lead sources.

Delete Opportunity Option

Many users need to remove unnecessary opportunities that were added or need to remove duplicate opportunities. Therefore, we have added a new option in the Actions dropdown called Delete Opportunity.

Prior to deleting the opportunity, a prompt to confirm appears to ensure a user doesn’t mistakenly delete an opportunity.

Deleting an opportunity simply removes it from the pipeline. It has no negative impact on the agency’s close ratio.

Remove Matched Applicants in Sales Center Prospecting

In an effort to keep Sales Center Prospecting data clean, only true prospects appear in Prospecting. After importing a lead list, any prospects matched to applicants will no longer show up in Prospecting. The same holds true for prospects converted to applicants after an opportunity is created for them in Prospecting. This allows an agency to truly target only new prospects.

Opportunity Status Updates

To ensure consistent data in Sales Center and Sales Center repots, there are new Sales Center Settings. For any agency with Sales Center branch support, the Process Management tab is only available at the main office. This allow the main office to set statuses and maintain consistency throughout the organization. This change has no impact on organizations without branches.

Sales Center Filter Updates

EZLynx wants to provide agencies with a better picture of their Sales Center pipeline. Therefore, we added a few new areas to the Sales Center table view.

Users at the main office will now see an agency column and agency filter.

  • For users at the main office, the Agencies filter defaults to their specific agency.
  • To see additional agencies, simply add them to the filter.
  • To see all agencies, simply remove all the agencies from the Agencies filter.
    • The entire organization’s pipeline will load into Sales Center.

Organization ID Association with Opportunities

We have made adjustments to the organization ID (or agency) that is associated to the opportunity to include the agency where the applicant resides.

For example:

  • A user in the main office creates an opportunity for an applicant in a branch.
  • The user then assigns the opportunity to a producer in the branch.
  • Now the branch will be associated to the opportunity.

This eliminates an issue where users cannot access stranded opportunities.

User Can Access Opportunities in Branches

To enhance Sales Center branch support, admins in the main office can now see and interact with opportunities for their branches.

Bug Fixes

With this release we also addressed general bug issues impacting Sales Center performance and user experience. These include:

    1. When merging applicants, the opportunity is no longer orphaned. It will merge with the new applicant
    2. Delete an applicant and their opportunities will be removed as well.
    3. Add a note to multiple opportunities without the system duplicating the opportunities.

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Note: Articles older than March 2020 may no longer be relevant

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