Organization Meets Efficiency with the EZLynx Management System

Many software programs are designed to help insurance agencies manage their offices and daily administrative needs. But with the EZLynx Management System, insurance agents can do even more – including focus more of their efforts on expanding profits and acquiring new customers.

What is EZLynx Management System?

EZLynx Management System is an integrative agency management tool that redefines the industry norm for office managment systems, supporting agents and delivering components that were only dreamed of just a few years ago. The advanced system seamlessly transitions into any insurance agency, even integrating with Microsoft Outlook to match incoming emails with existing clients. System administrators and agents can log on from the office or from a remote location, and access policy comparisons and information with the click of a button.

As an added benefit, agents can accurately document the process of communication with each prospective and existing client, allowing for greater organization and better consistency between calls and visits. With EZLynx Management System, agents can make custom notes, document client activity and view client center log-ins and quote requests for each customer. When agents understand what their clients are looking for, they are better equipped to deliver.

When a client purchases a policy, EZLynx Management System goes to work helping reconcile new and renewing agent commissions. The office management platform also serves as a powerful remarketing tool from which agents can upsell or cross-sell new policies to existing clients as their needs change over time.

The added power of EZLynx Agency Suites
The most dynamic improvements are seen when an agency implements EZLynx Agency Suites into the office. Agency Suites is a complete solution to the day-to-day demands of maintaining a functioning workplace, processing policy renewals, converting new customers and handling field operations.

Agencies that integrate Agency Suites enjoy a streamlined, collaborative workflow that capitalizes on each of the innovative services available through EZLynx. By using EZLynx Management System alongside Agency Suites, an agency can:

  • Maintain a professional website
  • Acquire new leads
  • Remarket or re-quote new leads
  • Provide instant, online consumer quotes
  • Display real-time rates
  • Streamline policy management
  • Maintain regular contact with customers via automatic emails
  • Free up time by allowing clients to access their policies and insurance cards online

EZLynx Management System and the other products available through EZLynx have transformed the way insurance agencies do business. The program facilitates maximum client acquisition and servicing from an easy-to-use software platform accessible from anywhere in the world.

If your agency could use a tune-up, it’s time to find out how EZLynx can help you. Experience all our software has to offer and step into a revolutionized way of managing your office with the EZLynx Management System today.

EZLynx Management System: Commissions

EZLynx Management System - CommissionsEZLynx, which was at one time simply a comparative rater, has steadily evolved into a streamlined and efficient management system.

The challenge of managing multiple versions of consumer data on multiple, and often incompatible, systems is coming to an end. Our EZLynx Management System solves that problem, and much more.

Our latest release includes new enhancements to make EZLynx Management System even more robust. We have revamped the Commissions feature to make it easy for users to identify and mark carrier paid commissions, pay producers per policy, and generate reports per producer, carrier, or transaction.

Why use our Commissions feature with EZLynx Policy Management?

  • Improved user interface for easier navigation
  • The ability to track commissions received from Carriers
  • Add/Edit/Delete commissions and link them to specific policies
  • Override commissions split calculated by the commission rules
  • Identify commissions as Paid when you pay the producers
  • View all paid/unpaid commissions for any date range
  • Run reports by agency, producer, carrier or transactions and view totals for any date range

EZLynx Management System - Commissions - How Does it Work
How does it work?

The Commissions feature now has four screens that focus on the primary tasks associated with commissions.


Agency Commissions

You are able to add, review, or modify all commissions made by the agency and check off the Commissions that were received from the Carrier. Checking the box next to the commission will hide the received commission.

  • Enhanced date range filter to view commissions for a specific time period.
  • Use the new search box to search for commissions by applicant name, policy number, carrier, transaction, and more.
  • View commissions received by LOB, Carrier or transactions.
  • Use ‘Received’ check box to mark commission as received from the Carrier, which automatically hides the commission from the grid.

Producer Commissions

This section displays the Producer Commissions calculated by the commission rules. The Commissions calculation is not final and can be modified by clicking the Edit button. Once the commission calculation is verified and the producers are paid, you can check the Paid box to hide it from the grid.

  • Enhanced date range filter to view the commissions calculated for a specific date range.
  • View non-received commissions for a specific date range.
  • View all the paid commissions.
  • Use the new search box to search for commissions by applicant name or policy number.
  • Click the Paid check box to mark each commission as paid which automatically hides the commission from the grid.

Commission Reports

The Commission Reports section presents the list of available reports for all Paid Commissions.

  • Enhanced date range filter to view each paid commission report for a specific date range.
  • The Commission and Premium columns are totaled in all reports.
  • All reports can be exported to Excel, Word or PDF.

Commission Calculation

There are two ways to calculate the producer commissions for all policies.

