EZLynx Marketplace: A new way to add powerful features to your EZLynx account

EZLynx MarketplaceYou may have heard us talk about EZLynx Marketplace over the past few months and been in the dark as to what we were talking about, so let us take a moment to shed some light on what EZLynx Marketplace is and what our plans are for its future.

EZLynx Marketplace is an app store for EZLynx that provides third-party businesses an avenue to connect and distribute their products and services directly within the EZLynx platform. EZLynx Marketplace opens the doors to the EZLynx framework and invites carriers and vendors to work side-by-side with our team to innovate and seamlessly integrate solutions.

What does that mean for you?  You get powerful new features in EZLynx built by leaders in their respective fields, and more importantly these features operate as seamless and fully integrated parts of EZLynx. Although we have been developing the EZLynx Marketplace framework for over a year, we are only just recently starting to share details about the exciting new apps that are soon to find their way to your agencies.

EZLynx eSignature by AssureSign, our integrated pay-per-use document signing solution powered by AssureSign, as well as Velocify LeadManager integration, are two of our newest Marketplace apps to be released, and as you’ve probably seen in previous issues of our newsletter, EZLynx Accounting and EZLynx Bulk Campaigns are our other major EZLynx Marketplace releases that are coming later this year.

Simply put, a major focus of every new feature we add to EZLynx is to help our customers make money. Whether we do that by providing a key feature that aids your agency in adding value for your customers, or by building solutions that save you countless hours that could be better served focusing on building new business, finding innovating ways to make your agency smarter and more efficient has always been at the forefront of our strategy.  We feel like our long term plan for Marketplace is going to continue that trend, and over the next few years we intend to make extending the functionality of new EZLynx Marketplace apps a simple and automated process inside of EZLynx.

We hope you will take a few minutes to take a look at our EZLynx Marketplace section on the EZLynx website and let us know what you think, and share with us any ideas you may have for new apps you’d like to see as part of EZLynx Marketplace.

Learn more at https://www.ezlynx.com/ezlynx-for-vendors.html

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