Spring has Sprung – Tips for Seasonal Marketing

Seasonal Marketing TipsWell, spring is finally in the air and we all know what that means…clocks are turned one hour ahead, flowers begin to bloom; kids are counting down the days until school ends, and it’s the beginning of a new season: the motorcycle and boat insuring season!

Yes, it’s finally here! Those days of insuring hulls and Harleys, outboards and overdrives, Sea-Doos and Suzukis are now upon us. This is also the time of year when guys who grew up with the muscle cars of the 70’s and 80’s dust off those chamois covers, fire up that ole engine, fill ‘er up with “high test” and renew their classic policies so that they can flex their own muscles by cruisin’ down the Avenue like it was 1976 all over again. Then again, with “regular” approaching three dollars per gallon once again and a ’69 Road Runner that gets 8 miles to the gallon, insuring that Honda 750 is looking wiser by the minute!

But don’t sell this winter short or empty the tank in snow blower the just yet. I have been speaking to many of our agency clients in the northeast who are still bracing for auto claims as they are expecting another ice storm to blanket their area over the next couple of days, so insuring those Harleys lined up outside the diners, or those sailors who are dreaming of seafaring along the beach may just have to wait a couple of more weeks.

So as an agency who is obviously looking to round out your book of business, what steps have you taken to ensure that your insureds are covered for all of their seasonal needs? For instance, spring has a unique set of risks that are inherent to this time of year, such as boat insurance, classic car insurance, motorcycle coverage, and items of that nature.

We all know that some direct carriers will now be advertising their expertise in these types of risks, along with their claim of the lowest rates in town. However, are they truly offering what is adequate for the insured as you would?

Our suggestion during this time of year, is to take a few moments to re-evaluate your entire book of business, along with your prospect list, and see what opportunities are out there for you and your agency to take advantage of.

If you are using EZLynx Management System, this process is as simple as running the “Cross Sell List” report, to see exactly which of your clients have what policies…and what their needs might be that you can respond to.

If you don’t have our policy management system, please give us a call and we will be happy to speak with you to see if this is something that might be a fit for you and your organization.

Until then…Happy Spring!

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