EZLynx Client Center: Powerful Tools for your Website

Coming in January 2013, Powerful Customer Service Tools for your Website

A large portion of an agent’s day is spent servicing current customers, time that could be better spent selling new business.  Our goal with EZLynx Client Center has been to create a platform that can quickly be linked or embedded on an agent’s website that will allow your customers the ability to log in and perform a variety of customer service tasks that would otherwise have to be dealt with over the phone.
Client Center Log In
It all starts with the login screen.  Similar to our Consumer Quoting, the Client Center login screen can be linked or embedded on your website.  All the customer has to do is put in the email address that is associated with their applicant file in your EZLynx account. They will receive a verification link to that email address, and upon clicking the link will be prompted to answer a few security questions.

EZLynx Client CenterOnce the customer is logged into Client Center, they see a basic overview of the agency and all of the active policies that have been added to their applicant file in EZLynx.  Policy information is added automatically for agents that have our Management System with Policy Downloads.  Customers can quickly expand their policies to see the details of their coverages.

Document CenterThe Document Center tab displays all of the documents that have been shared with the customer, including system generated documents such as ID Cards.  Customers can easily upload new attachments and associate them with one of their policies.

Client Center Change RequestClient Center Change RequestOne of the most requested features for the EZLynx Client Center was that we include more ways for customers to make change requests.  We have added several of the most common changes that customers make to their policies in guided prompts, ensuring that the customer provides you with exactly what you need to know in order to make the change.  It is important to note that these are only requests and not live changes, so we make sure that the user acknowledges this before they submit a change request.

EZLynx ActivitiesYou will be able to see from within EZLynx if the customer has logged into Client Center, and change requests are saved as activities, ensuring that you have clear records of what your customers are doing.  When a customer makes a change request, you will receive an email that contains all of the details of the request.

Agency Suites VideoEZLynx Client Center is part of a larger vision that we have for EZLynx. Our goal is to provide the solutions that help agents throughout the full life-cycle of their customers – from the website, to quoting, to servicing and retention.  Our EZLynx Agency Suites offer bundled solutions at discounted prices, all with the goal of providing an agency-in-a-box solution.

EZLynx Roadmap for 2013

A Note from the CEO

First, a look back…

Consumer TrendsWe are coming up on 10 years since EZLynx was first released, and we are proud of what we have accomplished in this short period of time.  Our focus for the first few years was to offer our agents a competitive real-time tool to fight the assault from direct writers and captives.  This tool was the first of its kind and agents were quick to recognize its value.  Within a year of its release EZLynx was the must-have tool for any agent serious about competing for new business in the market.

Noticing a shifting trend in consumer behavior, we next started focusing on consumer quoting through an agent’s website.  Once again, like with real-time rating, the market felt there was no need for consumer-facing rating.  Within a span of one year, as consumers started doing more commerce on the internet, it became obvious to our agents that having consumer-facing rating is not only a traffic driver, it was also saving them time.  The consumer was entering their information themselves, so agents were spending less time playing phone tag to get the consumers information and less time on data entry.

The next logical step for us after helping make an agent’s website useful to their non-customers was to extend that functionality to their current customers to include policy servicing online.  Our agents who are subscribed to the EZLynx Client Center can give their customers the ability to log in from their website, view their policy details, print ID cards, and request changes. All of our consumer-facing products have two goals – add convenience for the consumer and give independent agents the tools they need to compete with the online services being offered by direct writers.

In working with our agents, we were acutely aware of how dependent they are on their management systems.  It became obvious to us that to make a lasting impact on this industry we needed to address this serious problem.  While the rest of the world is talking about cloud computing on tablet devices, agents are still paying for old software products installed on an expensive office network that can only be accessed from a Desktop PC.

Beginning about 2 years ago, EZLynx began laying the foundation for what has become EZLynx Management System.  We started selling the product in January 2012 and have already made a dramatic impact with our early adopters.

All of this leads to the big question – where are we going with our products and what is our immediate vision for 2013.  Before the hustle and bustle of the holidays next month, we wanted to give you a high level overview of our vision for 2013.

Looking forward…

Mobile TrendsConsumers and Mobile are like two peas in a pod.  It’s hard to separate one from the other.  Our next version of EZLynx Client Center, due for release in early January 2013, will be a full featured client servicing center with support for printing policy documents, requesting policy changes, and more.  We are focused on enabling all of our consumer-facing products for mobile in 2013, including our Consumer Quoting, so that when consumers visit your website on their mobile device, they can easily complete the quoting process.  Our data shows that consumers are already starting to do this.

Looking ForwardAgency in a Box may sound cliché, but with EZLynx it really summarizes what we are trying to accomplish.  We have been working hard over the past few years to put together an all-encompassing suite of products and solutions that give our agents the tools they need to be competitive and keep costs down. Agents will be able to manage the full customer lifecycle from beginning to end with EZLynx Agency Websites, Consumer Quoting, Rating Engine, Management System, Marketing Campaigns, and Client Center.  Truly an agency in a box!

Third party applications will be featured prominently in 2013.  EZLynx Marketplace will enable some important third party vendors to become part of our platform to add key features to our product.  Some of these apps that are already in the works include lead management, specialized email marketing tools, e-signature vendors, and more.  EZLynx Marketplace, when fully implemented, will allow agents to start with EZLynx as the core platform and add other products a la carte to meet their unique agency needs or add a suite of products in discounted packages.  If you own a mobile device, it’s a concept you’re already familiar with.

Agency Management for the digital age is what we are trying to build with our product.  EZLynx Management System has been cloud-based from day one, and it’s tablet-friendly for anytime, anywhere access.  It already has full download support for all lines of business, both personal and commercial.  2013 will see EZLynx Management System continue to grow into a product that can meet the needs of our agents in this digital, mobile world.

2013 and beyond…

2013 and BeyondWe are confident that the next 10 years are going to be better than the first 10, and we are excited to continue this journey with all of you.  The problems – and the opportunities – our industry is facing are huge.  We will continue to push the boundaries from our end and hope to have your support as we work together to build a product that meets the needs of both agents and consumers alike.