  • Commission Rules screen
  • Commissions screen at Policy Level

Commission Rules

Commission Rules allow you to set generic rules for all agency commissions to calculate them based on State, Carrier, Line of Business, Transaction, Producer Code, or who the policy is assigned to.

Whenever a new commission is manually entered or downloaded from the Carrier, the system matches the commission to a rule and then calculates the commission.

Users can always override the commission calculation by clicking the Edit button in the Producer Commissions screen.

Commissions Screen at the Policy Level

EZLynx Management System - Commissions - Policy LevelAnother way to calculate commissions is by specifying the producer name and the split
percent/dollar amount for that particular producer. EZLynx Management System makes this simple to do.

Once the commission is entered at the Policy Level, the system overrides the rules set at the Commission Rules screen and calculates the commission amount per the entry made on this screen.

EZLynx for Outlook

EZLynx Management System also includes our powerful add-in for Microsoft Outlook that helps integrate your email inbox with your EZLynx account.

  • Increase Productivity
  • Virtual Paper Trail
  • Automatically Match Emails
  • Clear Trail of Communications

Cut Costs and Streamline your Agency

EZLynx Policy Management, as part of one of our Agency Suites, provides a complete ‘agency-in-a-box’ solution at a fraction of the cost of legacy management systems.

Interested in learning more about internetSUITE and EZLynx Policy Management?

Watch the Video:

Introducing the EZLynx ACORD Form Creator

Introducing EZLynx ACORD Form Creator for WEBCETERA Policy Management

Exclusively for WEBCETERA Policy Management users, the EZLynx ACORD Form Creator helps working with digital documents become more efficient and less complicated.

To download the full PDF version of the newsletter, click here.

Working with digital documents has become frustrating and almost as much trouble as paper documents. We often end up with multiple versions of the same document saved in a dozen different folders on several different computers and a desktop cluttered with icons. We have various versions of PDF viewers installed, none of which seem to work.

EZLynx ACORD Form Editor

WEBCETERA Policy Management already makes it easy to upload and associate documents with each of your customers. Taking things even further, we’ve enhanced the functionality of the Document Center to give agents the ability to create new ACORD Forms for an applicant and then quickly edit, save, print, or download the document – all from within EZLynx! Documents are stored with each applicant, and an activity is logged when an action is taken so that you have a clear audit trail of the changes you or your employees have made.

EZLynx ACORD Form Selection Tool

Creating new ACORD Forms in EZLynx is as simple as navigating to the Document Tab of your applicant and clicking the Add New Document button. From here you’ll be able to search through the available Home and Auto ACORD Form library and select the document you need.

Newly created documents appear in the applicant’s Document Library ready to be edited. Editing ACORD Forms is as easy as filling in the blanks. When editing a document, you have easy access to common functions such as Save, Print, Download, and Close.

EZLynx Document Library

The Document Library also has full integration with our powerful Customer Self-Service feature. Provide your customers with the ability to login on your agency website, view their policy details, and upload documents securely rather than sending through email.

The ability to create, edit, and store ACORD Forms directly from within EZLynx helps to streamline daily workflows, lower operating costs, and bring independent agents one step closer to the goal of a paperless and sustainable workplace environment.

For more information about WEBCETERA Policy Management and the EZLynx ACORD Form Creator, email [email protected] or call 877-932-2382.

WEBCETERA Integrates ACORD Form Creator into EZLynx

WEBCETERA® is pleased to announce the integration of fully editable ACORD® forms into the EZLynx® product. This new functionality will be made available at no additional cost to current Policy Management users.

The Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development (ACORD) is the insurance industry’s nonprofit standards developer. WEBCETERA already makes extensive use of the ACORD data standards in EZLynx and with this advanced integration, independent agents are able to create, edit, and instantly save a wide variety of digital insurance forms without leaving EZLynx.

“ACORD has done an incredible job of facilitating the data and form standards for the insurance industry,” says Gerry Keeley, Atlanta Regional Director at WEBCETERA. “EZLynx has a close integration of those standards, and this new functionality provides agents an ease of use that is not available in similar products.”

The integration of editable and savable ACORD forms in EZLynx streamlines daily workflows, lowers operating costs, and brings independent agents one step closer to the goal of a paperless and sustainable workplace environment.

“WEBCETERA’s focus has always been on helping independent agents work more intelligently with less. Agent’s don’t want, or need, to purchase and use a dozen different systems when our agency-in-a-box approach gives them more for less,” says Keeley. “Our integration of editable ACORD forms is just one more example of how WEBCETERA is providing agents with the tools to succeed in the digital marketplace and break away from the old model of doing business.”

For more information about WEBCETERA contact:  [email protected]