Import Commission Statements

We have taken steps to turn around a tedious and time consuming part of your workload into an easy and efficient process. You can now import that Life & Health statement containing thousands of policies in just a few seconds!


  • Import entire commission statements as a CSV file
  • Take advantage of the EZLynx CSV template provided
  • Create custom field mappings per carrier to reuse monthly by matching each column to a field in EZLynx
  • Preview valid & invalid data prior to finalizing import


  • Import statements directly from the carrier
  • Reduce manual entry and potential errors
  • Quickly match imported line items to the correct policy
  • Improve accuracy & spend even less time finalizing your commissions

How it Works

1. Select the Import button on the commission statement overview page

2. Input basic information about your commission statement like carrier, statement #, and total commission amount then hit Continue.

3. Next you will upload a .CSV file using our approved template, or use your own custom template per carrier.

5. After uploading you will need to verify the field mapping

6. Selecting the Continue button will then show you all line items that are valid and/or invalid. In the case below, 4 line items are valid and 2 are invalid.

7. Review the invalid commissions by toggling the grey buttons. Notice that hovering over the red text will explain why the commission is considered invalid

8. If all commission line items are valid you will have the option to Import as shown below. It will create the full commission statement, and only needs a simple match to your existing policies in EZLynx to finalize the statement!