You Asked, We Listened: AgentLynx Progress Report

A little over three short months ago, many of our agents gathered together at AgentLynx 2018 in San Diego, where we announced new products, held group sessions, and allowed you to speak directly with the EZLynx Team about our products. We listened to your requests for new features, and we heard how EZLynx could further accommodate the needs of your agency.  With our release in mid-July and in the coming months, we are thrilled to be able to provide you with the first round of solutions to many of the requests and challenges you shared with us at AgentLynx.

EZLynx for Outlook

In response to your requests at AgentLynx, we committed to bringing you a more efficient, sleeker EZLynx Outlook plugin with updates to performance, workflow and features.  These enhancements will make Outlook feel like an extension of EZLynx.

We heard your concerns with the functionality of the plugin when you utilize Outlook on multiple devices. With this new enhancement to your Outlook plug in, seamlessly switch between home and work devices without worrying about receiving multiple automatic save dialogue boxes when you open Outlook.

In addition to simply documenting your emails in EZLynx, these Outlook plugin enhancements will allow you to select a specific task to associate with the email, attachments, and/or note; reopen or close a task from within the plugin; and add a reminder. For users with the Enhanced Workspace, you will now have the ability to mark a task as important and set its due date and time directly from the plugin.

Although you already had the ability to import attachments to EZLynx, the enhancement takes document management abilities to the next level, giving you the ability to preview documents, save documents to specific folders, and disable automatic saving of embedded images so you do not end up with unwanted email signature images in EZLynx.

We updated the Agency Workspace within Outlook as well, giving you the ability to add labels and mark emails with a sticky note, and we are improving your workflow by giving you the option to search and save to a different applicant within the workflow, even if matched to an applicant automatically. These enhancements will be automatically applied to your existing Outlook plug-in.

MSB Residential Pre-Fill and Reconstruction Cost Valuations

Soon EZLynx will feature integration with CoreLogic® to bring you residential prefill and reconstruction cost valuation powered by Marshall & Swift. Residential prefill will drastically improve your home quote process by allowing you to use MSB lookup within EZLynx to automatically pull information about a home prospect. You can further improve your process with the MSB reconstruction cost valuation tool to predict the cost of replacing the entire home. Both services will be available at a competitive, cost-efficient rate per transaction.

CoreLogic, the CoreLogic logo, and Marshall & Swift are trademarks of CoreLogic, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.

Non-Owners & Broad Form

In the coming months we will be rolling out support for non-owners and broad form auto policy types, which has been a highly requested feature for many of our users.

Read Only User Access for Reports

Read Only User access for reports gives you more control over your data by allowing you to send reports to other users in your agency without having to give them access to all your reporting. This will keep your data secure within your organization. Contact customer support to activate this feature.

Bulk Actions in the Document Library

Additional efforts to increase your productivity and help you manage your data, we have made improvements to our document capabilities to now allow you to move or delete more than one document at once and share multiple documents to the Client Center simultaneously.

Agency Activities

The first of several Activity and Agency Workspace enhancements, we have enhanced your ability to associate notes with policies in order to increase your productivity and make it easier to stay organized. You can now associate a policy number with a note at any time, rather than only having this capability when you first created the note. If you need to move a policy to another individual, all the notes associated with that policy will now be carried over to the new assigned user.

Multiple Addresses

To help you stay more organized, we will soon allow for additional addresses, including military addresses, to be stored and associated with one customer’s account. Users with EZLynx Accounting will have the ability to directly include billing address information on invoices. The enhancement will also allow you to select the proper address from the addresses associated with a policy when sending postal mail through Communication Center. This feature is coming soon.

Looking to the Future

These enhancements and features are just the start. We have committed to bringing you even more of the changes and features that you have requested. We take your suggestions seriously, and we are always looking for ways to make improvements that will benefit your agency.

The opportunity to provide face-to-face feedback to the EZLynx Team is part of the main value of attending our user conference. AgentLynx helps our teams hear the unified voices of multiple agents and allows us to understand and address the top business challenges that many of our users face. It also provides you with the opportunity to network and collaborate on the best strategies for using EZLynx with other agents and EZLynx team members. We hope to see you at the next AgentLynx Conference in Fort Worth, Texas in 2019!

EZLynx Accounting now has a Direct Interface to QuickBooks Online

Our interface between EZLynx Accounting and Intuit QuickBooks means you get the best of both worlds – a premium accounting system tuned to the specific needs of an insurance agency plus the world-leading, easy to use general ledger software used by more than four million businesses. EZLynx AccountingUntil now, that interface required manual steps to load transactions from EZLynx into QuickBooks. But the manual uploads and downloads are a thing of the past with our latest release that will streamline your link between EZLynx and QuickBooks.

