What’s New in EZLynx 4.16.04

On May 6th, we introduced EZLynx 4.16.04 which included several exciting enhancements for Certificates, Agency Form Templates, Email Campaigns, MAP Underwriting Requests, and MORE!


  • Certificate Holder Redesign
  • Agency Forms
    • Support for Word Docs using Merge Fields
    • New mapping workflow to map merge fields to EZLynx fields
    • Added over 80 NEW fields available to merge
  • Automatic Matching for Imported Commission Statements
  • MAP Shared Credentials Enhancements
  • MAP Underwriting Requests (formerly called Messaging)
  • Advanced Email Signature Configuration for Campaigns



The Certificate Master workflow is even more efficient now by automatically pre-filling any interest holder information associated to the selected policies. The  interest holders screen has also been redesigned to include additional holder information applicable to the specific Certificate.

Let’s take a closer look at an example below…

  • This example is for the ACORD 25 – Certificate of Liability Insurance
  • The Certificate Holder Type now allows you to specify the Additional Insured and Waiver of Subrogation by line of business per holder

Cert Holder


Agency Forms

We’ve simplified our Agency Form Templates by adding a new mapping workflow, support for Word Docs, and over 80 NEW fields available to merge. These merge fields allow you to quickly pre-fill information into your agency forms regarding customer, policy, and/or agency details.

Access the Agency Form Templates Guide here

Managing Agency Forms

  • You can manage your Agency Forms by going to Settings > “Manage Form Templates”
    • Note: Existing forms now have the ability to edit the field mappings directly in EZLynx
  • Adding a new form is as simple as selecting Add Form Template, and uploading either a PDF or Docx file

Add Form Template

  • Selecting Save takes you to the Edit Field Mappings screen for you to select which EZLynx field matches your template field

Form Template Mapping


MAP (MGA) Underwriting Requests (formerly Messaging) – Updated UI and Enhancements

EZLynx Messaging has undergone several enhancements and is now called EZLynx Underwriting Requests.  This enhanced feature with its new user friendly and efficient design allows for Requests to be filtered by new time frames of 30 Days, 7 Days or Today.

Watch the MAP (MGA) Underwriting Request (formerly Messaging) UI Update webinar here

4-21-2016 11-49-01 AM

In addition, underwriting request list has been redesigned to enhance the capability to sort through many different filter. The search for a specific agency or agent’s request has been made more user friendly.

  • NEW Able to see the applicant EZContact box.

4-21-2016 11-52-37 AM

When viewing the premium request in the new layout, you can change the request status, alter the premium, view past messages and remove underwriters. Also, you can add multiple attachments that automatically save to the applicant’s Documents tab.

4-21-2016 11-54-09 AM

The enhancements continue with a new Carrier Logins page. In Carrier Logins under Settings, admins can now manage the shared carrier logins instead of going to the admin key icon to the profiles tab. When setting state specific carrier logins, you now MUST set a default login before being allowed to set the specific state logins.

4-21-2016 11-56-19 AM


4-21-2016 12-16-28 PM

EZLynx Management System – Commissions

  • Updated auto-mapping of fields for imported commission statements
  • New transactions now available on commission statements, including Database Sync


What’s New in EZLynx 4.16.03

In EZLynx 4.16.03, we’re rolling out exciting enhancements to the EZLynx Management System, Rating Engine and Client Center.


  • Enhanced Workflow for Bulk Emailing Certificates
  • Commercial Policy Entry for Business Owners (BOP)
  • Certificate Request Workflow in Client Center
  • Agency-Facing Settings for Client Center
  • ….and nearly 60 additional enhancements & updates

Policy Entry

This great feature allows users to enter much more commercial policy information that is then pre-filled into all ACORD forms created for the policy in EZLynx.

  • NEW – We now support Business Owners (BOP) line of business for this feature

BOP - Liability (alternate)

BOP - Other Coverages (alternate)

  • Workers Compensation has an improved user interface (UI) and workflow
  • Inland Marine now allows more than 15 items of scheduled equipment
  • All ACORD 90’s are updated to the most current version
  • Improved user interface and workflow for Home and Dwelling Fire applications
  • Documents now maintain the original policy # association, unless the policy # is changed manually
  • Downloads now update in a way that better handles partial package cancellations

Certificate Holders Report

  • Can now be exported to Excel
  • Now includes “Created Date” and “Remarks” columns

Cert Master - Interest Report

Certificates – Bulk Email

When using the bulk email feature for certificates, you now have additional text formatting options and pre-filled email signatures.

  • Added ability to edit Subject line
  • Added CC and BCC options

Certs - Bulk Email 1

Certs - Bulk Email 2

EZLynx Reports

  • Updated reports:
    • Commission Statement Master
    • Activity Master
    • Book of Business Summary
    • Commission Statement Detail Master

Client Center 2.9

Client Center Agency-Facing Settings

  • When enabled, agency admins can configure special Client Center preferences
  • Override default display options with custom agency details
  • By default, we will no longer be showing manual policies because many agencies don’t regularly update manual policy details.  However, for those agencies that do keep manual policies updated, they can turn this feature on again
  • Admins can set notifications to be sent and tasks assigned to either the applicant’s assigned user or to any other user.
  • Users can now set rules for notification and task options depending on the type of action a consumer takes.  For example, you can send policy change requests to a CSR, but Certificate Requests to the applicant’s assigned user.

2016-03-30 16_14_13-Client Center - General Settings

Certificate Request Form

  • An agent’s commercial customers can now request certificates from the Client Center.  More certificate enhancements in Client Center are coming later this year!

Client Center - Request a Certificate

  • Updates to Consumer and Agent Notification Emails’ Content
    • Content is cleaner, and includes the request date and time
  • Agent generated certificates can be shared in Client Center and will not be editable by the customer
  • When an agent shares a document in an applicant’s Client Center, they can now send an email notifying the customer of the same.
  • Automatically created Tasks now include change request details
    • When tasks are automatically created from a customer’s policy change request, the task notes include the request details.  These details will no longer be sent by email, since they often contain confidential information.
  • Commissions:  Total commission amount no longer changes when removing a policy from a manual statement
  • Personal Policy Entry:  Audit transaction on Workers Compensation is now updating the selected policy term
  • Consumer Quoting: Activity Report export to EZLynx option fixed
  • EZLynx Accounting:  Issue of a policy’s billing type being cleared when a non-accounting user edited a policy

What’s New in EZLynx 4.16.02

In EZLynx 4.16.02, we’re rolling out exciting enhancements to EZLynx Management System, Rating Engine and Communication Center.


  • New Standard Policy Mgmt Report; interactive Book of Business Summary
  • Rating Engine – auto incident tab enhancements
  • Email Campaigns – email opt-out enhancements
  • Email Campaigns – marketing v. non-marketing unsubscribe options
  • Personal Policy Entry for personal auto, homeowners and dwelling fire (BETA)
    • Click HERE if interested in beta participation


Book of Business Summary
EZLynx Management System users have a new Standard Policy Management Report. The interactive Book of Business Summary allows creating a report by category, such as agent, branch, carrier, LOB, etc… Results are displayed in a unique combination of numerical data and colorful graphs.












To access the Book of Business Summary
• Hover over the Reports icon, and select Policy Management
• At Standard Reports, select Book of Business Summary















• Choose a category to group report by, and click “Update Report”






Auto Incidents Tab Enhancements

For Rating users, we’ve improved the Auto Incidents tab workflow for more efficiency. Click a button as highlighted in the example below to add an incident; either accident, violation or loss. Enter data quickly by tabbing through the fields, then click Save.













Email Campaigns Suppression List

It is important to track email addresses that have unsubscribed from receiving your agency’s marketing messages, so we’ve added a new feature to make it easy.  The new Email Campaigns suppression list allows you to manage email unsubscribes and stay in compliance with federal SPAM laws.   Consumers’ email addresses that have opted out of receiving your marketing emails are automatically recorded on the suppression list.

To access, hover over the Communication Center icon and select Suppression List from the Email Campaigns menu.  The Suppression List provides an central account-wide place to review, search, add and remove email addresses that should not receive marketing emails.  Email marketing campaign emails will include an ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom. When a recipient clicks the link and confirms their email address, the address is automatically added to the Suppression List.

There are 3 ways an email address may be added to the suppression list:

1) A person unsubscribes from an email campaign – recorded as “Suppressed by System”.     2) An email address seems invalid, for example it bounces too many times – recorded as “Suppressed by System”.     3) Email address manually added by EZLynx user.Click Add button, enter email address and click OK.

To remove an email from the list, simply click on the trash icon from Actions, and click OK.  In order to stay in compliance with federal SPAM laws, be sure to get the recipient’s permission before removing their address from the list.




Marketing v. Non-Marketing Email Campaigns

Our email campaigns can now also be used for non-marketing purposes.  This update gives you the ability to designate whether an email is marketing or non-marketing in nature.

It is very important that you understand the differences between the two types of communications.  You may not only risk angering customers by sending marketing spam without a way to unsubscribe, but also risk violating federal laws.  Read the CAN-SPAM Act here.