EZLynx now supports a direct interface to QuickBooks Online through web services. With a single step to authorize the connection, your EZLynx transactions will flow automatically to QuickBooks, with no intervention necessary. This will speed up your day-end processes, facilitate check printing, and greatly improve accuracy by removing the human element.

We will continue to support file exports and imports for QuickBooks Desktop. But if you use QuickBooks Online and are ready to simplify your workflow, we’re ready for you.

How It Works

In the Systems Settings page of the Accounting Configuration module, you can authorize the direct connection to QuickBooks by logging in to QuickBooks Online and granting access. This authorization happens completely within the QuickBooks website, so you don’t have to worry about password security across websites.

EZLynx Accounting

Once the connection is authorized, transactions in EZLynx will flow automatically to QuickBooks, either in real-time or on demand (see options below). Both journal entries and checks are sent together, so you no longer need a bank clearing account to offset postings from two different exports. Journal entries are posted as standard double-entry postings, so there is no need for an import clearing account. Postings in QuickBooks are simple, just the way you expect.
Before sending any transaction, the EZLynx interface will first verify the pertinent GL account, Customer, and/or Vendor exists in QuickBooks. If they aren’t found, EZLynx will simply create it for you – no error, no need for you to intervene or reimport the transaction.


There are a few ways you can configure the EZLynx QuickBooks interface, depending on how you run your business.

On Demand or Real Time

You can choose to send transactions to QuickBooks in real time as they happen, or in batches when you specify. In Real-Time mode, transactions appear in QuickBooks within seconds of posting in EZLynx. You never have to do anything – it’s true “set it and forget it.”

In On Demand mode, transactions are queued up until you click a button to send them in batch. This mode is useful if you want to control when transactions appear in QuickBooks, such as when balancing the books at month end.

Summary or Detail

You can also choose if you want to send transactions to QuickBooks at a summary or detail level. At the detail level, each individual transaction is sent separately: you’ll see separate postings for every invoice, every receipt, every commission statement detail, etc. At a summary level, transactions will be summed by date and GL account, so for example you’ll see a single posting to the Income account for each day, and a single posting to Accounts Receivable per day.

Detail level is useful if you want all your transactions in QuickBooks in order to leverage some of QuickBooks’ robust detail reporting functionality. Summary level is best if you will run your detailed premium accounting reports from EZLynx, and use QuickBooks for your higher level P&L.

Note that Summary-level transactions are not available when running in Real-Time mode.


The direct interface is now available as a beta, and we anticipate making it available for general use in March. Please contact us if you would like to participate in the beta, and watch for detailed instructions on enabling the interface when it is launched globally.

Branch Support Comes to EZLynx Accounting

Handling branch interactions through EZLynx Accounting has been a highly requested feature. We are excited to announce that this round of enhancements expands upon the current EZLynx Accounting functionality and allows you to include branches in your accounting postings, transactions and accounting reports. For organizations with multiple branches, this functionality will greatly aid in the company’s accounting practices in EZLynx.

Some of the great new enhancements with the EZLynx Accounting 2.8 include the ability to apply branches to receipts, checks, and deposits. You also have the ability to assign specific bank accounts to individual branches, as well as the ability to do an interbranch payment between branches to aid in the clearing of accounts.


  • New Permissions and Settings
  • Branch support for Receivables
  • Branch support for Payables
  • Branch support for General Ledger postings
  • Branch support for Reporting

Let’s See What’s New…

New Permissions and Settings

With the addition of branch support to EZLynx accounting, you are able to determine which users can have access to the various accounting functions at their respected branch or even at other branches. This allows for branch-to-branch interactions. The assignment of these permissions can be easily handled through the newly designed Users tab in the configuration section in accounting.


We have also redesigned the System Settings tab by adding an ‘Agency’ tab (for the main branch to set system settings for all of their branches) and a ‘Branch’ tab for the individual branches in the organization to set their specific settings. On the ‘Agency’ tab, users at the Main Branch can set the overall settings for the organization.


On the ‘Branch’ tab, the user is able to set the setting specific to the individual branches, like their logo, company information (addresses), settings for invoice emails and invoice memos.