Marketing emails follow the standard rules regarding email opt-out.  However, emails sent for non-marketing purposes will bypass the Suppression List.  These non-marketing emails don’t provide the recipient with an unsubscribe mechanism.


Nickname Display

Nicknames are now visible inside the left sidebar of customers.




Personal Policy Entry (Beta)

We are currently offering a beta version of our Personal Policy Entry feature which is available for Auto, Homeowners and Dwelling Fire. Contact [email protected] if you are interested in beta participation.

To use the Personal Policy Entry feature:

  • Go to the applicant’s Overview tab.
  • Go to the right top side of the Policies grid and click Add Policy.
  • At Line of Business, select either Personal Auto, Homeowners or Dwelling Fire.
  • Input the policy information and click Add & Edit Policy at the bottom right.












Input the personal policy data in each of the tabs, then click Save & Close.   The saved personal policy generates the Policy Summary page, which provides access to a Forms button.


Bug Fixes

  • Import Commission Statement now works with all transaction types
  • Full Policy Details displays a specific transaction rather than the most recent version of policy
  • Unknown Text Message time-stamp now displays correctly
  • Policy Sync now works without risk/application info
  • Activity page displays emails correctly
  • When an email is sent, the recipient email address will now be logged as part of the system activity
  • Email Campaigns; unsubscribe feature now unsubscribes in all EZLynx email fields
  • Email Campaigns; delay of first-step of a multi-step campaign is now honored regardless of the Activate on date

What’s New in EZLynx 4.15.08

August 28, 2015


  • Policy Grid Enhancements

Expand the policy row in the Policies grid to display additional policy details. Details of active policies are displayed with a green border and that of inactive policies are displayed with a red border.

The columns in the Policies grid can be hidden or reordered. Select the “Edit Columns” button at the top right of the grid to open the Policy Grid Column Editor and follow the instructions on the page.

  • Other Enhancements
    • Re-size & re-position signatures on ACORD forms
    • Search Applicants – search by phone numbers should allow different formats
    • Redesigned EZPlugin splash page.
    • Filter the Carrier List on the Daily Download report to only carriers supported for EZLynx Download

Bug Fixes

  • Contents of notes disappear when users click outside the Agency Workspace area without saving the note
  • Text Messaging Icon Present When Not Enabled in Lynx
  • When agent opens quote summary on completed quote page the agency name, address and phone number are the same as the information we have on our end.
  • Creating certs having dot in the Interests name creates ACORD in unknown File type
  • Commission rule not auto matching when policy is downloaded
  • Login page – Message displayed says click on the Login/Log Out tab above. There is no Login/Logout tab ‘above’
  • Task Grouping in the Agency activity page is not correct
  • Tasks assigned shows up in discussion view and not in timeline view
  • Document Tab – share option should be hidden from those without Client Center
  • Specific is misspelled in the portal
  • DL #, DL status and DL state of co-applicant does not sync in applicant sync process
  • If a policy is attached to a task then you cannot change the due date or Assignee on the task without adding a note.
  • Creates a blank note on saving a task without any modification
  • Create label shows up in Accounting application for accounts without Manage labels permission
  • Date Licensed not populating for state NJ when navigated to Driver page for first time
  • unable to reply to messages
  • Logins will not be saved in the carrier logins page for password management enabled accounts
  • User cannot call from applicant contact options
  • Not displaying policy status on applicant page.
  • Task Notes displayed on the Activity page and note panel have the wrong time if not in CST
  • Policy Inquiry links does not show up in policy transactions page for some policies
  • Birthday campaigns are not working correctly
  • Drip Campaign – Applicant info missing & campaign created never gets updated
  • Text icon is showing for all agents regardless of product status
  • Unable to edit or modify applicant details on adding a long URL
  • Policy Grid – Expanded Policy row does not retain the state when the actions are canceled
  • Drip Campaign will not start for the co-applicant
  • Reassigned tasks will not be updated in workspace
  • Dates not saving for commercial policy entry
  • Carrier Library, Disabled scripts & Uploads scripts displays resource not found error
  • EZPDF Client – PDF upload via upload client is not working
  • Drip campaign – Activation date set will not be considered for scheduling a campaign
  • Does not allow to remove Active or Completed campaigns
  • On policy merging the grid does not update without page reload
  • Displays 404 error on accessing the scripts in script admin/Map files page

What’s New in Retention Center 1.8

In this round of enhancements, we’ve continued our focus on streamlining the renewal process in your agency and provided tools to improve communication with your customers!