Branch Support for Receivables

You are now able to select branches for adding receipts, creating deposits, and receivable write-offs. For those in the organization with access to all branches, they will be able to select from all the branches in the organization. However, those in the organization who are limited to one branch, they will only see that branch in the dropdown. The same applies for the creation of receipts.


We have also redesigned the Receipt and Deposit overview screen to allow you to filter the pages by branches to better organize your organizations transactions and postings.


Branch Support for Payables

Branches have been integrated to our payable features in EZLynx and you are now able to select branches for AutoPay and adding of Checks. On the AutoPay screen, you are now able to filter the payable items by branches.


When adding a check, you now have the ability to select which branch the check is being generated from and the branch bank account. If you have permission to view all branches, you will be able to select any of the branches in the organization. If your permission is limited to one branch, then you will only be able to select your specific branch.


We have also added a branch column on the Check screen to make it easier for you to sort the organizations checks by branches. If you have access to all branches in your organization, then you will be able to view all the checks created in the organizations. If you are limited to one branch, then only checks for that particular branch will appear.


Branch Support for General Ledger Postings

With this round of enhancements, you are also able to view branches on the GL posting screen in order to better organize the organizations branch postings. This also includes the addition of branch information on the GL exports in order for you to be able to integrate your branch configuration with QuickBooks. You are also able to create a journal entry for a single branch or you can create a journal entry for two branches to create clearing postings for interbranch payments.


Branch Support for Reporting

No business would be complete without accurate reports. Accurate reports enable you to better manage and predict your organizations position in the market. With the addition of Branch Support for EZLynx Accounting, we have overhauled our reports in accounting to include branch filter. You are able to group posting in the reports by branches and even exclude some branches from reports in order to limit the data outputs. These enhancements will let you track productivity across your organization and gain a better insight as to how each of your locations are performing. The below reports now support Branch data:

  • Aged Receivables Report
  • Cash Receipts Report
  • Check Register Report
  • Deposit Summery Report
  • Direct Bill Cash Report
  • GL Postings Detail Report
  • Invoice Summery Report
  • Line Item Detail Report
  • Payables Worklist Report
  • Premium Trust Report
  • Production by Producer Report
  • Production by Writing Company Report
  • Trial Balance Report
  • Unapplied Cash Report
  • Undeposited Funds Report
  • User List Report

We are excited about what we have in store for EZLynx Accounting in the coming year.  As always, do not hesitate to give us your feedback!

Accounting Tips for Independent Agents

Accounting Tips for Independent AgentsIn small businesses, owners normally engage a multitude of processes at once. Often, decision makers become bookkeepers, and a small business’s accounting processes need an extra “oomph” to run effectively.

When logs need organizing, and, when finances require enhanced flexibility and accessibility, you could do worse than brush up on accounting homework. Small business accounting isn’t necessarily easy, but maintaining your industry’s “tools of the trade” guarantees a sharp-eyed approach to your business’s most important sector. Take a look at these small business accounting tips. They may be game changers.

Tip One: Documentation is King

Small businesses don’t facilitate small information. In fact, small businesses likely process more diverse information than their medium and large-sized partners—as their services are likely clustered and spread amongst a variety of consumers.

When focusing on accounting, remember to document every business transaction. Your receipts are important for taxes, future expansion, scale, consumer questions and research. You wouldn’t want to be empty-handed when audited, would you?

Tip Two: If it can be Computerized, Computerize It

Auto-piloting financial information ensures consistency, speed and organization. Effective accounting software sets your businesses financial processing on “auto pilot”; it records bills, accounts receivable, accounts payable and paychecks. Your small business needs computerized accounting software to maintain both relevant and secure in the industry.

Furthermore, professional bookkeepers require payment, and they’re more likely to generate a processing error than accounting software. Utilizing up-to-date accounting add-ons doesn’t just ensure quickness and safety—it’s cost effective.

Tip Three: Learn to Analyze Financial Statements

Reading is one skill, and understanding is another. Once you’ve obtained your periodical financial statements, learning to interpret them is vital for adherence to industry standards and prospective planning.

A small business’s financial aspects are relevant, again, to taxes. More importantly, they’re relevant to cost engagement and price increases. The realm of small business expansion is a balancing act: Your daily operations deserve consistent processing, and your small business deserves some wiggle room for fiscal growth.

Tip Four: Speaking of Taxes…

Filing taxes on time is important, and small businesses are required to maintain adequate business records capable of identifying their tax bracket, exemptions and payments. It can’t be overstated: Taxes are important.

Maintaining a reliable program or provider capable of recording your business’s tax information guarantees an up-to-par approach to small business operations. Modern businesses can’t thrive without tax savviness, and computer technology is a prime way to guarantee problem-free tax accounting.