We’ve added functionality to both the workspace and activities sections of Retention Center. You can still add bulk notes and tasks, but you can also associate a policy or attachments to an individual insured. From the activity area, use the note icon to add to an existing discussion thread.  In addition to bulk email communication with your insureds, now you can write individualized emails and even send text messages directly from the Retention Center Overview screen!


  • Text customers directly from Retention Center*
  • Associate documents and policy numbers when adding notes and tasks to one insured
  • Create sticky notes for multiple customers at one time
  • Add to an existing note from activities
  • Real-time collaboration updates on the Overview screen
  • Added visibility into customers with a notice of non-renewal

*Available for customers with EZLynx Text Messaging only. To add this product, please contact your sales representative.

Let’s Take a Closer Look…

1. Texting 

Expand an insured’s information to send a text message to the customer.


2. Activities Area

Manage labels, make sticky, and add to the discussion!


3. Notes and Tasks

When adding notes and tasks for multiple insureds, you will now have the additional option of adding labels and making the note sticky.


4. Collaboration Enhancements

Now you will know when someone else in your organization is working on an insured’s account so you don’t duplicate efforts and waste your time.


EZLynx Alert messages will display for all users in Retention Center


5. Notice of Non-Renewal

There is a new icon on the Expiration List to let you know when the carrier sends a notice of  non-renewal for a policy that is expiring.  Navigate to the insured’s page to view additional information on the policy.


6. Retention Status on the Customer’s Overview Page

To improve the customer experience during a renewal, the renewal status will display on your customers’ overview screen. When a customer calls, anyone in the agency can easily communicate where the insured is in the process to help create a seamless transition into the next policy term!

  • Displays the status for all customers on your Renewal List
  • View any status associated to an upcoming policy expiration
  • Automatically updated and removed when the Renewal Team is finished


What’s New in EZLynx 4.12

New Feature

Import Commission Statements via CSV File

We’ve transformed a tedious, time consuming part of your workload into an easy and efficient process. You can now import Life & Health statements with thousands of policy commissions in seconds!

4.12 release pic 1










  • Import commission statements as a CSV file
  • Use the provided EZLynx CSV template
  • Create custom field mappings by carrier and reuse them monthly by matching each column to an EZLynx field
  • Preview valid & invalid data prior to import



Policy Management

  • Now use Policy Compare with Dwelling Fire policies
  • New commissions permissions for policy producers and service team members
  • New Commission Rules match based on a specific Lead Source
  • Added ability to copy a commission rule to make creating multiple rules easier
  • Quickly select a specific policy transaction during the Audit Policy workflow
  • Improved policy validation helping reduce duplicate policy entry


  • 2016 Purchase Dates now valid for Home Applications
  • Date Licensed field is disabled
  • Ability to assign drivers to specific vehicles if DL Status is “Not Licensed” – to reduce errors
  • California Auto – 30/60 option added for Bodily Injury, Uninsured Motorist and Underinsured Motorist
  • West Virginia Auto – minimum limits updated from 20/40/10 to 25/50/25 for Bodily Injury, Uninsured Motorist and Underinsured Motorist; effective January 1, 2016
  • Agent Quote Detail Report – added a “Created” column to display when an applicant was created in EZLynx


Bug Fixes

  • Improved EZLynx for Outlook performance and security
  • South Carolina Auto Rating – updated Age Licensed default

What’s New in EZLynx 4.10

November 5, 2015


Manual Quote Entry (Mgmt System users)

EZLynx Manual QuoteThe tracking and reporting of quotes obtained directly on a carrier site is important to your business success, so we have added a manual quote entry feature.  You can now manually add quotes for any line of business!

  • Go to any applicant’s Quotes tab to manually add a quote.
  • Specify quote details from the carrier and attach proposal documents at the same time.
  • Add multiple quotes at once; in a grouping.
  • Move quote information to a manual policy form with one action.



  • Track all quotes in EZLynx for more accurate reporting of submitted quotes and close ratios.
  • Review all quotes for an applicant on a single page.
  • Record quote information for all LOB’s in one place.
  • Ability to enter X-dates – useful when new reporting feature is released.

Policy Merge – any two lines of business (Mgmt System users)

Previously, policy merge only allowed merging two policies with the same line of business, but now you can merge any two lines of business. For example…

  • If the Retained Policy LOB is different than the Duplicate Policy LOB, the system displays the warning message “You have selected two different lines of business, if merged, the duplicate policy’s LOB will be deleted.”
  • To merge two policies with different LOB’s, locate the policy with the LOB to be saved.  Go to the right side and from the Actions link, select Merge.  Search for the policy with LOB to be deleted, then Merge.  Its as easy as that!