Tip Five: Keep Water-Tight Records

No, a flood isn’t coming, but record loss is a small business apocalypse. Your accounting services and comprehension is vital for small business growth, but accounting record management prevents small business losses.

Regardless of your personal accounting skill, ability to process information or documentation prowess, your accounting records need back-ups. Again, computerized accounting systems guarantee efficiency and protection. A viable documentation back-up system guarantees protection in emergency events. Similarly, financial disputes, accounting requirements and future needs to procure financial statements are vital business processes.

Comprehensive Coverage

In many ways, adequate financial software is a small business lifesaver, and it protects an owner’s assets while lubricating their overarching business processes. EZLynx Accounting, in particular, provides the powerful, comprehensive tools needed to govern any agency, any small business and any personal accounting suite.

In the world of small businesses, accounting is an omnipresent system: It’s everywhere, and it affects all processes. When well maintained, a small business’s accounting department facilitates both growth and success.

EZLynx Accounting is here!

We heard you loud and clear that premium trust accounting was a barrier that kept you from switching to EZLynx Management System. With your feedback and help from dozens of agencies in our pilot group, we’ve made it even easier to upgrade to EZLynx Management System with EZLynx Accounting.

As many of you know, EZLynx Management System hit the streets in early 2012, allowing agencies to effectively manage their book of business, anytime, anywhere.  After many months of production use, our ever growing customer base began asking us to enhance the premium, commission, and fee capabilities of EZLynx Management System so they would have better knowledge about their profitability.

Through a series of interviews with our customers, it became clear that what they were really asking for was premium billing and trust accounting features within EZLynx Management System.  After many more interviews and months of analysis and development, we completed our latest major product feature – EZLynx Accounting!

EZLynx Accounting coupled with EZLynx Management System allows you to view important policy information, and with the click of a button, quickly invoice and readily determine amounts owed by customers, as well as amounts owed to producers and markets. You can create and email copies of invoices and statements, or upload a copy and share it directly with the customer using EZLynx Client Center.

Whether an account is Agency single or installment Bill, Direct Bill or Premium Financed, you can easily invoice and track amounts owed via our Billing and Receivables features.   Determining amounts, settling, and paying balances due is also a snap with our intuitive Payables feature.

Trust account management can be a daunting task for many agencies and our Bank Transfer feature simplifies the process of determining and moving the right amounts into the appropriate accounts. Cash, receivables, payables and production can be easily tracked through the Reporting feature and reports can be exported in a variety of formats for distribution. Our integration with QuickBooks allows you to take advantage of the advanced cash handling, bank integration and general ledger reporting capabilities it affords.

Some of the Features of EZLynx Premium Trust Accounting…

Agency Bill

  • Invoicing
  • Installment plans
  • Premium Financing

Direct Bill

  • Commission statements (downloaded & manual)
  • Cash on Account

Additional Features


  • Secure Cloud Based Access Available 24/7
  • Fully Integrated within EZLynx Policy Management
  • QuickBooks™ General Ledger Integration


  • Spend more time selling, less time finding the numbers you need
  • Track financials in real-time
  • Remove dependency on inaccurate & insecure spreadsheets
  • Increased productivity
  • Premium Trust and Cash positions with a click


What’s keeping you from switching to EZLynx Management System?

Find out how you can get started with EZLynx Accounting and EZLynx Management system here.


EZLynx Marketplace: A new way to add powerful features to your EZLynx account

EZLynx MarketplaceYou may have heard us talk about EZLynx Marketplace over the past few months and been in the dark as to what we were talking about, so let us take a moment to shed some light on what EZLynx Marketplace is and what our plans are for its future.

EZLynx Marketplace is an app store for EZLynx that provides third-party businesses an avenue to connect and distribute their products and services directly within the EZLynx platform. EZLynx Marketplace opens the doors to the EZLynx framework and invites carriers and vendors to work side-by-side with our team to innovate and seamlessly integrate solutions.

What does that mean for you?  You get powerful new features in EZLynx built by leaders in their respective fields, and more importantly these features operate as seamless and fully integrated parts of EZLynx. Although we have been developing the EZLynx Marketplace framework for over a year, we are only just recently starting to share details about the exciting new apps that are soon to find their way to your agencies.

EZLynx eSignature by AssureSign, our integrated pay-per-use document signing solution powered by AssureSign, as well as Velocify LeadManager integration, are two of our newest Marketplace apps to be released, and as you’ve probably seen in previous issues of our newsletter, EZLynx Accounting and EZLynx Bulk Campaigns are our other major EZLynx Marketplace releases that are coming later this year.

Simply put, a major focus of every new feature we add to EZLynx is to help our customers make money. Whether we do that by providing a key feature that aids your agency in adding value for your customers, or by building solutions that save you countless hours that could be better served focusing on building new business, finding innovating ways to make your agency smarter and more efficient has always been at the forefront of our strategy.  We feel like our long term plan for Marketplace is going to continue that trend, and over the next few years we intend to make extending the functionality of new EZLynx Marketplace apps a simple and automated process inside of EZLynx.

We hope you will take a few minutes to take a look at our EZLynx Marketplace section on the EZLynx website and let us know what you think, and share with us any ideas you may have for new apps you’d like to see as part of EZLynx Marketplace.

Learn more at

Learn more about EZLynx Accounting

EZLynx Accounting BETA has begun…

One of the unique, and sometimes daunting, aspects of our industry is the fact that billions of dollars of insurance transactions take place between clients-agents-carriers every single day and that those dollars can be difficult to track.  As an agent you have a fiduciary(“custodial”) responsibility to your clients and carriers to ensure that the dollars associated with those transactions make it to the proper parties at the proper time.

The tricky part is being able to determine who’s owed what and when.  Some states require that Premium Trust Accounts are used for holding funds associated with specific insurance transactions.  The state regulatory agencies provide rules regarding Premium Trust Accounts, including what type of bank account and what type of funds can be deposited and disbursed from them, that are generally simple and straightforward.

That being said, many agencies have difficulty adhering to these laws, because their accounting system doesn’t support the complex transactions and rules that are commonplace in the insurance industry.

That’s why we’ve developed our new EZLynx Premium Trust Accounting system for EZLynx Management System. EZLynx Accounting provides agents the ability to track and account for policy premium, commission, premium financing, fee and tax transactions in a fiduciary capacity and settle balances with markets, producers and brokers.

EZLynx Accounting Beta - Screenshot 1
View all agency bill invoices & direct bill statements for a specific applicant

Top Accounting Features

  • Agency Bill Invoicing & Installments
  • Direct Bill Statements
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Producer Payables
  • Carrier/Market Payables
  • Premium Trust Accounting
  • Powerful Reporting Capabilities
  • Secure Cloud Based Access Available 24/7
  • Fully Integrated within EZLynx Policy Management
  • QuickBooks General Ledger Integration
  • Scalability
  • Spend more time selling, less time finding the numbers you need
  • Track financials in real-time
  • Remove dependency on inaccurate & insecure spreadsheets
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduce errors
EZLynx Accounting Beta - Screenshot 2
Email invoices directly to your applicant


  • Secure Cloud Based Access Available 24/7
  • Fully Integrated within EZLynx Policy Management
  • QuickBooks General Ledger Integration
  • Scalability
  • Spend more time selling, less time finding the numbers you need
  • Track financials in real-time
  • Remove dependency on inaccurate & insecure spreadsheets
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduce errors
EZLynx Accounting - Screenshot 3
Easily accept payments on invoices


  • Spend more time selling, less time finding the numbers you need
  • Track financials in real-time
  • Remove dependency on inaccurate & insecure spreadsheets
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduce errors

A Call for Beta Agencies

We’re putting the finishing touches on EZLynx Accounting and are looking for a few good agents to pilot the software. Beyond the ability to easily track activity and balances in your premium trust accounts, there are multiple benefits to participating in the pilot agency group, including free use of the software during the pilot phase. Please email [email protected] with your details.

Coming Soon in 2013: EZLynx Accounting

Coming this year through EZLynx Marketplace, Accounting is going to bring EZLynx Management System to the forefront of cloud based agency management systems.

EZLynx Accounting

  • Agency and Direct Bill Invoicing
    • Single Invoice and Installments
    • Fees
    • Surplus Lines
    • Split Commissions
  • Accounts Receivables Management
  • Email Invoices and Statements from within EZLynx
  • Account Current Processing
  • Detailed Financial Reporting Capabilities
    • Agency and Producer Commissions
    • Aged Receivables
    • Account Current and Payables
    • General Ledger Trial Balance
    • Book of Business
  • QuickBooks General Ledger Integration (Other accounting systems coming soon)
  • Premium Trust Accounting
  • Secure Cloud Based Access available 24/7

To be notified when EZLynx Accounting is released, please sign up.