Auto quote now asking for Age Licensed (Rating users)

The EZLynx Auto Application now asks drivers’ Age Licensed rather than Date Licensed to improve the workflow.

  • Age Licensed defaults to state minimum
  • Date Licensed field only displays if age licensed is 21 or older

Bug Fixes

  • Enhanced performance when matching policies using Internet Explorer
  • Improved editing of previous transactions in a policy’s history
  • Removed the text message icon for users that don’t have the product…..yet
  • System Log displays time stamp based on the computer’s time settings
  • Automatic removal of linked applicants when applicant is deleted or merged
  • Notes’ policy association are updated when moving applicants
  • Added “Spouse” to Co-applicant Marital Status options when Applicant status changes to “Married” within quote application
  • Save ACORD 180 without modifying Document Name
  • Added an Upload feature to add custom Agency Forms

What’s New in EZLynx 4.9

September 30, 2015


Policy Rewrite Support

Currently, rewriting a policy downloads from the carrier as “New Business.” However, we understand that what’s new to the carrier is not necessarily new to your agency. That’s why this release includes several enhancements for managing rewritten policies.

This release:

  • Users can change the transaction type to “Rewrite” for downloaded & manual policies.
  • Users can specify how to pay commissions for rewritten policies.
  • Apply rewrite commission rules for rewritten policies.


  • Users can track a policy as a renewal, even if the policy is rewritten with a different carrier/market.
  • Users can run commission split calculations based on a renewal rate if a policy is rewritten with a different carrier.
  • User reports are more accurate as rewritten policies will report as renewals instead of new business.

During VIN validation – VIN reset to closest VIN and provides alert message

VIN lookup functionality updated as follows:

  • When the agent enters an invalid/incomplete VIN and clicks “Lookup”, the system still resets VIN to the closest matching VIN. However, system NOW shows a message to alert the agent that the VIN was replaced, and allows agent to revert to the original VIN.

Bug Fixes

  • “Continue to EZLynx” button on login page was occasionally logging the user out rather than taking them to the Dashboard.
  • Improved help text for captcha on password reset screen to clarify users need to enter all letters and numbers.
  • Username is no longer case-sensitive when resetting password.
  • Passwords can now contain the following special characters ([email protected]#$).
  • Usernames created with space at the end was not being recognized by the system while resetting the password.
  • Changing signature in an ACORD form was adding the text “dimensions” after the signature.
  • Entering DOB as 10/31/1961 within Commercial Policy was giving an invalid date error.
    • Added support for MMDDYY date format on the Incidents tab.
    • Within Home quoting application, added text “Dwelling Type refers to the Occupancy, or total # of families within ONE household.”

What’s New in EZLynx Accounting 2.6 – May 2016

We released these EZLynx Accounting enhancements on Thursday, May 12th, 2016.


  • Enhanced detail for bank account QuickBooks exports in summary view.
  • Updated transaction posting dates in the General Ledger.
  • Additional Default Configuration Options for Direct Bill Income recognition dates.
  • New report for tracking additional line items – such as taxes and fees.
  • New feature allowing receipts to be added to deposits when created.
  • Improved the workflow for refunding customers through a new “Refund Unapplied” action.



General Ledger

We’ve now made bank reconciliation simpler within QuickBooks with an updated Summary level export, which provides transaction level detail for bank accounts.   Also, transaction dates detail now follow a receipt’s payment date rather than the policy effective date. Payments in a closed accounting month are still posted as today.

Direct Bill Configuration

Additional Default Configuration Options for Direct Bill Income allows better control of Direct Bill commission statements. When “Use accrual basis for recognition of direct bill income” is checked, income on policies with a future effective are posted as of the direct bill transaction date (typically the policy effective date).  If it is unchecked, income is posted as of the payment date. To set this option, hover over the Accounting tab, select Configuration and click the System Settings tab.  Scroll down to System Settings.








Track non-premium line items such as fees and taxes with the new Invoice Line Item Detail Report.  To access the new report, hover over the Accounting icon, select Reports, and click the Production tab.












When creating a receipt, there is a new time-saving option; either create a new deposit or add it to an existing deposit.











There is an improved workflow for refunding customers using a new receipt Action called “Refund Unapplied”.  Once the receipt funds are applied, there is a record that the customer received the change due.











Bug Fixes


  • Missing payable line items from checks deleted by a user have been restored.
  • Missing direct bill cash payment details for deleted checks have been restored.